Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Anti FEMEN in Poland

Polish prostitutes stripped against FEMEN with an appeal not stop them from making money on Euro 2012. "Euro-2012 sources of income and pleasure," "Go to hell from our business!». These and other claims on behalf of prostitutes, courtesans were made in Poland for the anti-euro campaign FEMEN at the opening of the stadium Warsaw.
Their demands reinforced by the polka dance around naked giant pink ****. Exasperated FEMEN activity in Poland, activists demand FEMEN go home, calling on their  website Ukraine as stockyards of former Soviet-dominated communist thinking. In turn, activists FEMEN promise to double activity at Euro 2012, as willed us the great Lenin!

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  1. Actually this was the artistic provocation of Polish group of artists THE KRASNALS who exposed the hypocrisy of Ukrainian feminists FEMEN!
    It occured that pseudo-leftist activists which are also Femen, represent fanaticism and show lack of tolerance towards others. Femen feminists, who fight for women's rights, reacted aggressively to the appeal of 'substituted' Polish prostitutes demanding their rights and treating EURO 2012 as good occasion to earn some extra money on sex-tourism . Although created by The Krasnals Manifesto of Independent Polish Euro-prostitute was written with tongue in cheek and had a surreal character, Femen treated it seriously as the attack of prostitutes! They did not refer with their answer to the artists, but to the faked prostitutes – and didn’t called them women fighting for their rights any more - but WHORES! And smeared them in a typical for communist activist way.
    And this is The Krasnals Surrealistic Manifesto of Independent Polish Euro-prostitute: http://thekrasnals.blogspot.com/2012/06/euro-2012-polish-activists-krasnals.html