Friday, February 25, 2011

Emergency phone numbers in Ukraine.

Emergency cell number
101 - Fire Service
102 - Police
103 - Ambulance
104 - Gas leaks
The most popular phone operators in Ukraine.
Mobile Phone operators that can be used in Ukraine.
GSM operator which enjoys major success. You can get deferent types of subscription from prepaid cards to business contracts.
Life:) central support line: 0 800 20 5433 - free from Fixed Lines or 5433 from within network free.

Kyivstar offers wide range of prepaid service and contracts. Starter pack and the cards
 If you will need assistance, please call: +380 444 660 466; 466 (calls from mobile phones within network are free of charge).
MTS 's
 offers wide range of prepaid service and contracts

How do I call to Ukraine from abroad?
You have to dial international access code of your country, then dial 38 (international code of Ukraine) then city code and city number. Kiev Ukraine city number is 482, although remember.
So if you want to call to The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev from Netherlands, the following number would be entered 0038-044-238-16-79 or 0038-044-238-16-57.
Use site below to see the international access code for your country
How to call from Kiev Ukraine to  your country:
Dial Kiev international access code (00), then + country code + city number including area code if needed.
So to call your home in United States (The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500) from Ukraine, the following number would be entered 00-1- 202-456-1414.
Useful site:
   Please write what emergency numbers you will need in Ukraine.

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