Sunday, June 17, 2012

Russian national team players almost came to fight with their fans

Russian national team players after the defeat of Greece in the third round of Euro 2012 almost came to fight with their fans in a hotel in Warsaw.
This was reported by the journalist of the newspaper Soviet Sport, Alexander Zilbert, who witnessed the incident.
"A couple of hours after the game at the team I was a witness unspeakable random scenes. Drunk, and extremely wealthy fans (and others can not live in the same hotel where the room costs about 600 euros) in the face insulted and humiliated the Russian players. The status of the elite guests, apparently, was so high (one of them saluted the title of deputy State of Duma (Russian parlament)), which is even present at the incident, security officials RAF could not do anything with him. As a result, the players, in particular, Arshavin and Sharonov, did defend their honor and dignity. "- he said.
It should be noted that head coach Dick Advocaat, and President of the Russian Football Union (RFU) Sergei Fursenko did not wait for football players and left Poland apart from the rest of the delegation.

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  1. Maybe this is how Roy Keane wants Irish supporters to behave!