Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EURO 2012: An Accommodations England

With rumours swirling about an imminent England NT roster announcement, what you say we have a look at the team’s lodging?
After vowing to eliminate any outside variables that could disrupt the team’s preparations, the FA chose one of Krakow’s only 5-star boutique hotels, Hotel Stary.
Luxurious amenities the city-centre hotel boasts include a rooftop bar, free internet access and a 10% discount for guests who eat in. As fate would have it, one of our staffers was in Krakow not too long ago so we sent her on a snooping mission.
The Lobby:

Hotel Stary is unassuming from the outside and blink twice you might miss it (it is tucked away just one street from Rynek Główny aka Main Market Square). Inside though it’s airy, light (one might say too light especially after a heavy night) and has a decidedly boutique feel. The staff is friendly, courteous and fast.
Did we mention they serve complimentary choc truffles with coffee?
The Guest Rooms:

The lodging’s name translates to “Old Hotel”, and that it is. Built probably during the 15th century, it’s been renovated since then, but sounds like it’s retained that old world ‘charm’ that England’s high profile players may not be used to. Offering 42 standard rooms and only 11 deluxe suites in total for the team, “pack light” is our advice to the squad’s stars.
Unlike the Republic of Ireland, players’ wives and girlfriends will be allowed to stay in the hotel but only if they abide by the team’s “strict” orders. They may re-think their lodging upon seeing our accommodations overview.
The Gym:
Our staffer did not pay the rooftop bar a visit since a) it was beginning of January and b) there were strong winds and she’s awfully unsteady on her feet, but she did grab a view of the gym whilst failing in her stalking mission.
Also on our staffer’s wanderings she found quite a few gentlemen’s clubs of the stripper variety a stone’s throw away from the hotel. There was a mannequin clad in pink lycra of all things in the window. It might be best to withhold this info from Ashley Cole if you want him to do well throughout the tournament, England fans.

What a ‘salt cellar’ is used for – or why England’s stars need access to it – is questionable.
The Swimming Pool:
We bet all parties can’t wait to experience Hotel 
 Stary’s swimming area, which features two different sized swimming pools conjoined by old stone walls. Not the ideal set up for a rousing game of ‘Marco Polo’ but the small pool does come equipped with a massaging fountain.
What it’s meant to massage, we do know wish to know.
The Training Grounds’ Changing Facilities:

England will be granted full use of Hutnik Municpality Stadium’s rootsy changing rooms and greying stands for training purposes during their July residence in Krakow.

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