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The Crimean legend of hidden in a mountain cave golden cradle Altyn beshik

There Crimean legend of hidden in a mountain cave golden cradle Altyn beshik. It was depicted on the arms of the Principality of Theodoro Mangup.
Some consider it the missing Holy Grail or the cradle in which Jesus was born. The cave, which stores Altyn beshik, can also be a symbol of the womb, it admitted herself to her children, to hide them from the enemy and then again to revive. This is a symbolic image of the Crimean Tatar "tree of life", and he Crimea - the cradle of the indigenous people -krymskih Tatar homeland character and attitude to it as a relic in the desire to preserve for future generations, the revival, the link between generations, the power of folk traditions, loyalty behalf ideals honor, freedom and independence.
There are many assumptions about where in the Crimea kept Altyn beshik: the cave of the same name near the village of Kuchuk-Suresnes (Malosadovoe) Bakhchisaray district Binbash Koba on the northern slope of Chatyr-Dag mountain Isar, Bor-Kaya, Ak-Kaya , Kaply-Kai, Basman (translated as "a place where not to step foot man"), Boiko and others.
The inhabitants of every region of the peninsula believed that the shrine is located on their territory. If you hear the distant mountains of melodic sounds, it was said that the issue of swinging itself the cradle of Gold. Last year, almost immediately after the occupation of the Crimea, which turned Russian soldiers "little green men" surrounded the hill Boyka persistently searched for her, driving away the local people.
Old residents immediately recalled that in the same way behaved Germans during the Second World War. According to the esoteric, Mount Boyka - a kind of Crimean Shambhala. By the way, for such holy places you should not worry, they are able to protect their secrets from uninvited guests, causing those who have chosen too close to them, a state of terror, and even madness.
On the parallels between the two Fuhrers said repeatedly, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the judge of all the sacred Crimea stolen by  Putin. and  as a symbol of "power over the Crimea, peace and mutual understanding on the peninsula" loyalists wanted presented the  Altyn beshik.
And in fact, handed another "black mark": according to legend, the Golden Cradle imposed spell designed to punish the person who wants to take her for the enslavement of other people or any other malicious intent.  Moreover, it is impossible to give such a relic of a person who does not have any relation to it.
But the real cradle of Altyn beshik still safely hidden in the Crimean mountains and waiting for true revival and prosperity of Crimea.

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