Sunday, June 24, 2012

Samir Nasri Told Reporter “F*ck You” After France Loss to Spain

France and Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri can be a prickly fellow. After France lost 2-0 to Spain, eliminating them from Euro 2012, he was not in the mood to speak to reporters gathered in the mix zone. Here is Reuters’ recap of the incident.
Asked by a reporter for a quote, he answered: “You are looking for shit, you are looking for trouble.”
The reporter replied: “Get lost.”
Nasri then turned back and said “fuck you” followed by a stream of further abuse, inviting the reporter to have a conversation with him man-to-man.
Nasri undoubtedly was frustrated at both the loss and having been surprisingly benched from the French starting XI. That said, earning $288,000 per week to play soccer for a living absolves someone of any hardships that would mollify being a total asshole to someone just trying to do his/her job.

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