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Oleg Skripka and Orchestra Le Grand "Shchedryk".

Oleg Skripka and Orchestra Le Grand "Shchedryk".

 "Shchedryk" performed by Oleg Skripka became the new New Year cartoon of the same name directed by animator Stepan Koval in the genre of plasticine 3D-animation.
"Shchedryk" performed by Oleg Skripka was recorded in two languages - Ukrainian and English last year.
The idea is of Sasha Lirnyk.
Scenario painting "Shchedryk" - a Christmas story of a young boy who becomes acquainted with the most important holiday of the Earth, traveling in time from the modern city of the ancient fairy tale village where gray days blooming colorful paints joy - rotating adults to children, and the children grow up and are good people.
It took 150 kg of the modeling clay and 100 kg of salt to create this film .

An-124 flight.

One of the flights of Antonov An-124 Ruslan
The aircraft uses oleo strut suspension for its 24 wheels. The suspension has been calibrated to allow landing on rough terrain. and is able to kneel to allow easier front loading.[18] The plane has an onboard overhead crane capable of lifting up to 30 tonnes of cargo, and items up to 120 tonnes can be winched on board.[19]

Antonov 225 Landing in Fairbanks, Alaska

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ukrainian airplain Antonov’s Airlifter Heritage


Antonov’s first and most enduring design was the An-2 light utility transport, a rugged biplane powered by a 1,000-hp Shvetsov Ash-61 radial engine and with tailwheel landing gear. The An-2, given the NATO reporting name Colt, first flew from Novosibirsk on Aug. 31, 1947. Overall, 17,000 An-2s were produced in the Soviet Union, Poland and China (as the Y-5). Reengined with a 1,375-shp Glushenkov TVD-20 turboprop, the An-3T was certified in 2000.


Relocated to Kiev, Ukraine, in 1952, Antonov in 1957 flew both the An-8 twin-turboprop military transport and An-10 four-turboprop passenger airliner. But one of the company’s most important designs also flew in December that year, the An-12 four-turboprop tactical transport—the Soviet equivalent to the Lockheed C-130 Hercules. With the NATO reporting name Cub, more than 1,240 An-12s were produced in Irkutsk, Voronezh and Tashkent. China’s Y-8 transport is based on the An-12.


A light short-takeoff-and-landing transport powered by a pair of 300-hp. Ivchenko AI-14 radial engines, the An-14 first flew on March 15, 1958, and was given the NATO reporting name Clod. Antonov produced more than 330 cargo and passenger versions. The improved An-28 with turboprop engines flew in 1973 and was produced in Poland by PZL-Mielec, which still builds the upgraded, Western-engined M28.


While the U.S. moved to jet-powered strategic airlifters in the mid-1960s with the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, the Soviet Union stuck with propellers, and Antonov developed the An-22, still the world’s largest turboprop aircraft. The An-22, NATO reporting name Cock, first flew on Feb. 22, 1965. Powered by four 15,000-shp Kuznetsov NK-12s driving 20.3-ft.-dia. contrarotating propellers, the An-22 had a takeoff weight of almost 500,000 lb., nearly 50% heavier than the C-141.


Based on its An-24 twin-turboprop airliner, first flown in October 1959, Antonov developed the An-26 light military transport with rear loading ramp. The aircraft, given the NATO reporting name Curl, first flew in May 1969, powered by a pair of 2,800-shp Progress AI-24s. From 1969 to 1986, almost 1,400 An-24s were produced in Kiev. China also based its Y-7 transport on the An-24.


The An-32 was a development of the An-24 designed for hot-and-high operations. The aircraft was reengined with 5,100-shp Progress AI-20 turboprops placed high above the wing to drive large propellers. Given the NATO reporting name Cline, the An-32 first flew on July 9, 1976.


Antonov’s first jet-powered transport, the An-72 is a short-takeoff-and-landing military transport with the engines mounted so their exhaust blows over the wing and flaps to increase lift at low speed. Powered by two 14,300-lb,-thrust Lotarev D-36 turbofans, the An-72 first flew in 1977 and was given the NATO reporting name Coaler. A radar-equipped airborne early warning version, the An-71, was flown but never produced. The stretched An-74 was originally designed for arctic operations.


The An-124 Ruslan, NATO reporting name Condor, was the Soviet Union’s principal strategic airlifter. Just six years ago, Antonov was in negotiations to restart production of a modernized aircraft to form the backbone of the Russian air force’s heavy-lift fleet. Today, Antonov only supports commercially operated An-124s. Powered by four 51,600-lb.-thrust Progress D-18T turbofans, the An-124 first flew on Dec. 28, 1982, and 55 were built. A larger version, the six-engine An-225 Mriya (NATO: Cossack) was built to carry the Soviet Buran space shuttle and is in use commercially carrying outsize payloads.


Developed to replace the widely used An-12, the An-70 is a medium-range airlifter powered by four propfan engines and with short-takeoff-and-landing capability. But development and production plans were hit first by the collapse of the Soviet Union and latterly by the schism between Russia and Ukraine. Antonov first flew the An-70 on Dec. 14, 1994, and development testing continues, and in January 2015 Antonov announced Ukraine had approved production of updated An-70s. Antonov is now talking about a jet-powered An-188 closely resembling the An-70.


Antonov’s latest transport aircraft is the twin-turbofan An-178, under development as a replacement for the An-12 and older Western airlifters. Also a competitor for aircraft such as the Lockheed C-130J and Embraer KC-390, the An-178 is based on the An-158 regional jet, with a wider fuselage incorporating rear loading ramp. Powered by two Progress D-436 turbofans, the An-178 made its first flight on May 7, 2015. Antonov is planning a version with Western engines and avionics.


Antonov has partnered with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and Taqnia Aerospace to develop a modernized An-32, the An-132, reengined with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150s and with Honeywell Primus Epic avionics, to be built in the Arab nation. The prototype is to fly by the end of 2016. Saudi Arabia has signed a memorandum of understanding for four aeromedical, four surveillance and two jamming versions.

An 225 compare to Boeing 747, AirBus A380 and H-4 Spruce Goose.

List of old and new names of streets Kiev.

 Kyiv community began to rename of 122 streets.  Three names have returned their historical names, another 23 streets can be renamed if a decision will be made at public discussions.
Map of renamed streets in Kyiv.

List of old and new names of streets Kiev:
New name  - Old name 
Azerbaydzhanska - Vul. Bakіnskih komіsarіv
 Allie Gorskoї  - Czeslaw Bєlіnskogo 
Anatolіya Lupinos - Vul.- Gorky (Solom'yansky district) 
Antonovich -Vul. - Gorky
 ARSENALNY Square. - Geroїv Arsenal
 Baggovutіvska - Vul. Budonnogo 
MarshalBіlokur Katerini - Vul. Bosch Evgenіi
Braychevskogo Michael - Vul. Metalworkers 
Brovarsky Avenue. - 60 rіchchya Zhovtnya 
Tabloid-Kudryavska - Vul. Vorovskogo 
Butishіv province. - vul. Іvanova Andrіya 
Vavіlovih - Vul. Vavіlova 
Vasilenko Mykoly - Vul. Vatchenko
 Vvedenska - Vul. Ratmanskogo 
Great Vasilkіvska - Vul. Chervonoarmіyska 
Vіdradny Avenue. - Chubar
 Vifleєmska - Vul. Akademіka Shlіhtera
 Voznesensky  - Vul. Smіrnova-Lastochkіna 
Volodymyr Vinnichenko - Vul. Yurіya Kotsyubinskogo
 V'yacheslava Lipinskogo - Vul. Chapaєva
 Heavenly Heroes Hundreds alley street. - Institutskaya (part of the Independence Square to the street. Olginskaya)
 Georgіїvsky - prov Strіletsky 
Vadym Hetman - Vul. Іndustrіalna
 Golosіїvsky Avenue. -  40 rіchchya Zhovtnya 
Gongadze - Avenue. Radyanskoї Ukraine 
Gongadze Georgіya - Vul. Mashinobudіvna 
Oles Honchar - Vul. Chkalov
 Gordіenka Kostyantin - Chekіstіv 
Gorodetskogo Arhіtektora - Vul. Karl Marx 
Degtyarіvska - Vul. Parkhomenko Oleksandra 
Dіlova - Vul. DmitrovDmitrіvska - Vul. Menzhinskogo
 Donets Mikhailo - Vul. Zatonskogo
 Evgena Konovalca -  Vul. Schorsa 
Zhabaєva Jamba - Vul. Kuzminska 
Zhilyanska - Vul. Zhadanovskogo 
Zlatoustіvska - Vul. Volodarskogo
 Іnstitutska - Vul. Zhovtnevoї revolyutsії 
Cyril - Street. Frunze
 Cyril Osmakov - Vul. Gorky (Darnitsky district)
 Kozlovsky Іvana -  Dzerjinskiy
 Kontraktova - Square. Chervona 
Kostolna - Vul. Chelyuskіntsіv
 Kunanbaєva Abay - Vul. Bratslavska
 Les Kurbas ave. - 50 rіchchya Zhovtnya 
Kurenіvska - Vul. The cable 
The laboratory - Vul. Ulyanov
 Levandovskogo - Vul. Anіschenko
 Lipkіvskogo Vasil - Vul. Uritskogo
 Lipska - Vul. Luxembourg Rosie 
Lіsovy - Avenue. Marshal Voroshilov
 Lyuteranska - Vul. Engelsa Frіdrіha
 Mazeppa Іvana - Vul. Sіchnevogo insurrection
 Plato Maiboroda - Vul. Manuїlskogo 
Maidan Nezalezhnosti - Square. Zhovtnevoї revolyutsії
Libedskaya - Dzerzhinsky Square
Malaya Zhitomirskaya - Str. Postysheva
Miropolskaya - street. Komsomolskaya
Mikhailovskaya st.-  Paris Commune
Mikhailovskaya sq. - Kalinin
Moscow ave. - Red Cossacks
Nagornaya - Street. Peter Karkots
Nazarovska  -street. Vetrova
Obolonskiy ave. - Alexander Korniychuk
Olzhych - street. Poor Demyanu
Berest Alexei - street. Krylenko
Orlik Philip  - Street. Chekistov
Autumn Lane. - Ulyanov
Chubinskogo - St. Paul. Krupskaya
Pankivska - street. Stepan Khalturin
Simon Petlyura - street. Comintern
Peter Doroshenko - st. Lenin
Paul Square. - Frunze
Ivan Poddubny - street. Bolshevik
Intercession - street. Academician Zelinsky
Woodland - Street. Trostyanetska
Poleski - Lane. Russian street.
Transfiguration - Street. Ivan Klimenko
Primachenko - blvd. Likhachev
Prytysko Nicholas - Street. George Livera
Proreznaya - str. Sverdlov
Protasov Yar - str. Stepan Razin
Sich Riflemen-  street. Artem
Sofia - street. Kalinin
Spasskaya - Street. Heroes of Tripoli
Stepanchenko Basil -  Street. The service
Stretenskaya - street. Pauline Osipenko
Vasyl Stus - Str. State farm
Teligi St. Helena. - Korotchenko Demyanu
Tereschenkivska-  str. Repin
Trutenka Onufriya-  street. Zhuliany
Three Saints - Street. Heroes of the Revolution
Frolivskyy - street. Frolovskaya
Bohdan Khmelnytsky - Street. Lenin
Chokolovsky -  Lenin
Vyacheslav Chornovil - Street. Kosior
Shelkovichnaya - street. Karl Liebknecht

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Ukraine - Slovenia, on-line Soccer / UEFA - EURO Qualifiers

Ukraine - Slovenia, on-line Soccer / UEFA - EURO Qualifiers

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Antonov An-178

It looks familiar, because the An-158 100-seat airliner was shown at Dubai last time, but this is a very different airplane. The military gray color scheme is a clue, for this is a freighter equipped with a rear loading ramp. Typical payloads include three “Humvee” vehicles, 72 troops, 68 paratroops or 40 stretchers plus 30 walking wounded. Not that military use is exclusive: Volga-Dnepr freight airline provided design and marketing advice, and Antonov expects civil operators to order a significant number. Silkway of Azerbaijan has signed for 10 and there is talk of a possible Chinese production line. The prototype, here on show, first flew on May 7 this year and was initially shown at Paris the next month.

Lomachenko defended his title, defeating Mexican Romulo Koasichu (25-5, 15 KOs)

World champion by the WBO featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (5-1, 3 KOs) confidently defended his title, defeating Mexican Romulo Koasichu (25-5, 15 KOs).
Lomachenko dominated in ring in each of the rounds, showing excellent footwork, speed and variety of attacks.
Total in battle Ukrainian threw 383 jabs and power punches 334, of which 334 targets achieved.
In Koasicha total 607 strokes, of which only 75 beautiful.
A final point in the match put the Ukrainian in the tenth round accurate kick left to the body - knockout.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ukrainian Barbie starts carrier in DJing

Ukrainian Barbie starts carrier in DJing.
The Ukrainian woman who become a 'human barbie doll' has just announced her move into the celebrity DJ world and we realy think she can get far in this bussiness. 
She startss her "DJ mission with futuristic deep house and space disco". The Space Barbie Tour which will be hitting up America, Japan, China, Australia and Europe, and will play next music: "pure deep meditation", "amazing sounds" and a "mudras show".
Valeria, who claims to be from another planet, goes on to explain: "The DJ sessions will ressemble  a fascinating musical journey into the deep space. Valeria will be using special words from ancient languages, which will result in a meditation right on the dance floor. During her performance the Human Barbie will show special signs with her hands demonstrating a deeper immersion into the atmosphere."
Apparently an EP of her music will be available soon, which is great because after reading that press release we can not wait to hear some "pure deep meditation". We love Barbie girl.

American kids try different candy from around the world - they tried also Ukrainian Candy "Mr.Fizzy"

American kids try different candy from around the world - they tried also Ukrainian Candy "Mr.Fizzy"

That's the sweet experiment conducted by who decided to give a number of children candies from exotic places such as Finland, Thailand and the Philippines, Ukraine.
Ukraine provides the next sweet sampler with a selection of Mr. Fizzy Candy, mixed hard candies with a fruity, fizzy filling
'You guys are gonna want to put that in your mouth and hold it for a while,' the children are told.
'It's sizzling in my mouth!' Melody says. 'What on earth is this?' questions Vanessa as she wildly flaps her hands in the air. 'It's amazing!' she proclaims

Candy «Mr.Fizzy Mix» produced in Ukraine by Roshen factory. 
See original web site.

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MH17 Crash - English Spoken

MH17 Crash - English Spoken 
It is common practice for the Dutch Safety Board to include a rationale for its investigations in its reports. For the publication of the MH17 reports the Board has opted not to do so for each report individually, but instead to provide a single document covering all of the various investigations. This document, entitled About the Investigation, will be published simultaneously with the reports.On Tuesday 13 October 2015
the Dutch Safety Board will publish its reports on the investigation into the crash of flight MH17.
Below, we provide an overview of the course of events.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ukrainian company "Motor Sich" is preparing to release a new attack helicopter designed on the basis of the Soviet Mi-2

Kyiv, September 25 - Ukrainian company "Motor Sich" is preparing to release a new attack helicopter designed on the basis of the Soviet Mi-2

The helicopter, named Mi-2MSB-V, has a new engine, equipped with rockets blocks and equipped with several automatic grenade launchers. It has installed 7.62-mm machine gun. It is also equipped with a helicopter unit with heat traps. Left exhaust outlet on had a homemade screen, which is already nicknamed to "kitchen hood."
From minuses there is a lack of guided weapons (for example, an analog of the American anti-tank Hellfire) and modern sighting means. The helicopter can be relatively efficiently used as a scout away from the main forces of the enemy.


Lomachenko in swimming pool building up conditions for next fight.

In preparation for a fight with Mexican Romulo Koasichem, which will be held on November 7 in Las Vegas in the arena Thomas & Mack Center, Vasyl Lomachenko exercising in the pool.

On November 7 in Bradley (01/01/32, 12 KOs) vs Rios (01/02/33, 24 KOs) will be fight Vasyl Lomachenko (4-1, 2 KOs) vs Romulo Koasicha (25-4 , 15 KOs).

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mood between Obama and Putin visibly icy.

Mood between Obama and Putin visibly icy.

When Obama said the toast from the podium  he went with a glass to his place at the table meet Ban Ki-moon and some other politicians but ignored the Russian president.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The warrior Cossacks of Ukraine.

The warrior Cossacks of Ukraine.

For hundreds of years, a tiny island in the Dnieper River provided sanctuary to a legendary group of warriors - Ukraine's Zaporozhian Cossacks.
The men moved to Khortytsia in the 15th Century in search of freedom and democracy, as Andriy Kravets from the BBC's Ukrainian service reports.
More video see on BBC website:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Crimean legend of hidden in a mountain cave golden cradle Altyn beshik

There Crimean legend of hidden in a mountain cave golden cradle Altyn beshik. It was depicted on the arms of the Principality of Theodoro Mangup.
Some consider it the missing Holy Grail or the cradle in which Jesus was born. The cave, which stores Altyn beshik, can also be a symbol of the womb, it admitted herself to her children, to hide them from the enemy and then again to revive. This is a symbolic image of the Crimean Tatar "tree of life", and he Crimea - the cradle of the indigenous people -krymskih Tatar homeland character and attitude to it as a relic in the desire to preserve for future generations, the revival, the link between generations, the power of folk traditions, loyalty behalf ideals honor, freedom and independence.
There are many assumptions about where in the Crimea kept Altyn beshik: the cave of the same name near the village of Kuchuk-Suresnes (Malosadovoe) Bakhchisaray district Binbash Koba on the northern slope of Chatyr-Dag mountain Isar, Bor-Kaya, Ak-Kaya , Kaply-Kai, Basman (translated as "a place where not to step foot man"), Boiko and others.
The inhabitants of every region of the peninsula believed that the shrine is located on their territory. If you hear the distant mountains of melodic sounds, it was said that the issue of swinging itself the cradle of Gold. Last year, almost immediately after the occupation of the Crimea, which turned Russian soldiers "little green men" surrounded the hill Boyka persistently searched for her, driving away the local people.
Old residents immediately recalled that in the same way behaved Germans during the Second World War. According to the esoteric, Mount Boyka - a kind of Crimean Shambhala. By the way, for such holy places you should not worry, they are able to protect their secrets from uninvited guests, causing those who have chosen too close to them, a state of terror, and even madness.
On the parallels between the two Fuhrers said repeatedly, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the judge of all the sacred Crimea stolen by  Putin. and  as a symbol of "power over the Crimea, peace and mutual understanding on the peninsula" loyalists wanted presented the  Altyn beshik.
And in fact, handed another "black mark": according to legend, the Golden Cradle imposed spell designed to punish the person who wants to take her for the enslavement of other people or any other malicious intent.  Moreover, it is impossible to give such a relic of a person who does not have any relation to it.
But the real cradle of Altyn beshik still safely hidden in the Crimean mountains and waiting for true revival and prosperity of Crimea.

7 facts about childhood and youth the head of UOC

7 facts about childhood and youth the head of UOC Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
on 17 August  it is a year since the enthronement of Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufriya.
To the anniversary of the enthronement of Metropolitan Onuphrius Information Center UOC has made selection of facts from public sources about the childhood and youth of the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
From the family of priests:
The present Patriarch of UOC (Onufriy - Orest Volodymyrovych Berezovsky) was born in the family priest. His brother was also a priest. As a child present UOC wanted to be like Basil the Great. His father told him how this saint became his pray when the sun is shining it in the back, and when finished the prayer, the sun already shone in the face. But then, according to Onufriy  he forgot about it and raised so as all children.
The Church and the game of football:
As a child, the future Metropolitan Onuphrius always attended church, but not always  he liked it, he admits. On Sundays, my mother led him in the temple while the boys in his village were going to play football. Sometimes  he was complaining: "God, guys play football and I have to go to church."
Not a Communist:
The Patriarch was neither a "Pioneer" nor the "Komsomol ".  The son of a priest  did not go to school while children were taken to Piomeers. Along with several classmates he did not want to join in the Komsomol. Although they were forced to do so, he was  put on his knees and forced to stand for hours.
Work - education - Work:
After School Orest (now Bishop Onufry) graduated from school and went on preparatory courses for university.  After a year he entered the Technical University in Chernivtsi in evening department. During the day he worked to make earn for living. His father did not help him. farther said: "I raised you, educated you, now you have to help me." Therefore Onufriy had to work during the day and then studying to late night and so each day.
Electrician and exemplary student:
In his youth, the future Metropolitan of Kyiv worked as an electrician - first in installing low-voltage lines, and then - on weaving factory. During tis tume he also studied. Coming back to his native village he used to take the book and study. At university he was among the best students. Once he was even invited to speak on the radio.
Educational turn:
While studying in his third year of university, Orest Berezovsky said, "Is it necessary to study further?" He had no plans to work in the specialty, it  will take two to three years and everything will be forgotten. Thus the Bishop decided to leave the university and enter the seminary. According to him, disciplines such as history, mathematics, chemistry, physics that he managed  to study for three years in university, he needed later in his life.
Three times a person:
Metropolitan Onufry knows English. He decided to study it when the first time visited Canada. Certain base he had from school, university, seminary and academy. When he flew to Canada for the first time, he sat with Canadian and Canadian began to talk to him. Then Bishop realized that you need to know the language to feel free. In addition to English he knows Romanian and Greek. However the Greek due to lack of practice is a little forgotten.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announces UK will step up Ukraine training

With no one story dominating the headlines today, news of note for defence includes coverage of the Secretary of State’s visit to Ukraine, and announcement of further enhancements to the UK training programme for the Ukrainian armed forces.
In the papers there is coverage of the Defence Secretary’s trip to the Ukraine yesterday, where he described the conflict as a "red hot" war that shows no sign of ending soon while visiting Prime Minister Yatseniuk and Defence Minister Poltorak. Reporting is included in the Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Financial Times, Daily Mail, and The Independent, as well as on the BBC News website. The coverage focuses on the Defence Secretary’s announcement that Britain will step up the training of Ukrainian forces fighting Russian-backed separatists in the east of the country, and add further defensive infantry skills, such as detecting landmines, to help reduce casualties from the conflict. The papers say that the 18-month long crisis has not settled into a frozen war, and that Ukraine's eastern border is still at risk from Vladimir Putin. The Times suggests Russia is preparing for war with Britain and its NATO allies, according to an analysis of military exercises by a European think tank.
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:
Our training programme for the Ukrainian Armed Forces continues to be well-received and highly valued by troops and commanders in the east of the country. Since March, 13 UK training teams have deployed across 8 locations and we expect to have trained around 2,000 members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by the end of the year.
By adding further much-needed skills and stepping up the pace of our programme we can provide more and better training, improving the resilience of Ukrainian forces and further reducing casualties resulting from the on-going conflict.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

New photos of Barbie from Odessa

Valeria Lukyanova  everyone knows more like Barbie Odessa  published new photos.
She shows her doll's shapes and never stops to give advice to fans. 
This time, Valeria told why forsome girls sport does not help in losing weight:  
Often people spend a lot of time on sports and doing it for years. And without results. Why is this happening? Often due to big appetite. Due to the presence in the diet of saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, and other food junk.
As long as it is present in your diet, it is difficult to get rid of the layer of fat. What sense to train, if a person consumes more calories than it spends? The person simply calms himself doing sports and not progressing because he is a slave of his stomach. 
Recently Luk'yanova also  appeared on the famous Cosmopolitan magazine in India. 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Live UN MH17

Live UN MH17,
UN Security Council to Vote on MH17 Draft Resolution. 

Russia set to veto MH17 UN resolution.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MH-17 Commemoration concert in Kyiv

A commemoration concert for MH-17 took place in Kyiv.
The concert was attended by President Poroshenko, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, Vice Prime Minister Zubko, Minister of Foreign Affairs Klimkin, Chief OSCE-Monitor Apakan, Head of Recovery Mission Aalbersberg, the Diplomatic Corps and the Dutch community (including the Dutch business community) in Kyiv, among others.
Led by the Dutch conductor Jeroen Weierink, the Liatoshynsky Classical Music Ensemble gave a modest but touching performance of Mozart’s Requiem, and several other pieces. In addition to contributions of the Dutch, Malaysian and Australian Ambassadors, President Poroshenko held a probing speech. The President was visibly moved by the ceremony, something he told the same night during his phone call with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte.
 The concert took place in the National Organ and Chamber Music Hall, a Roman-Catholic church in the center of the city, well-known for its impressive gothic architecture and good acoustics. The concert was organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands, in cooperation with the Malaysian and Australian Embassies.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Onufry is in Atlanta USA

Onufry is in Atlanta USA.  On Wednesday 22 July 2015 Metropolitan Onufry of Kyiv and All Ukraine arrived at the Atlanta for the 18th All-American CouncilOn July 23 Metropolitan Onufry celebrates Divine Liturgy along with the host of bishops of the Orthodox Church in America, and then took part in the V plenary session of the 18th All-American Council, which focused on the spread of Orthodox mission

Addressing the participants of the Council thanked  Archbishop Tikhon for the invitation and stressed the role of the missionary activity of St. Herman of Alaska in spreading the Orthodox faith in North America.
He arrived not for money or treasure but only the love of Christ and the joy of eternal life - the Gospel - said the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New schemes in Kiev's Metro

Designers volunteers "Agents of Change" developed  new schemes for the Kiev Metro.
The new location is twice bigger than the previous. We found that the size of 120 cm is preferred. This makes it easy to place the scheme in different carriages. 
Unlike the old patterns of text is now located horizontally. This simplifies reading the inscriptions. Around the text is now more space, so the station names do not stick together in a solid mass. Also, the designers have identified interchanges between direct metro line.
Agents of changes to the new scheme "cultural place": important historic and cultural buildings, which are located next to metro stations. The most noticeable difference from the previous scheme and similar schemes with other metro - we showed landmarks are located near metro stations. Inside the team we jokingly call it "cultural layer". This is not a list of monuments or tourist attractions - is just a set of visual cues that help link station associated with recognizable object

Monday, July 20, 2015

Ukrainian painter Daria Marchenko created a picture of the "Face of War".

Ukrainian painter Daria Marchenko created a picture of the "Face of War", picture of  president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The painter has used about 5,000 cartridges from automatic, rifles, machine guns, which were brought from the area of ATO in Donbass region. 
Daria Marchenko:
- Each element of this portrait could take or save a soldier's life, one way or another it is his destiny.
Painter encourages to think anyone before they picks up a gun about  the role of the bloody political ambitions in the history of civilization, and that nothing is more precious than human life. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The trident from 10-11 century - coat of arms of Ukraine was found in Russia.

Suspension from 10-11 century with a personal mark of Rurikovichi was  found during the examination at the settlement Kleschin ,Pleshcheeva lake in the surroundings Pereslavl in the Yaroslavl region.  Scientists say that the suspension is quite rare (total scientists have known little more than 50 such symbols) was a symbol of royal authority and confirming the authority of its bearerFinding trapezoidal metal pendants with princely sign of the trident indicates that the new settlement to the north-east of Kievan Rus, at the end of 10-11 centuries controlled the princely power and have high status. Since we got only half of the suspension, to determine what exactly is the sign belonged to Prince, it is impossible, but it can be assumed that this is the trident of Vladimir, Yaroslav, or someone from their closest relatives, who reigned in the 10-11 centuries.
 The trident shape - a shape were signs of Svyatoslavich, Prince Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise, and in the early 20th century Mikhail Hrushevsky proposed as a national symbol of Ukraine trident of Vladimir.

The change of coat of arms of Ukraine. Ukrainian  trident-tryzub

Ukrainian trident nowdays:

The dress from young Ukrainian designer LARA QUINT for Conchita Vurst.

The dress created by the young Ukrainian designer LARA QUINT, for the most bearded woman in the world (Conchita Vurst) picked up stylist Thomas Reyberger. Conchita likes noble gray color. Moreover Reyberger suggested to wear a dress with a white shirt sleeves

Conchita is popular in in Japan- and hopefully Japan will like wear clothes made in Ukraine too.

Konoplyanka and his first day in FC Sevilia

Konoplyanka and his first day in FC Sevilia.
The video of the first training of Konoplyanka as part of the Spanish Seville. Midfielder of the national team of Ukraine did exercises, both individually and in cooperation with the players of his new club Sevilia.

New outlook of Ukrainian army.

In Odessa  Oleg Gulyak introduced  new form  of  Ukrainian military.
 A new form of the most universal and made in Ukraine. A complete set consists of more than 20 units, that is, except his jacket, trousers and jackets men get as many other necessary clothing.