Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christian Cross banned at all UEFA Euro 2012 Events

The assault on Christianity continues with the latest outrage coming from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) banning the Christian cross at all events and venues for the Euro 2012 Championships to be held in Poland and the Ukraine. The strongly Catholic nation of Poland and its citizens are somewhat displeased with this rule which appears to be a continuation on the assault against the Christian religion by technocrats and bureaucrats who regale themselves under the banner of political correctness.

The reaction, per an article from the New Poland Express is somewhat strong:
Conservative politicians and Christian groups have gone on the offensive over an apparent ban on religious symbols at stadiums during the European football championship.
Religious umbrage was sparked by the release of a list of items to be banned during the forthcoming tournament. Lumped in along with bottles and weapons are “materials that are racist, xenophobic, political, religious and propaganda based”.
“This bizarre decision is part of the systematic eradication of the right of people to believe in God, and it is wrong to put religion on the same level as racism,” said football-loving Father Jaroslaw Wasowicz, organiser of the Fourth Pilgrimage for Fans, in an interview for the newspaper Gazeta Polska.

The Polish Football Association replied in the same article with a calming tone which basically diminishes the reaction of the Catholic church (from the same article):
But a rather surprised Polish Football Association downplayed the whole issue and said this would not happen.
“We are naturally referring to large-scale displays, and nobody will check whether a fan has got a cross round their neck or any other religious symbol,” Agnieszka Olejkowska, an association spokeswoman, told the radio station TOK FM. “We want to ensure that nobody feels discriminated against during the matches, and we do not want a situation where one religion is favoured over another.”

This could be a problem with the nation of Portugal when they play as the cross is part of their national flag and for thousands of devout Catholics who wear the symbols of their religion with pride on t-shirts and large medallions. It will be interesting to see if this idea spreads to the United States where John 3:16 could be banned as well as Tebowing if the politically correct fiends of the U.S. decide to copy their European counterparts.

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