Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Public screening extending the fan experience. (fanplaza)

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Although nothing can compare to the excitement of attending a UEFA EURO 2012 match in person, public screening will provide an excellent alternative way to follow the action and soak up the tournament atmosphere for those watching from afar.
Fan parks (fan zone) showing matches live on giant screens in the host cities have become a key part of the fan experience at recent EUROs and public screening of  UEFA EURO 2012 matches will no doubt also be a popular choice for supporters across the world.
UEFA's public screening licensing program is intended to enhance fans' enjoyment of the tournament and proved a success during  UEFA EURO 2008, when about 5,000 licenses were granted.
To protect UEFA's broadcast and commercial partners, public screening licenses must be issued by, or on behalf of, UEFA for all public screenings outside the domestic environment (i.e. home), however, an organiser will not have to request a license from UEFA if  the public screenings meets all of the following conditions:
-the screen is smaller than 3m in diagonal;
-the capacity of the screening location does not exceed 150 visitors; and
-there is no sponsorship or admission fee involved.
Whether or not an organiser of a public screening event is required to have a license from UEFA, they must comply with the laws of their respective territory and obtain all other necessary permissions. In addition, each license request received by UEFA will be assessed on a case by basis and will not automatically result in a license being granted. UEFA may require certain changes in the original request or may at its discretion not to accommodate a request.
In contrast to  UEFA EURO 2008, where licenses were granted for individual matches, one licence, if and when granted, will be valid for all 31  UEFA EURO 2012  matches.
Licence fees are only payable for "commercial" public screening events, namely those where:
-there is an entry fee; and/or
-any sponsorship or brand exposure is involved; and/or
-any revenues are generated by the organiser or a third party.
The price list will be published. As an indication, fees for public screening licenses that are issued directly by UEFA start at € 35 per square meter (per screen) for the smallest public screenings and increase gradually based on the screen size. In Poland and Ukraine, a 50 % reduction on the license fees will apply. 
Official   UEFA EURO 2012  fan zone will be set up in the host cities, where tournament matches will be played. As a result, requests for public screening licenses in the host cities may be subject to additional terms and conditions and will only be granted on an exception basis.
Public screening license applications can be made online through until the application deadline on 18 May 2012. 

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