Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ukrainian Barbie wants take part in Horror movies.

Ukrainian Barbie wants take part in Horror movies.
Valeria Lukyanova, which is considered a replica of Barbie dolls, spokes about the hatred for the American image dolls, the successes in the gym and on the fear of old age.
-Valeria, are you 29 years old, according to Wikipedia, or 24 years old as indicated on your page VKontakte? Are you satisfied with your achievements?
- In fact, I am 24 years old . I think that this is another lie from my enemy. I did not do anything with my face. I'm happy with my life in general.
 -How do you feel about his glory?
- I'm glad that I do not leave people indifferent.

-Have you thought about a career of actress in Hollywood?
- This requires connections. But of course, I would very much like it. I would like to play  the role of Alien in some thriller or a
maniac in  horror movie. 


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