Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kraz starts to use Cummins and Wechai engines for trucks.

Kraz  (Ukrainian truck producer) starts to use Cummins and Wechai engines for trucks instead of Russian's engines from Yaroslavl motor plant.
A long-time "partner" - Russian factory YaMZ (Yaroslavl Motor Works) refused to supply engines for KrAZ. This is due to purely political reasons, as in business - no questions for KrAZ. We buy monthly about 200 YaMZ's engines.
To Lose market for YaMZ is much easier than to find and we have already switched on the engines and sets of MMZ, Wechai , Ford, Toyota, Cummins, Deutz, Caterpillar.
Under variousreasones Russians refused to supply of the entire range: the relay, electronics, components and assemblies sets etc. We have done a tremendous job for the replacement of Russian components. Now we buy the same in Europe, Turkey, China, gave orders Ukrainian plants. We have found replacements which quality higher than Russian's.
In is likely that  American Cummins engines will be the most used engine by KRaZ which is much cheaper than foreign analogues of other brands.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mishel Obama came off the plane in the dress colors of Ukrainian flag.

The wife of the US president and her daughters came to the UK with an educational project. Its purpose - to provide basic education 62 million girls around the world who have no access to school.
In addition, she will meet the younger son of Prince Charles - Harry and visit one of London's schools. Mishel Obama came off the plane in the dress  colors of Ukrainian flag.

New transport aircraft An-178 will present Ukraine on the 51 th International Aerospace Salon "Le Bourget-2015"

New transport aircraft An-178, which was first presented as part of the 51 th International Aerospace Salon "Le Bourget-2015" has caused great interest.
"There big  interest and we planned  large number of meetings, negotiations. To be honest, we have never been so tense. Great interest is in this plane and in cooperation ", - said Kiva.
"Ukrainian plane has beter characteristics then analogs"
"There are many partners, it is traditional (China, India, Saudi Arabia) and new partners. Scheduled meetings with representatives of Germany, Poland and other "

On the prospects for the An-178 for Air Force Ukraine also said the commander of the Air Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Yuri Baydak.
After the testing we  plan to prepare terms of reference for the manufacture military transport aircraft for the Air Forces of Ukraine,
Air Forces of Ukraine are armed with outdated types of aircraft Airlift, this aircraft AN-26 and IL-76. Today the need for such  planes is at least 20 aircrafts, which should come to replace the old modifications

Friday, June 5, 2015

British Saxons were tested in combat by Maryinka fight.

British Saxons were tested in combat by Maryinka fight.
source http://zloy-odessit.livejournal.com/1295980.html

Monday, June 1, 2015

Head coach of Bremen, "Werder" Victor Skripnik voted the best coach of last 2015 season in Germany.

Ukrainian specialists Viktor Skripnik headed Werder Bremen's team after the ninth round when they were in the relegation zone. In 25 games the team scored 11 wins, 6 draws and just suffered 8 defeats. This Season "Bremen" finished in ninth place just three points from the zone of the European cup.
Skripnik when he was a footballer defended the colors of "Bremen" team from 1996 to 2004, won  the championship and two German Cup and after active career more than 10 years worked in the Werder club.