Saturday, January 31, 2015

Katerina Tikhonova (Putin) is a vice-president of the World Confederation of acrobatic rock 'n' roll.

The photos and video of 28-year-old daughter of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin takes part in competitions of Rock and Roll.
Katerina Tikhonova daughter of Vladimir Putin takes part in competitions in acrobatic rock 'n' roll.
Putin's daughter 28 years old, she is the director of the Moscow organization of Innovation, a member of the Scientific Council of the Moscow State University and vice-president of the World Confederation of acrobatic rock 'n' roll.  
Contact-Person Name: Katerina Tikhonova (Putin)
Email Privat:
Mobile phone number of Katerina Putin  (Tikhonova) +79175254677

Also read article from about Putin's daughter. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

National Guard of Ukraine has got one more An-72

January 29, 2015 " Antonov " company finished works of restoration of  aircraft An-72P and handed it to the customer - the National Guard of Ukraine.
The AN-72 is a STOL light military-transport jet. It was designed with engines located under a wing to use such called “Coanda effect” that is increase of the lift due to “adhesion” of the exhaust stream to the wing surface. It differs with a highly mechanized wing having a straight wing center section and tapered outer wing panels with a straight trailing edge. It is equipped with the extra effective reversal of the ladle type, a cargo door with a ramp in a tail section of the hermetic fuselage and powerful landing gear with an independent suspension of the main struts that gave pass ability of the off-road vehicle to the AN-72.

Ukrainian Air Force has adopted AN-70.

Ukrainian Air Force has adopted AN-70 (AN-70 / Medium Military Transport STOL Aircraft).
Adoption of the AN-70 into service allows to start serial production of this aircraft AN-70.
The AN-70 aircraft belongs to a new generation of the short takeoff and landing tactical military medium transports. AN-70 is extremely required by army. This aircraft is capable of solving qualitatively new tasks beyond possibilities of previous military transports.
After the An-70 adopted by Ukrainian army  "Antonov" company can start serial production of the aircraft and create various modifications
See video Antonov AN-70 At Paris Air Show 2013:

Wall calendar 2015 with cars for Ukrainian army.

Volunteers have created wall calendar 2015 with cars for Ukrainian army.
During the year guys from the public fund "National Home Front" from public money have bought 50 cars specially equipped for Ukrainian front.
The most interesting photos of SUVs were collected in wall calendar for 2015, which can be purchased for 300 UAH (about 15 USD) at the office of "National Home Front" ( at address:
 str.Zhylyanska, 68, tel. (+38)067 -888-30-00 or order delivery in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine by  mail.
Contact person - Nadia Davidova.
( )
Buy wall calendar 2015 with cars for Ukrainian army - help army.
Collected  money volunteers will spent on Ukrainian army.

Swedish retailer H&M enters the Ukrainian market.

Swedish retailer H&M enters the Ukrainian market.  In the spring of this year 9 international brands including Old expected H & M will open their shops in Ukraine. 
In addition to the Swedish retailer H&M, is expected to market brands Defacto (Turkey), Zara Home, Cortefiel, Violeta (Spain), Converse, Wendy's, Subway (USA), MegaIce (Kazakhstan).

"Ukraine International Airlines" opens flight Moscow - Kiev

"Ukraine International Airlines" opens flight Moscow - Kiev.
 From April 14 2015 from Minsk to Kiev and back the largest Ukrainian airline "UIA" begins to fly planes in yellow and blue colors. 
  Between Minsk and Kiev "UIA" plans to launch a Boeing 737-500 and Embraer-195. 
- Prices for our tickets will be comparable to the cost of tickets "Belavia", - said Alexander Dzhidzhora. - Full price, taking into the account the airport fees will be 185 euros for round trip. From Minsk UIA flies at 17:30 back from Kiev - at 15:45. About an hour the time is in the air
For Belarusians people among 70 direct flights of "UIA", first of all, will be interested in the direction of Athens, Tel Aviv, Tbilisi, Almaty, and New York. Also UIA expected to open in the spring flight form Kiev to Beijing.

Made is Ukraine Hybrid of tank and infantry fighting vehicles (BMP).

Kharkov plant developed a hybrid of tank and infantry fighting vehicles (BMP).
To begin mass production of this type military vehicles Ukroboronprom is ready this year.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ukrainian fighter in UFC Nikita Krylov in t-shirt "Х#й войне"

Ukrainian fighter in UFC Nikita Krylov  came at Official Weigh-In in t-shirt against war in Ukraine "Х#й войне" (F#ck the war).
Today Nikita Krylov will fight Stanislav Nedkov in  UFC Fight Night Sat. Jan. 24 Gustafsson vs. Johnson.

P.S.: Nikita has won in first round. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two new flights from the airport Kiev (IEV).

Two new flights from the airport Kiev (IEV).
On Monday 19 of January airline Dniproavia opens daily flight Z6 002/007 Dnipropetrovsk - Kyiv - Dnipropetrovsk from the international airport Kiev .   Departures from Dnepropetrovsk morning, at 7:30, departure from Kiev in the evening - at 19:30 local time (EET).
On 22 of January  2015 Dnepravia also opens a daily flight Z6 551/552 Kiev-Moscow-Kiev. Departure from Kiev at 9:30 am and  from Moscow - at 20:25.
Flights will be operated on Embraer-145 aircraft with two classes of service - premium economy and economy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shocking pictures of dogs from the shelter in Kiev.

Ukrainian volunteers, dealing with homeless dogs, visited in Kiev cities "Animal Shelter" in the village Borodyanka and published in social networks horrific pictures from there. In pictures skinny animals  live in cold ruined buildings.
"Dog dies of hunger. No food at all. Yesterday we took pictures . Employees on December 30, did not receive cereals in general. Buildings with starving dogs. Full Building skeletons. Need to go tomorrow and feed them! I am alone I can not bring it all  and feed all dogs. We need people who need food, cereals, bones  etc. This is horror. I sit and cry, "- wrote on his page volunteer Maria Nikitochkina.
After the publication of activists mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko visited the shelter in Borodyanka. Klitschko was dissatisfied with the work of public utility, and in the same day, fired the director Taras Smurnogo. On his Facebook page called Mayor shelter "dog Auschwitz." According to Klitschko, the city spends on pay wages more than seven and a half million hryvnias, and in staff listed 90 people.
 Shelter workers accept assistance- help for little animals from all concerned people. They published on facebook kind of instructions on how you can help the hungry dogs. However, staff believe that the "hype help end very quickly, believe me, and we will come to a situation where today the dog will eat five times the norm, and tomorrow - nothing" 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ukrainian boxers Ivan Redkach and Ievgen Khytrov both won in their fights.

Ukrainian boxer Ivan Redkach Knocks Down Yakubu Amidu Twice in Round 6 - SHOWTIME Boxing.

Another Ukrainian boxer Ievgen Khytrov Drops Maurice Louishomme

Tatyana Aliev appears in a very sexual photo shoots.

Wife of Ukrainian midfielder  Alexander Aliev (player of "Anji" Machachkala) appeared in a very sexual photo shoots. Tatyana Aliev appears in various frank poses  and  dresses.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ukrainian boxer took part in amateur hockey game

WBO world champion featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko is actively pursuing vacation at home in Belgorod-Dniesterovskom. 

Ukrainian boxer took part in amateur hockey game, which took place in the open air. Official site Lomachenko said that the boxer came out with hockey stick on the ice, despite the fact that recovering from a left hand injury received during his last fight on Nov. 23 against Chonlatarn Piriyapinyo from Thailand.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Russian oil production in 2014 climbed to its highest level in more than a 25 years.

Russian holds oil valve wide open.
Russian oil production in 2014 climbed to its highest level in more than a 25 years.
In December, the Russian oil production peaked according to the Department of Energy on average 10.67 million barrels per day (see chart). That's the highest level since the end of the Soviet Union. Soviet record 11.4 million barrels per day, dates from 1987.
That was in response to the decision of Saudi Arabia the most influential player in the oil cartel OPEC to keep open the oil tap despite weaker demand.

Map of shale -gas basins is Europe.
 Ukraine has some of the largest shale gas reserves in Europe.
Poland, Ukraine, France and Turkey have enough untapped resources to meet the need. All countries are dependent on Russia gas today.
If Russia will stop natural gas supplies to Europe then it will have to act very quickly before it goes broke. Seventy-five percent of its national income comes from energy sales to Europe.
Oil price.