Friday, October 17, 2014

"Femen" arranged protest in support of the Ukrainian peopl in Milan

Activists of "Femen" arranged protest in support of the Ukrainian people in the central square  in Milan before the summit forum "Asia - Europe" (ASEM).
Thursday morning on 16 of October  two Ukrainian girls went to the main cathedral of the city traditionally bared breasts and poured over a bucket of red wine which  symbolize the blood of people who died during the armed conflict in Ukraine.
Activists were immediately arrested by the Italian police.
"Femen" could hold the action under unprecedented security measures that were taken in Milan on the occasion of the arrival in the country to participate in the summit of more than 50 leaders of state and government.  
On 16 - 17 October in Milan Forum ASEM summit will be held - an international organization of countries in East Asia and Europe, which account  more than half of world trade and world GDP. 
On the forum will also be present Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Their meeting will be held with the assistance of the European leaders headed by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Experts point out that the main issue on the agenda of the summit will be to discuss the final terms of the cease-fire in the Donbass. The Ukrainian leader admitted that the meeting promises to be a tense and difficult. 

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