Monday, July 8, 2013

The Jubilee "Dreamland" in Kiev.

The tenth jubilee "Dreamland" festival took place  in Kiev on the "Singing Field" on 6 and 7 July.

According to organizers, this "feast of live ethnic music, living legends of kobzartva, original artists that inspire and share charming cosmopolitan energy."

There were  work-craft Alley, Children's Glade, Workshop folk dances, open-air catwalk, Cossack entertainment, literary scene, the book fair.

Both days worked eight scenes: four musical (Home, Crimean Tatar, "green meadow", Kobzarska workshop), dance (dance workshop) and three literature (literary scene, literary kitchen, Kurin).

The festival was attended by 350 artists from 15 countries: Ukraine, Britain, France, Austria, Turkey, Belarus, South Africa, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Israel, Canada, Mordovia (Russia), Armenia, USA.

On the main stage were, in particular, the groups Kozak System (Kyiv), MorDens (Mordovia, Russia), Ram'd 'mes (Paris, France), SunSay & Elvira Sarykhalil (Kharkiv / Crimea), Fatima Spar (Austria) and Papa Duke Vand & Oleg Violin (Ukraine - Canada).

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