Sunday, August 18, 2013

Barbie girl said that she came to Earth from Venus.

Barbie from Odessa , Valeriya Lukyanova said that man must necessarily pass the test and she really wants to leave the planet Earth.
She wrote  on her web page.
"I really want to do good things. All that will disturb me, will not be noticed and unworthy of my attention. I think if you have high the spiritual soul, the more will have difficult tests - physical and psychological "- told Barbie.
About herself, she said that all the time she makes hard choices and balancing on the edge of the blade.
"It is not because that would be so bad, it's just  the universe tests you and it is the most important exam of your life and be sure to pass it on perfectly. And to depart from this planet "- explained Leroy.
Previously, Barbie talked about his travels beyond reality and said that she came to Earth from Venus.

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