Saturday, June 16, 2012

Repression against FEMEN in Donetsk.

Activists FEMEN found in the morgue hospital in Donetsk.June 16 at 01.05 FEMEN activists came to us from the hospital morgue in Donetsk, where they were held by employees of the Security Service of Ukraine for the medical examination for the absence of the beating.According to Alexander Shevchenko, all three activists, who left a share, were captured by special forces of the SBU with brute force in different parts of the city of Donetsk. Surveillance of activists was conducted immediately after their arrival at the South Busstation Terminal City. All the activists were kidnapped in the spirit of Chicago, Donetsk understanding of human rights - in broad daylight they pushed him into a car, personal belongings confiscated, mobile phones and taken to the nearest police station premises. During the arrest activist Anna Bolshakova slapped in the face. Activists FEMEN conducted the interrogation, under the moral pressure and without communication with the outside world about 9 hours. There they were in the Donbass jargon explained reasons for their detention. In a sarcastic question of Alexandra, "You were afraid that for Yanukovich," one of the blockhead eloquently said: "We fuck Yanukovych, we Renat's guards."After the interrogation, the girls were taken at night on the Donetsk railway station.FEMEN notes increased repression against the organization with the advent of Euro 2012, the headquarters of the movement in St. Michael's 21 is under the constant supervision outside of the SBU, and telephones leaders of the organization is systematically bugged.

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