Friday, December 26, 2014

Community "Wir Sind Ukrainer" in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Community Wir Sind Ukrainer, which translated from German means exactly: "We are Ukrainians" in Frankfurt am Main, Germany officially appeared two years before the Maidan. And it all began even earlier - in 2010, when we contacted in social networks, decided to get acquainted and celebrate together Independence Day in the only Ukrainian cuisine restaurant in Frankfurt  "Watra".
In Frankfurt there is not one Ukrainian Community - for example, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which has existed for over half a century, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Saturday School, where they teach the Ukrainian language children of immigrants.
 Interest to Ukraine from the Germans emerged long before the Maidan - ever since the Orange Revolution. The matches of Euro 2012, where Germany national football team took third place, the Germans were observed not only in their pubs, but also from tribunes Ukrainian stadiums.
Advanced Germans understand that Russia is dangerous not only for Ukraine but also for the neighboring countries - the Baltic countries and Poland, which borders Germany


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