Sunday, February 7, 2016

Photoshoot of the Odessa Barbie doll with a knife and "voodoo".

Photoshoot of the Odessa Barbie doll with a knife and "voodoo".

Valeria Lukyanova better known as Barbie from Odessa pleased her fans a new photo shoot. It never ceases to amaze fans but this time, the pictures came out even more amazing.

In the black-and-white photographs of social networking star posing in underwear and shows all the beauty of the body. She is cool. She decided to experiment a bit with her image. Before she posed with a knife in his hand adding a bit of rudeness.
Also, she published photos with a shovel in hand and ritual doll "voodoo." For this photoshoot she chose a black dress to add gloom and mystery to the image.
The fans rated the creative of the Odessa Barbie and said that training benefits the girl.
super`girl. Continue with a sport, keep it up, girls in all the earth should look like you" - wrote one of the fans of girls in social networks.

Valeria Lukyanova, who got the nickname "Odessa Barbie" because of her similarity to the famous doll, she tried herself as an actress. She started acting in Hollywood horror film "The doll".
She said that in the new movie will play aliens  doll and according to the script she should kill eight people.

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