Monday, June 4, 2012

Wives of the Ukrainian team players stripped for Euro-2012.

Spouses of Ukrainian national team players Oleg Gusev  - Olga Guseva, Eugene Konoplyanka - Victoria Konoplyanka and Eugene Seleznev - Alla Selezneva participated in a naked photo session for a men's magazine Maxim, to support the men at the start of the June European Championship 2012.

For the victory of the Ukrainian national team at Euro 2012 home ladies took off their clothes and turned to his faithful with the slogan: "No medals do not come back".
Olesya Gusev topless wife of Oleg Gusev (Alesya Guseva):

Viktoriya Konoplyanka topless  wife of Evgeniy Konoplyanka (viktorija Konoplyanka):

Alla Selezneva  topless wife of Evgeniy Seleznev:

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  1. i dun think this is called naked.