Wednesday, May 28, 2014

“Maidan: Tonight Tomorrow,” Davide Monteleone and Leeor Kaufman’s short film about the unrest in Ukraine

In “Maidan: Tonight Tomorrow,” Davide Monteleone and Leeor Kaufman’s short film about the unrest in Ukraine, a protester tells the camera, not without pride, that most of his friends call him a fascist. “To me, that sounds like ‘patriot,’” he says. “I say, ‘Thank you, that’s a compliment.’” Even after a pro-Western industrialist, Petro Poroshenko, won the recent Presidential election, the influence of fascism in Ukrainian politics remains a subject of debate. To Vladimir Putin, the country is full of fascists—but he has enlarged the definition to include anyone who resists partitioning the country. To the supporters of the protesters, including the prominent Yale historian Timothy Snyder, the fascist influence is overstated.
The film takes us to Maidan, when the new Ukrainian government was being forced to reckon with the far right. During the initial protests that forced out the corrupt government of Viktor Yanukovych, the ultra-nationalist group Right Sector played a crucial role, providing muscle to protesters who were largely unequipped to do their own fighting. The Right Sector had been viewed with some distaste in cosmopolitan Kiev. Now its members found themselves tolerated, even respected, by other protesters in the square.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ukraine: A dangerous game. A film by Michael Andersen

Ukraine: A dangerous game. A film by Michael Andersen  (Danish film maker)

Fans celebrity unity of Ukraine after last match of last match of the 2013-14 season . 18/05/2014

Ukrainian anthem by fans at Dnipro stadium, Karpaty lviv vs Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 18/05/2014.

Unity of fans for  Unity of Ukraine. 18.05.2014

18.05.2014 Dnipro Arena Dnepropetrovsk is singing "Voїni Svitla" song after  the match Dnipro Dnepropetrovsk -Metallurg Donetsk.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Fans of Zenit beat Dynamo player in the match, "Zenit" - "Dynamo"

The Zenit's Fans beat Dynamo player Vladimir Granat in the match, "Zenit" St.Petersburg- "Dinamo" Moskow Fans disrupted the end of one of the most important matches in the Russian championship. They intervened in the course of confrontation Petersburg "Zenith" and Moscow "Dynamo". St. Peterburgs club which is fighting for the championship was losing against the capital's team with a score of 2:4, when fans broke through on the field. Some of them attacked the players. The judge was forced to lead the team in the locker room. He decided not to renew the game.

Most Ukrainians want unified country

More then three out of four Ukrainians want their country to maintain its current boarders, according to apoll released Thursday 08/05/2014. The opinion is even a majority in eastern Ukraine.
Western Ukrain: Remain united-93%, Allow region to secede- 4%, Don't know-2%;
Eastern Ukrain: Remain united-70%, Allow region to secede- 18%, Don't know-13%;
Crimia Only: Remain united-12%, Allow region to secede- 54%, Don't know-34%;
All Regions: Remain united-77%, Allow region to secede- 14%, Don't know-9%;

Friday, May 9, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A telephone conversation between O. Barkashov - a leader of the Russian National Unity movement (Moskow) and Dmytro Boisov - one of leaders of the unregistered Orthodox Donbas organization (Dinetsk) 05/05/14

The Security Service of Ukraine has obtained conclusive evidence proving that the Russian Federation is preparing and coordinating activities aimed at holding in the eastern Ukraine of a so-called 'referendum' on creation of the Donetsk People's Republic whose results are known in advance.
A telephone conversation between O. Barkashov (phone number +79151328336) - a leader of the Russian National Unity movement (Moskow) and Dmytro Boisov (phone number +380994721504) - one of leaders of the unregistered Orthodox Donbas organization (Dinetsk) 05/05/14
Dima Boitsov:
-Petrovich ... in 150 km there are 300 pcs. There is an echelon of military equipment.
-The troops are landing ... Donetsk won't stand up...
-If we will not get support, if Russia does not bring its troops...we will be fucked up. I am cancelling the referendum set for the 11 th, because it can't be held.
-We can't conduct it lawfully as long as these cocksuckers are here.
O. Barkashov:
-Dima, there is no way that you can cancel it. It will mean that you got scared...
Dima Boitsov:
-no, we are not scared at all. We simply can't hold it, we are not ready.
O. Barkashov:
-Dima, just flog whatever you want.  White something like 99% down...
-are you going around and collect papers. Are you fucking insane? Forget it, fuck them all...
Dima Boitsov:
-I got it...
O. Barkashov:
-Write that 99% ...well, not 99%  let's say 89%  voted for Donetsk Republic. And that's it, fucken shit.
Dima Boitsov:
-We are talking about only Donetsk Republic, right? Or is there anything else?
O. Barkashov:
-No, nothing.
Dima Boitsov:
-So for now we don't rais an issue of Federalization.
O. Barkashov:
-Of course not, Dima. Your fucking intellectuals.... I have talked to them. You have put in touch with them.
they do everything properly, consider this issue from the point of view of International law. And I tell them, that those, who act properly, are being fucked. They won't even send their observers to you. You see, you will hold it , simply fill in questionnaires in a way that 100 % are for! 
Dima Boitsov:
- Donetsk Republic what is next?
O. Barkashov:
-Only Donetsk Republic. Don't put any others. questions.
Dima Boitsov:
-I have understood. What is next?
 O. Barkashov:
-What is net? Well, we will see what khohols (a prejorative terms for ethnic Ukrainian) do...
Because here everything is keyed-up. Even Kadyrov. I was the first who wrote to the president, then Zhirik (a prejorative nickname  short for Zhirinovskii), Zuganov ... In the end everybody spoke on TV, even Kadyrov by the evening.
Dima Boitsov:
-Everybody will turn his back to him -Russia, Ukraine, Belarus - If he does not help.
O. Barkashov:
-What the fuck. Our damn tricky President is waiting for? I have fucking no idea. People are already writing and they are very indignant. They come down on him but that's what I can do. I am not in the position to call him names and come down on him...
Dima Boitsov:
-That is certainly a mess...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The National Guard of Ukraine receives new BTR-4e

Commander of the National Guard of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak tested new Ukrainian armored personnel carriers BTR-4e and remained very happy with it. Several of these BTR-4e are already in the Kharkiv region.
These BTR-4e will be used antiterrorist operation.

BTR-4e can be used as the base vehicle for quick reaction forces and marine corps. Operating ambient temperature range from -40 to +55 ° C.
Power - 500 HP Road speed - 110 km / h, afloat - 10 km / h

BTR-4 in the Battle neer Slavyansk:

KRAZ showed new armor:

In a large weapon event was attended 208 foreign companies, 54 official delegations from 28 countries, including the most famous weapons manufacturers.

At the booth of PJSC "AutoKrAZ" visitors introduced a new armored car KrAZ-MPV Shrek One
Created on the basis of a two-axle all-terrain vehicle KrAZ-5233 HE. This - a joint project of JSC "AutoKrAZ" and the Canadian company Streit, a leader among manufacturers of armored vehicles.
This is not the first collaboration between the two companies in 2006 in partnership with KrAZ Streit was created armored car based on the rover KrAZ-6233 Raptor.
KrAZ-MPV Shrek One - multi-purpose armored vehicle with high cross-class MPV (Mine Protected Vehicle) with the bottom of v-shaped It is designed to perform tasks for prompt delivery personnel of the special forces to the location of special operations, as well as supplies and equipment for various purposes. Armor of the car corresponds to the level of ballistic protection B6 + / STANAG 4569 level 2.
Among the main factors that influenced the choice of KrAZ armored car as a base, engineers Streit called structural reliability and use in KrAZ trucks proven technical solutions. Not the last role, in their opinion, plays maintainability and reasonable cost of operation, as well as excellent quality / price ratio.
During the exhibition guide PAO "AvtoKrAZ" held a series of talks with representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republican State Enterprise "Kazspetsexport" Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the fund manager Samruk-Kazyna, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Defense of this country. During the talks, inter alia, the issues of delivery to the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense weapons KrAZ vehicles for special purposes, modernize the existing armed with an old car park.

Armored KRAZ-ASV Panther :
Armored KRAZ-ASV Panther is based on KrAZ-5233VE KrAZ-6322. This car equipped with modern weapons, the use of active and passive protection, the cabin has a large and modern Direct LED panel, thanks to quality screen able to follow the external environment.
KRAZ-ASV Panther can be made in several versions: armored, combat reconnaissance mashyna, mashyna combat support armored care, command post vehicle.

Do not buy Russian goods.

"Do not buy Russian goods" or "Boycott Russian" -  civil campaign boycott of Russian goods, which arose as a reaction to the export trade blockade of Ukraine from the Russian Federation. The organizer of campaign is movement  "Otpor".

Friday, May 2, 2014

Is Kurban Berdyev new coach of Dynamo Kiev?

"Dynamo" Kiev might hav new head coach the Russian specialist Kurban Berdyev .
Candidacy of the Turkmen specialist also a Russian citizen , fully satisfies president Igor Surkis Kyivers.
 And in early May we will have official presentation of the ex-coach of "Rubin" as head coach of "Dynamo" Kiev.
Recall that now the acting head coach of "Dynamo" performs Sergei Rebrov , who played with Berdyev in " Rubin ." A fitness coach Kyivs is Raul Ruiz González Riancho , who previously worked in the Kazan club with Bedyev.
Kurban Berdyev ("Rubin")
Most closed coach of the Russian Premier League. Speaks quietly and little smiling.
"Rubin"  the double champion of Russia and .
UEFA Europa League – Quarterfinals (2012–2013)
It is well known that Kurban Berdyev was born in Turkmenistan  - and practicing Islam. Islam plays an important role in his life he almost never left his rosary. And on Fridays the congregations of a mosque after Friday prayers in Kazan can  socialize with him. Below photo of his Islam room.