Friday, August 31, 2012

Kyiv earned 21 billions usd on EURO 2012

Over the period that EURO 2012 was held businesses in the nation’s capital got richer by  usd 21 billions, Chair of the Kyiv State Tax Service Iryna Nosacheva stated at a recent meeting of local business representatives, according to Kyiv Weekly. She said the incomes of entrepreneurs grew by more than 20% thanks to the holding of the football championship. From  usd 17 billions in Q1 2012 their incomes grew to grew to reach  21 billions usd in Q2. “Accordingly, it is forecast that tax proceeds to the budget will increase,” Nosacheva said.
Meanwhile, during EURO 2012 the proceeds of businesses operating on a simplified tax regime grew: in Q2 physical entities-entrepreneurs declared usd 15 mn in flat-rate taxes, which is three times the figure in the first quarter of 2012. Legal entities over this period declared 70% or usd 3 mn more.
Also, compared to last year over the 6 months of 2012 the number of licenses giving businesses the right to engage in the retail sale of beverages and tobacco products increased by 280 to a total of 4,800, the Kyiv Weekly wrote this week.

Forza Azzurri! Italy galloped through the EURO 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Poll: More patriots in Ukraine after EURO 2012

KYIV, The EURO 2012 European Football Championship has contributed to growth in the level of patriotism in Ukraine in August 2012, the Rating Sociological Group has said in a press release following the latest survey, which was conducted from August 8 to August 18.
"The most significant increase in a level of patriotism was recorded in the country's eastern regions, the Donbas, as well as western and northern regions. The opposite trends are observed in southern regions. We see the growth of patriotism in the regions that hosted EURO 2012 matches, so we can assume that the growth is largely associated with this event," sociologists said.
Compared to the figures reported two years ago, the number of respondents who consider themselves patriots of their country has increased from 77% to 82%, while compared the figures six months ago, the increase is more significant - from 73% to 82%. In particular, 40% of respondents described themselves as patriots of their country, while 42% said that they were most likely patriots.
Only 10% of respondents said they did not consider themselves patriots, with 8% being undecided.
The largest number of patriots is among supporters of the Svoboda and Batkivshchyna parties, although there is a significant increase in respective sentiments among supporters of the Party of Regions.
Ukrainians, first of all, believe that an object of pride is their country, its people, and their place of birth (34%), land and the territory where they live (29%), national songs, holidays and customs (27%), nature (26%), the country's past and its history (25%), the diligence of Ukrainians and their ability to manage households (25%), and well-known Ukrainians (24%).
A total of 2,000 respondents aged over 18 were surveyed through personal interview.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Closing Ceremony of Olympic Game 2012

           @JessieJ @TinieTempah @TaioCruz  
Spice Girls
5 cabs each carry one of the Spice Girls - reformed for one night only to - perform ‘Spice up your life’ & ‘Wannabe’!

Beady Eye (@Beady_Eye), led by lead vocalist Liam Gallagher, perform Oasis’s 90s classic ‘Wonderwall’ 
Muse’s (@Muse) song ‘Survival’ was written for the #London2012 Games and has been played in venues during the Olympics
legendary rockers Queen
Take that are revealed to sing their hit 'Rule the World' 
Thank you London!

See you in Rio!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where to see Closing Ceremony of Olympic Game 2012 London? online

Ukrainian boxers victory dance. (Video, Photos)

Olympic champion 2012 Heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk victory dance.
Victory in Style!
Golden medal for heavyweight (91 kg) Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk .
Ukraine boxer hair.

Denis berinchik victory dance.

Победный танец украинского боксера Олександра Усика.
World champion Vasyl Lomachenko and four of his medal-winning teammates on Ukraine's dominant Olympic boxing team have signed with a new professional boxing venture created by the governing body of the amateur sport.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lviv bids for 2022 Olympic Games

The Ukrainian city of Lviv, which hosted matches in this year's Euro soccer championship, is now eyeing a bid for the 2022 winter Olympics, Ukraine Olympic chief Sergei Bubka said on Thursday.
Bubka, a former Olympic champion and still the pole vault record holder, said Lviv was eager to develop winter sports in the region after Ukraine gained experience in staging major events as co-hosts of Euro 2012 with Poland.
"The president of Ukraine gave the task to study the possibility to present a bid for 2022 for that city," Bubka told Reuters in an interview. "For us winter sports is a future task."
London 2012 Pole Vault: Lviv bids for 2022 Games
The 2022 Games host will be selected in 2015 with the bidding campaign kicking off next year. Several cities in the United States have also expressed an interest in bidding.
Russia's Sochi will host the 2014 winter Olympics while Pyeongchang in South Korea will stage the 2018 Games.
"This can bring development to the region. Ukraine was designated as a summer sports region under the Soviet Union. Now we want to develop the mountains there, the infrastructure, resorts," said Bubka.
The Ukrainian, who dominated his sport like few others, is now both an International Olympic Committee Executive Board member as well as an International Association of Athletics Federations vice president.
Dressed in his country's yellow-blue team uniform and still looking as fit as 20 years ago when he broke the world record at will, Bubka said fans at the London Olympics should not expect world record performances in the pole vault competition.
While the men's event is wide open with defending champion Steve Hooker struggling to find his form, Russia's Yelena Isinbayeva looks set for a third straight gold medal in the women's competition.
The peerless Russian, with 28 world records to her name, is brimming with confidence after overcoming problems with form and motivation that led her to take an 11-month sabbatical in 2010.
"How high you go does not matter at the Olympics, it is all about winning and the most important is to be Olympic champion. There is double pressure at the Games for the athletes," Bubka said.
"For Yelena, she is a great athlete, she has achieved everything and it basically all depends on her."
Bubka said athletics, the flagship sport at the Games, needed to become more attractive to younger generations as well as broadcasters as the IAAF looks to restrict meets to under three hours.
He would also like to see medals ceremonies at the athletics world championships held outside the stadium to draw bigger crowds in the host cities and avoid holding up events inside.
"Each period has its own challenges and we have to consider that," he said. "So at the world championships for example why interrupt the competition?
"The medals ceremony could take place in the centre of the city, bring the athletes there, make a big event and attract bigger crowds. So in the stadium we can focus on the competition."
Bubka kept quiet over a potential run for the IAAF top post once president Lamine Diack steps down in 2015 or earlier.
Fellow IAAF Vice President Sebastian Coe, the London 2012 Games chief, announced days ago he would be making a run for the presidency.
"I am happy to be in sport. I consider myself a lucky man. I had a great career in sport. I am happy with what I am doing right now," Bubka said.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to Watch the 2012 London Olympics Online [VIDEO]

The London Olympics have been going on for a week now and we have already seen an endless stream of inspiring performances, heartbreaking collapses, and epic displays of athletic prowess – from Lochte to Phelps, Raisman and Douglass. With the games being held in London, it is tough to catch most of the action live. NBC has done a great job covering the events after they have happened in primetime but there is no substitute for live coverage of the London Olympics. Take a look at these options to watch the Olympics online, including the full Olympics Live Stream and a few other sources for everything Olympics.

How to watch the 2012 London Olympics Online:

Best to watch live OG 2012 (online) :

If you’re not into signing up for that, there are a few other places you can watch from:
  • There’s the Official Olympic YouTube Channel which already has some video streaming of highlights from past years as well as promos for this year and profiles of athletes. This is definitely the place to get your pre-Olympic buzz going, and keep it going throughout the games.
  • is the official site for the games and will have covereage of medal ceremonies. For now they have team statistics, athlete bios, and plenty of photos and videos.
  • The Guardian will also keep you covered once the games begin, and the providing some of the coolest features for the pre-Olympic events. Check out their interactive guides where you can observe the torch route or get a virtual tour of the Olympic Park. Definitely don’t miss the Olympic diaries where the athletes have been updating fans on their thoughts while getting ready for the games.
However you choose to watch the Olympics, one of these sights will definitely have you covered. So get your fingers ready because there’s some serious web surfing to be done.