Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ukrainian Barbie starts carrier in DJing

Ukrainian Barbie starts carrier in DJing.
The Ukrainian woman who become a 'human barbie doll' has just announced her move into the celebrity DJ world and we realy think she can get far in this bussiness. 
She startss her "DJ mission with futuristic deep house and space disco". The Space Barbie Tour which will be hitting up America, Japan, China, Australia and Europe, and will play next music: "pure deep meditation", "amazing sounds" and a "mudras show".
Valeria, who claims to be from another planet, goes on to explain: "The DJ sessions will ressemble  a fascinating musical journey into the deep space. Valeria will be using special words from ancient languages, which will result in a meditation right on the dance floor. During her performance the Human Barbie will show special signs with her hands demonstrating a deeper immersion into the atmosphere."
Apparently an EP of her music will be available soon, which is great because after reading that press release we can not wait to hear some "pure deep meditation". We love Barbie girl.

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