Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ukrainian Andriy Khud has traveled 7000 km on Tesla S and tested corporative services in Europe

More than 7,000 km from Lvov to Mallorca and back,  2000 kW power and the replacement of the front tires - this is the result of travel to Europe of  Andriy Khudo on Tesla Model S.
Along the way in France there was big issue: broken through tire

Andriy Khudo drives a Tesla Model S since April 2015 and is very happy with his choice
Per day the auto has traveled 100-150 kilometers, the charge is more than enough, the average consumption was 255 W / km.
In addition, according to Andriy, automobile expenses were lower by 10-15 times, if earlier filling Mersedes-Benz G-klass c consumption of 23 l / 100 km gasoline A95 took 150-200 000 per year, for the first year of use Tesla energy costs were less than 10 000 UAH
In general, it is difficult to compare Tesla  with another car : driving philosophy is quite different. For instance inside the BMW 7 Series I like  the quality of materials, the Tesla in this respect quite ascetic. But the electric car much faster acceleration and virtually zero costs of electricity charging, compared with petrol cars.  
After the first year and 40,000 the owner of electric vehicle mileage went to Vienna for the planned service - as a result found that the car needs a minimal amount of work and simply replaced the cabin filter. 

The first incident happened in Europe with the Ukrainian traveling this summer. At first, all was quiet - the machine is easy to overcome at 500-800 km per day. The EU is well covered with a supercharger, enough charge for 20-30 minutes - and you can go furtherHowever, in France near the city of Narbonne the front left wheel of Tesla was broken.  It was good quality of Pirelli tires, had time to drive only 10 000 km, but the electric car itself is very heavy - perhaps this explains wear and tear. 
- I called the French Tesla Service to ask for help. They asked where the car is registered. I said. "In Ukraine" He said: "Well, this country is under our guarantee does not fall, can not help you!"
I, of course, in a popular form ... explained to him the values and mission of "Tesla" (after all, just read a book about Elon Musk) and recalled the value of the car ".
After that, the service officer consulted with management and offered Ukrainian evacuator truck and on the question  where to find the radius of the wheel 21 - 245/35 - said he did not know. Andriy could not find him in Narbonne right wheels due to their non-standard size - and again called the Tesla service for help. "The genius response of servise manager from Tesla was, well, you can  Google like me ... I do not know where you can get  such wheels"
 As a result, the owner of the electric vehicle was helped when BMW service: they found a right tire and in  one day they delivered the right tire  to the BMW service center in Narbona.
In general, the owner of Tesla Model S is satisfied with his trip and will travel to Europe by its electric car in the future. 
"On the day I drove by 500-700 km. The wheel issue knocked down my plans, but even if you go a day up to 800 km - is quite acceptable ride.   But this is in Europe, where there is a good supercharger coverage. In Ukraine, I would not cover  such distance because in Ukraine the station can charge a maximum of 100-120 km per hour. During one leg of the journey in 1555 kilometers from Narbonne to Dresden, where Andriy Khudo was catching up time spent on replacement of tire, a clean driving time was about 12 hours and charging at Tesla Supercharger took more than 8 hours.
In fact , that if the cars drives on one charge long distance and charged more than 80-90% of the battery the charging time significantly increases immediately.
Fully charge the battery on the Tesla Superchargers - about 1 hour 20 minutes - one and a half hours. 
Of course, if drive 100 km / h, the electric km coincide with the real, but then must go longer.
But if drive faster, the electric kilometers are by a factor of 1.5 to 1.7 with real.
If you go for example over 200+ km / h, the flow rate will be somewhere 2,5+ electrical /km in compare with 1 km of real distance "- says Andriy.

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