Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to Watch the 2012 London Olympics Online [VIDEO]

The London Olympics have been going on for a week now and we have already seen an endless stream of inspiring performances, heartbreaking collapses, and epic displays of athletic prowess – from Lochte to Phelps, Raisman and Douglass. With the games being held in London, it is tough to catch most of the action live. NBC has done a great job covering the events after they have happened in primetime but there is no substitute for live coverage of the London Olympics. Take a look at these options to watch the Olympics online, including the full Olympics Live Stream and a few other sources for everything Olympics.

How to watch the 2012 London Olympics Online:

Best to watch live OG 2012 (online) :

If you’re not into signing up for that, there are a few other places you can watch from:
  • There’s the Official Olympic YouTube Channel which already has some video streaming of highlights from past years as well as promos for this year and profiles of athletes. This is definitely the place to get your pre-Olympic buzz going, and keep it going throughout the games.
  • is the official site for the games and will have covereage of medal ceremonies. For now they have team statistics, athlete bios, and plenty of photos and videos.
  • The Guardian will also keep you covered once the games begin, and the providing some of the coolest features for the pre-Olympic events. Check out their interactive guides where you can observe the torch route or get a virtual tour of the Olympic Park. Definitely don’t miss the Olympic diaries where the athletes have been updating fans on their thoughts while getting ready for the games.
However you choose to watch the Olympics, one of these sights will definitely have you covered. So get your fingers ready because there’s some serious web surfing to be done.

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