Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ukrainian boxers team "Ukrainian Atamans" has lost return match against "Lights of Baku" but reached the semifinal of World Series of Boxing (WSB)

Ukrainian boxers team "Ukrainian Atamans"  has lost return match against "Lights of Baku" with a score of 1:4 on aggregate reached the semifinal of World Series of Boxing (WSB). The first part of the confrontation, which took place last week in Kiev, the Ukrainian team ended with the victory 5-0.

In Kiev, for "Ukrainian Atamans   boxed from Kharkov Alexander Gvozdik, who brought his victory point, knocking out his competitor Vladimir Chelesa.

There was a knock and in Baku. This is the local heavyweight Abdulkadir Abdullayev in the fourth round a right to the chin sent in a deep knock-out Dmitry Rudenkogo.

In addition, the boxers' Baku Fires "won three battle: Magomed Kurbanov at Aleksanra Rishkana Mikhail Veselov over Alexander Stretskim and Ramazan Magomedov over Sergei Lapin.

Saviour "Ukrainian Atamans" was a two-time Olympic champion Vasyl Lomachenko. He won a split decision of the judges over his rival Albert Selimov. Referee cards: Double Lomachenko 48:47 in favour of, and one judge gave 48:47 in favour Selimova.

Below - the fight against Lomachenko Selimova.
Abdullayev fight against Rudenok ended by knockout.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kiev paralyzed by snowstorm

The city of Kiev has declared a state of emergency after the Ukrainian capital was paralyzed by an unprecedented snowstorm that has stalled car, railway and air traffic.
The city was hit by about 50 centimeters (20 inches) of snow in the past day, more than it usually receives per month during this season.
Tractors, armored vehicles and other heavy equipment were dispatched Saturday to clear roads blocked by kilometers-long traffic jams. Desperate to get home, some Kiev drivers simply abandoned their stalled cars on the roads and set out on foot.
Kiev's main airport, Boryspil, was working with delays, the smaller Zhulyany airport was closed and Ukraine's International Airlines grounded all its planes until Sunday morning.

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Church Wants Cyprus to Quit Euro

The head of the powerful Orthodox Church in Cyprus said in an interview published on Saturday that he favoured the debt-ridden island nation leaving the euro.
“It’s not easy, but we should devote to this as much time as was spent on entering the eurozone,” Archbishop Chrysostomos II said in an interview with the Greek daily Realnews.
“The euro cannot last,” said Chrysostomos, who this week offered to help bail the country out of its financial crisis by putting the church’s considerable assets at the government’s disposal.
“I’m not saying that it will crumble tomorrow, but with the brains that they have in Brussels, it is certain that it will not last in the long term, and the best is to think about how to escape it,” he said.
The Orthodox church is the largest landowner on the island and also has stakes in a wide range of businesses, including in the country’s Hellenic Bank, with total assets estimated to run into tens of millions of euros.
On Wednesday, Chrysostomos met with Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, offering to mortgage the church’s vast property holdings to buy government bonds.
His views were published as Cypriot leaders held crunch talks on Saturday with the EU and IMF, focusing on measures the parliament has adopted in a last-ditch bid to save the eurozone member from looming bankruptcy.
The authorities on the Mediterranean island are scrambling to raise 5.8 billion euros ($7.5 billion) this weekend in order to unlock a 10-billion-euro bailout from a troika of lenders.
Sources in the European Union have said that if no deal is reached the bloc is ready to eject Cyprus from the eurozone to prevent contagion of other debt-hit members such as Greece, Spain and Italy.
Cyprus’ fate should be sealed by Monday, the deadline the European Central Bank set for Nicosia to secure a bailout deal with creditors or it will pull the plug on emergency funding.
The official CNA news agency said a meeting was under way between Finance Minister Michalis Sarris and a delegation from the troika made up of the EU, ECB and International Monetary Fund.
It cited a source as saying the meeting would focus on the parliament’s approval late Friday of at least three rescue measures hammered out by the government.
Other media reported the discussions would also deal with a contentious levy on bank deposits, with state television saying it could amount to a one-time charge of up to 25 percent on savings of over 100,000 euros held at the Bank of Cyprus, the island’s largest lender.
Friday night’s emergency session of parliament came as restive crowds, mostly bank employees anxious that their employers — and therefore their jobs — not be sacrificed in the deal, demonstrated outside.
Some 30 hooded youths burned a European Union flag next to the parliament building in front of police barricades.
“The haircut is robbery,” they chanted, referring to the most onerous measure yet to be presented before parliament — the tax on bank deposits that is still on the table.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Klitschkos dance answer to Haye

The British former world champion David Haye has recorded a video of his performance of dance «Harlem Shake»  and threw a new challenge to Klitschko brothers - dancing.
"Robots can not dance tango, they just can not get it right. But I challenge you, the Klitschko brothers! Show your «Berlin Shake» or «Kiev Shake», show me what you can do "- cried Hay."
But there is nothing special to prove what we suggest you see. Surely even David  Haye would dream of such a plastic, which demonstrated the dance of Vladimir.