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EA Sports confirms UEFA Euro 2012 game release for April 24th

EA Sports has revealed its plans for the upcoming Euro 2012 tournament confirming FIFA 12 gamers will be offered UEFA Euro 2012 on April 24th
Ahead of this summer’s tournament developer EA Sports has got in to the football spirit announcing the upcoming release of the FIFA 12 add-on UEFA Euro 2012.

Whilst the Euro and World Cup renditions of the much loved FIFA franchise used to spell another new and costly title on store shelves, EA has revealed that for 2012 the new Euro offering will be made available exclusively as a paid digital expansion pack for existing FIFA 12 owners.

Set to kick off in Poland and Ukraine on June 8th Euro 2012 will be previewed by the latest EA Sports football offering with UEFA Euro 2012 to be made available next month for online PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers.

“This game will tap into the passion fans have for their national teams by capturing all of the national rivalries in-game, and re-creating all the emotion of the UEFA EURO 2012™ tournament,” said Producer Sebastian Enrique. “We are utilizing the best-playing FIFA videogame ever, driving live, digital content created from the biggest headlines from the tournament into the game, and offering an exclusive new mode that will challenge gamers in unique and compelling ways.”

FIFA Euro 2012 Features

Following the route to European glory UEFA Euro 2012 will see gamers presented with all 53 UEFA member national teams, the tournament’s eight official stadiums and the full selection of the over the top fanfare associated to the international sporting event.

With online modes allowing those who splash out on the European themed DLC to compete against their friends and international rivals for tournament glory, EA has revealed the title will come with an all new ‘Expedition Mode’.

“The all-new Expedition Mode designed exclusively for UEFA EURO 2012 enables fans to build, manage and compete with a customized team against other European nations, crafting the perfect strategy for European domination. Fans will choose their favourite European player or FIFA 12 Virtual Pro to captain their customized team, win matches to earn better players from defeated nations, and then defeat the best nations to earn the best players in a campaign quest to defeat all 53 countries and complete the journey to conquer Europe.”

FIFA Euro 2012 Release Date and Price

Set to be made available for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC the UEFA Euro 2012 paid download will be exclusive for FIFA 12 owners when it is officially launch on April 24th.

With a £15.99 price tag the UEFA Euro 2012 FIFA 12 add-on will set wannabe Xbox 360 owners back 1800 Microsoft points whilst PC users will need to part with 2500 FIFA Points.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


The capital of Ukraine Kiev (Kyiv), is situated on the river Dnipro and has about 2.6 million inhabitants. Its metro system is a typical ex-Soviet three line system (total length 65.2 km in Dec. 2011) with all lines meeting in the city centre to form a triangle. The network is entirely underground on the right bank of the river Dnipro (Dnieper) with two bridge-crossings of the river and one at-grade stretch on Line 1 on the left bank.

A single ride costs 2.00 hryvnia ($0.25) regardless of destination and number of transits within the metro. The ride is paid by plastic tokens and contactless cards when entering the metro.
Plastic tokens are used for turnstiles; the tokens can be bought from cashiers at all stations or from automatic exchange machines that exchange 2 and 10 Hryvnia bills into tokens. The current tokens are of blue color.

How To: Use the Metro in Kiev

The guide has the following sections
1. Finding the metro
2. Accessing the Metro
3. On the platform
4. Boarding and train etiquette
5. Leaving the train and the platform
1. Finding the metro. 
To find the entrance to the metro, look for the big green M.
The ‘M’ marks the stairs that lead underground, but be aware that there is often a busy collection of kiosks, tunnels, cash machines (ATMs) and grandma’s selling stuff like bread or knickers before you get to the metro itself.
2. Accessing the metro 
Enter > buy a ticket > get through the gates
Your first big challenge will be the swinging doors that guard the metro. These glass and metal doors swing (fast) in both directions, they are  heavy enough to kill a bear and unless you’re old, it is unlikely that the person in front of you will hold the door open for you.  So, just be ready and be careful to catch the thing as it swings back in your face.
TIP: If you’re clever, you can pass the door as the wind coming from the station blows it open, or as it swings open after the last person entered. However, both of these are advanced metro skills and shouldn’t be tried in your first week.
There are two sets of doors for each station. One set to enter (вхід) and one to exit (вихід). Can you see the difference? No?  Well, don’t worry, I still have trouble remembering the difference.
Enter (вхід)
Exit (вихід)
five letters = exit
TIP: The small blue tokens make for very cheap souvenirs
You can call them on:

four letters = enter
To make life more difficult, вхід (enter) is often written in red, while вихід (exit) can be written in green – but not always.  Hopefully they’ll fix all this before the EURO 2012 championships, but if they don’t the best thing to do is follow everyone else and try not to enter a door that people are walking out from.
 Buying a ‘ticket’ 
Actually you need a token or ‘zjeton’. These are small plastic coins and you need one token to enter.
1. Go to the window, give the woman your money and indicate the number of tokens you need with your fingers
2. Go to the small orange dispenser machines. It the dispenser has a 2 on it, enter 2 UAH and you’ll get one coin. If the dispenser has a 10 on it, enter a 10 UAH and you’ll get 5 coins.  NB, the machines only accept the exact notes. If you try to enter anything but a 2 or 10 you will get nowhere and people will get annoyed with you.
3. Use the new touch screen terminals that they have just installed. If you can understand the English – good luck to you.
TIP: For the benefit of everyone, please have your money ready BEFORE you get to the window or the machine. If you don’t you’ll get a lot of frustrated sighs.
Go through the gates
Ukrainian access gates are the exact opposite of English gates.  The token goes in the right side, and you walk through the LEFT side. I repeat, token right, body left.
Its also wise to leave a 1 second pause before you enter to give the token time to register. Listen for the beep.
If you don’t do this, or you forget the token altogether the turnstile wont open (if it has a turnstile) or an angry barrier will shoot-out from both sides and squash you.
Assuming, you get through OK - Congratulations! you’re in the system.
Now get down to the platform.
Usually, this means a trip on a long and fast escalator, but don’t worry – you’ll survive it. I’ve seen 90-year-old bag-carrying women get onto those escalators and blind people. They move fast, but the steps are quite big so don’t be scared.
3. On the platform

Once you’re on the platform, you’ve made it. All you need to do is wait by the correct side (one side for each direction) and then wait for the Metro train.
Unlike the London Underground, each station serves one line. So, one side of the platform goes in one direction, the other side goes in the opposite direction. Its simple.
By the time you arrive here in Kiev, you should find that each station has a name and a number. If you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian, I would use the numbers because the names can be hard to say.  However, if you are asking for a station, you will need to know the name. The station numbers are new and have been introduced in March 2012. They don’t mean anything to the locals who live here.
4. Boarding and train etiquette
Getting on or off the train can be fun and/or annoying because Ukrainians do not like to wait. They will try to get on the train before you have time to get off and they will push straight past you in order to get on first.
You’ll encounter this ‘me first’ attitude a lot in Ukraine where in other countries you might expect a queue. However, try not to get angry. Ukrainians are often pushy, but they are very rarely (if ever) violent. Just accept that they don’t queue, and join in the fun.
Also, don’t expect to get on the train before any middle-aged or old women. They will push there way on before you. Get over it.
On the train
If you’re lucky you’ll have space to breath or even a seat, but its unlikely. Normally you’ll need to stand, squeezed firmly in the middle of a crowd of train ‘friends’ .
To keep these train friends happy, try to remember these three rules:
1. give up your seat for old people, for people with kids (even if the kid is old enough to stand) and for couples. Yes, the last one is strange, but you’ll love it when someone moves so you can sit by your lover.
2. Don’t move or talk too much. Ukrainians are very well behaved in public, and they like it when other people are too. Joking loudly with your friends or waving your arms during conversation is frowned upon. Talking or moving is not illegal, but its not encouraged either.
3. Don’t stand on peoples shoes. Shoes are a big deal in Ukraine, a very big deal. You have been warned :-)
Finally, please note how clean and tidy the metro stations are. They are meticulously cared for and regularly cleaned by hand. Ukrainians almost never drop litter inside the metro system and you shouldn’t either. If you have any rubbish, hold onto it until you exit the station, there are bins next to each entrance and exit.
5. Leaving the train and the platform
When you get to your platform, gently push your way off the train, try not to hit the people who are trying to get on the train (as you’re still getting off)  and look for your exit/вихід.
6. Useful info
The head office is located on, Prospekt Pobedy 35, next to the “Polytechnic Institute” metro station on the red line.
Hot line: (044)537-55-05

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FREE download UEFA EURO 2012 - Official Preview Guide (2012)

The UEFA EURO 2012™ Official Preview Guide is the exclusive official publication with in-depth review of all competing national team profiles, world exclusive interviews, match schedule, stadiums, photography and more.
English | PDF | 148 pages | 71.4Mb
FREE download link:

UEFA EURO 2012 Open Ceremonies in Italian Style

- UEFA EURO 2012
- Marco Balich will be the Creative Director of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
- The Filmmaster Events President, after the recent victory of the Rio 2016™ Olympic Ceremonies, is one of  the most  prominent figures  around the world in Show and Ceremony productions.
After an international competition, UEFA awarded the task of creating and producing the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the UEFA European Football Championship 2012 to Filmmaster Events/Filmmaster Group, one of the international leaders in the production of great events and spectacular ceremonies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Filmmaster Events is guided by Marco Balich, the creator of the ceremonies for the Olympic and Paralympic Games held in Turin in 2006 and winner, together with the Brazilian society SRCOM, of the executive production of the Olympic ceremonies of Rio 2016™.  The first production for the Rio 2016™ will be the Flag Handover from the London 2012 Olympic Games.  
The opening ceremony will take place on 8 June at the National Stadium in Warsaw in Poland before the kick-off of the opening match between Poland and Greece. The closing ceremony will take place in Kyiv on 1 July at the Olympic Stadium. More than 800 volunteers will be involved in the opening and closing ceremonies at UEFA EURO 2012.
Recruiting of volunteer performers for the UEFA EURO 2012 ceremonies has already started and the open positions include dancers, gymnasts, actors, acrobats. People who want to be part of the team must have energy for an event that will be watched by people all around the world.
Marco Balich is the creative director and executive producer of great events and ceremonies, one of the most prominent figures in the global live entertainment scenario. He designed many international events such as the Flag Handover in Salt Lake City, the Turin 2006 Olympic Ceremonies, the Carnival of Venice, Mexico City's 2010 Bicentennial Ceremonies, the New Delhi Commonwealth Games' Opening Ceremony, the 75th Anniversary of Shakhtar Donetsk FC in Ukraine, and the inauguration of the Juventus FC Stadium in Turin.
To take part in the organizing team as a volunteer performer please visit: and

‘UEFA Euro 2012′ Watches

Hublot is one of the official sponsors of the UEFA Euro 2012 football cup. For the occasion the Swiss watch brand has produced two limited edition versions of its popular King Power watch.
“…unveiled the two King Power UEFA EURO 2012TM watches, one made from King Gold and ceramic and mainly featuring the blue of the Ukrainian flag, and the other in titanium and ceramic featuring the red of the Polish flag. This King Power chronograph, 48 mm in diameter, with elegant sporty lines, was specially created for this event and includes a 45-minute counter at 9 o’clock amongst its special features, indicating the duration of half a football match as a nod to the footballing world. The official UEFA logo is featured on the watch’s sapphire crystal case-back, surrounded by a graphic representation of a football, inspired by the competition’s official logo.”
A further look at the two watches follows after the jump.

Monday, March 26, 2012

HIV hookers for England EURO 2012 fans

THOUSANDS of England football fans are facing HIV peril at Euro 2012 — from Ukraine's army of hookers.

Almost one in five sex workers in the country is infected and they plan to cash in on the likely surge in demand while keeping their disease secret, a Sun probe found.
We contacted five vice girls through an HIV/Aids support group in Donetsk and all of them produced official medical papers confirming they were HIV-positive.
English-speaking Kate, 24, has never stopped plying her trade in the eastern city, where England will play France and Ukraine.
She laughed: "The England fans will make me a millionaire!
"I won't be increasing my rates from $100 a time (£63) but, with generous clients, I might hit $1100 (£700) a day." She insisted there was "no risk" of her passing on the infection — which can lead to potentially fatal Aids — as she insists her punters wear condoms. The blonde, diagnosed HIV-positive aged 19 after having unprotected sex with a boyfriend, said: "I'm very careful.
"But I obviously won't be telling my clients I've been infected, that would ruin everything.
"I'm lucky because the virus hasn't made me sick. I still have my looks and the drugs I'm given to boost my immune system work well. Lots of girls in the Ukraine are like me." Ukraine has Europe's highest HIV/Aids rate with 500,000 people — more than one per cent of its 46 million population — infected.
Kate went on: "Official figures say 17 per cent of prostitutes are infected, but we all believe it is much higher. But we all know the risks to our clients and do everything possible to protect them. Business will boom this summer."
Blue-eyed 5ft 2in Tatiana, 18, was 16 when she caught the virus from a shared drugs needle. She said: "I'm lucky. The doctors say my immune system is still strong. I look good enough to keep working.
"I can make around £500 a night and it would take three months to make that working in a shop, so why should I give up what I do? I always make sure my clients are protected."
Blonde Anya, 21, who is due to give birth in May, plans to work in June if she can find a babysitter.
She said: "I don't see why I should stop seeing clients, so long as I'm careful. It's a good opportunity to make money."
Ex-junkie Rose, 44, plans to offer a "sex and soccer" package. She once serviced a client in an executive box at the Donbass Arena where England will play.
She said: "It was a dream for him to watch football while having sex with me and drinking champagne.
"I'll provide the same service for England fans — if they pay for the box, and for me. The tournament will be great for business."
Yana, 43, who plans to double her prices, said: "England fans who want girls like us this summer shouldn't worry. HIV is not the death sentence it used to be. We won't infect anyone."

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Watch all Messi's goals for Barca!

Christian Cross banned at all UEFA Euro 2012 Events

The assault on Christianity continues with the latest outrage coming from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) banning the Christian cross at all events and venues for the Euro 2012 Championships to be held in Poland and the Ukraine. The strongly Catholic nation of Poland and its citizens are somewhat displeased with this rule which appears to be a continuation on the assault against the Christian religion by technocrats and bureaucrats who regale themselves under the banner of political correctness.

The reaction, per an article from the New Poland Express is somewhat strong:
Conservative politicians and Christian groups have gone on the offensive over an apparent ban on religious symbols at stadiums during the European football championship.
Religious umbrage was sparked by the release of a list of items to be banned during the forthcoming tournament. Lumped in along with bottles and weapons are “materials that are racist, xenophobic, political, religious and propaganda based”.
“This bizarre decision is part of the systematic eradication of the right of people to believe in God, and it is wrong to put religion on the same level as racism,” said football-loving Father Jaroslaw Wasowicz, organiser of the Fourth Pilgrimage for Fans, in an interview for the newspaper Gazeta Polska.

The Polish Football Association replied in the same article with a calming tone which basically diminishes the reaction of the Catholic church (from the same article):
But a rather surprised Polish Football Association downplayed the whole issue and said this would not happen.
“We are naturally referring to large-scale displays, and nobody will check whether a fan has got a cross round their neck or any other religious symbol,” Agnieszka Olejkowska, an association spokeswoman, told the radio station TOK FM. “We want to ensure that nobody feels discriminated against during the matches, and we do not want a situation where one religion is favoured over another.”

This could be a problem with the nation of Portugal when they play as the cross is part of their national flag and for thousands of devout Catholics who wear the symbols of their religion with pride on t-shirts and large medallions. It will be interesting to see if this idea spreads to the United States where John 3:16 could be banned as well as Tebowing if the politically correct fiends of the U.S. decide to copy their European counterparts.

Swedish Trukhaniv Island.

Kyiv authorities agreed to move Sweden's fan campsite closer to Trukhaniv Island, closer to Olympic Stadium and the city center. The area can accommodate some 10,000 fans and will cost Hr 150 - Hr 200 for an overnight stay. The site will be equipped with 50 portable toilets, 160 showers, a cafe with Swedish food a small security post.