Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New schemes in Kiev's Metro

Designers volunteers "Agents of Change" developed  new schemes for the Kiev Metro.
The new location is twice bigger than the previous. We found that the size of 120 cm is preferred. This makes it easy to place the scheme in different carriages. 
Unlike the old patterns of text is now located horizontally. This simplifies reading the inscriptions. Around the text is now more space, so the station names do not stick together in a solid mass. Also, the designers have identified interchanges between direct metro line.
Agents of changes to the new scheme "cultural place": important historic and cultural buildings, which are located next to metro stations. The most noticeable difference from the previous scheme and similar schemes with other metro - we showed landmarks are located near metro stations. Inside the team we jokingly call it "cultural layer". This is not a list of monuments or tourist attractions - is just a set of visual cues that help link station associated with recognizable object

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