Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FEMEN - Free Belarus!!

At  midnight sextremists FEMEN staged a late-night raid of the residency  of Belarusian dictator Lukashenka in Kiev, that is protected by dozens of policemen.  FEMEN with screams and fire tried to attack sadist Lukashenko. On their bodies they wrote: " Viva Belarus", "Dictator, get out". 
FEMEN reminds Lukashenko the wild  brutal harassment of FEMEN activists by the KGB  in Gomel in the forests in the  2011. FEMEN reminds Lukashenko about  beaten and repressed Belarusian heroes who called to fight against Lukashenkos dictatorship. FEMEN reminds Lukashenko about escapes of  journalists who were criticizing the regime. 
FEMEN can't stand the  President Yanukovych for his  friendship with garbege like Lucashenko that breakes the  European course of development for Ukraine. 
FEMEN fights for overthrowing Lukashenko, the last dictator of Europe for free Belarus without dictatorship, prisons and deaths! 
FEMEN calls the world to the psychological war with dictators! Watch them night and day, don't let them act! Through them out from each corner, from each hole. 

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