Friday, December 26, 2014

Where do children of the "Russian elite" live?

-Daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov Catherine lives and studies in the United States.

 -Stalin's daughter - a decade lived and died in the United States.

 - Khrushchev's son Sergey - a US citizen.
- D. Medvedev has a son, Ilya. At the moment he is studying in Russia, but in a public interview, said that he would continue education in Massachusetts US university.
- Where Putin's daughters live? The Netherlands and South Korea.
 -Deputy Pehtin. With his son in the United States.
 - Ex. Minister of Transport the Moscow Region - Katsyva Petr. With his son in the United States.
- Children of the deputy Sergey Zheleznyak
Catherine - in the elite Swiss school ( worth 2.4 million rubles. per year 6th to 12th grade), Anastasia - in London, in the university ( fees per year - about 630 thousand. Rubles). The youngest, Lisa at the moment  lives in London. It is interesting that the "patriot" Zhelezniak declared income of 3.5 million rubles while paying 11 million per year for the education of their children in the western university.

 - Children of Pavel A. Astakhov. One in France and one in England.

- Family of vice-speaker of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov.
Son - Peter Zhukov studied in London and even thunder in jail there, Zhukov, Jr. was involved in drunk fight and received 14 months of prison. 

 - Family of State Duma Deputy Speaker Sergei Andenko.
Daughter studies and lives in Germany.
- Family of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.
The eldest son of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak - Aleksey already a minimum of six years of living abroad.
Younger brother  Kozak, Alexander is working in Credit Suisse.   

Family of A.Remezkova State Duma deputy from the faction "United Russia"
 Remezkova eldest son Stepan recently graduated from College Militate Valley Forge in Pennsylvania.
The middle son of the deputy, Nikolai since 2008 studying in the UK at a private school Malvern College.
 Youngest daughter lives in Vienna where she is engaged in gymnastics. Masha Remezkova represented team of Austria at the children's competitions in Ljubljana.

Family of deputy  Viacheslav Fetisov
Daughter Anastasia grew up in the United States. Anastasia never learned read or write in Russian .

- Family of heads Russian Railways V. Yakunin 
 The son of the head of Russian Railways A.Yakunin studied and lived for many years in London, currently is working in Russia as an investor of the British firm.
 Since 2009, Yakunin, Jr. is co-owner and head of UK registered investment company Venture Investments & Yield Management (VIYM), which is engaged in development projects in St. Petersburg.
Andrey Yakunin is the owner of a Moscow hotel Marriott Courtyard, built on the territory adjacent to the Paveletsky Railway station. At the moment, lives permanently in his house in London, bought in 2007 for 4.5 million pounds (225 million rubles) and registered in the Panamanian offshore.
Another son Victor Yakunin lives in Switzerland, which also owns real estate.

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