Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New gas pipeline from Ukraine to Poland soon will be buildt.

The length of the new gas pipeline interconnector from Ukraine to Poland will be about 100-110 kilometers. The pipe will be built between the gas-measuring station "Drozdovychi" on the border, and compressor station "Bilche-Volytsya". 

Amount of pumped gas is from  4 to 8.3 billion cubic meters of gas per year, depending on the diameter of the pipe. On this will also depend the cost of the project. According to preliminary estimates, it will make 183-244 million USD with VAT.
The main direction of the pipeline - from Poland to Ukrainian natural gas pipelines and storage "Bilche-Volytsya", "Opara," "Dashava", "Ugersko" but it will be possible and the reverse option - from Ukraine to Poland.

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