Saturday, June 2, 2012

Femen in Paris.

 Yesterday in Paris topless French FEMEN activists attacked the Embassy of Ukraine in France, protesting against prostitution and sex tourism during EURO 2012. Activists of the movement broke through to the ambassador at the reception to take with them to answer for all bad things sex mafia doing  in Ukraine under the patronage of Michel Platini. The bodies of the Paris FEMENok graced the inscription "FUCK ERO-2012."
Statement FEMEN France to the Ukrainian authorities: "We condemn the mafia, which is behind the Euro 2012, we demand that the Ukrainian government to stop the excesses of the sex industry. We demand the Ukrainian authorities to remove their hands from our colleagues in Ukraine FEMEN! Instead, to imprison pimps, you were at May 24, 2012 arrested and jailed for five days to Jana Zhdanova, an activist movement FEMEN for the overthrow of the UEFA Cup Euro 2012 in Lviv, Ukraine. Realizing that the situation in the country and Ukrainian women will deteriorate rapidly with the arrival of Euro 2012 supporters, activists FEMEN not stop, for two years now, screaming about the humanitarian catastrophe looming in the Ukraine and spend protests "Fuck Euro-2012".
We are in France, read newspapers, we see television programs that show intensification of the sex industry by the beginning of the football championship, we know about prostitution and sex tourism during the UEFA EURO 2012 and we are worry about the fate of Ukrainian women! We came to the Ukrainian Embassy to demand that the Ukrainian authorities sheltered women and children from the sex maniacs during the football championship! Ukraine is not a brothel!!!!! "

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