Wednesday, May 9, 2012

EURO 2012: An Accommodations Sweden

The Platium Hotel near Kiev is the next location to highlight on our EURO 2012 Stalker’s Map. This delightful hotel is where the Sweden NT are rumoured to be resting between their group games vs. England, Ukraine and France.
The Hall:
Our standard litmus test for any prospective stalking mission goes a little something like this: survey the room and determine amount of decoys needed to conceal three staffers, two editors, accompanying luggage, pets and stragglers. should an unexpected security check occur during our illegal entry.
Yeah, that beige sofa set isn’t going to cut it and that’s one hell of a staircase to pull a walk of shame on.
Not a great start, really.
The Swimming pool:

Looking at this picture gives us a headache. We’re not sure if that’s the result of clever lens trickery or last night’s vodka frenzy.
We’re liking the loungers and the plunge pool thingy, but don’t the people in charge realise that marble on the floor of pool room isn’t entirely conducive to players remaining injury free during a major football tournament?
Otherwise, that pool is super dark, which bodes well for refuge seekers but bad for short tent hunters.
The Bedroom:

Things get a little brighter on the bedroom front. The decor is slightly more muted than we’ve come to expect from young men with barrels of cash and seriously limited tastes, but check out that floor-to-ceiling window situ!
Hmm…we have just the right crew of drunks in mind who can take solace behind those curtains…
The restaurant:
And  the street off Kiev:

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