Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ukraine - Slovenia, on-line Soccer / UEFA - EURO Qualifiers

Ukraine - Slovenia, on-line Soccer / UEFA - EURO Qualifiers

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Antonov An-178

It looks familiar, because the An-158 100-seat airliner was shown at Dubai last time, but this is a very different airplane. The military gray color scheme is a clue, for this is a freighter equipped with a rear loading ramp. Typical payloads include three “Humvee” vehicles, 72 troops, 68 paratroops or 40 stretchers plus 30 walking wounded. Not that military use is exclusive: Volga-Dnepr freight airline provided design and marketing advice, and Antonov expects civil operators to order a significant number. Silkway of Azerbaijan has signed for 10 and there is talk of a possible Chinese production line. The prototype, here on show, first flew on May 7 this year and was initially shown at Paris the next month.

Lomachenko defended his title, defeating Mexican Romulo Koasichu (25-5, 15 KOs)

World champion by the WBO featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (5-1, 3 KOs) confidently defended his title, defeating Mexican Romulo Koasichu (25-5, 15 KOs).
Lomachenko dominated in ring in each of the rounds, showing excellent footwork, speed and variety of attacks.
Total in battle Ukrainian threw 383 jabs and power punches 334, of which 334 targets achieved.
In Koasicha total 607 strokes, of which only 75 beautiful.
A final point in the match put the Ukrainian in the tenth round accurate kick left to the body - knockout.