Saturday, December 17, 2016

International group of companies VimpelCom in Ukraine opened the Global Service Center (GlobalSharedServices (GSS)).

International group of companies VimpelCom in Ukraine opened the Global Service Center (GlobalSharedServices (GSS)). This will create in Ukraine 900 new jobs. Located Service Centre on the street Shevchenko 111-a. As COO of the Global Service Center Akos Tsernus today Lviv joined the company towns that have global service centers.
"We are confident that Lviv is one of the best cities to be a focus of the Global Service Centre, as there is a great deal of professional and talented people. We look forward to when our team join these young professionals who provide highly professional services to more than 200 million people around the world "- said Akos Tsernus.
"I am pleased that today's meeting is in Lviv. I was very impressed when I first visited the city in summer. I saw many similarities here with the city of Budapest, where I come from. There is an amazing atmosphere and I see great opportunities for development ", - said Kochysh Harbor, CFO of the company" Kyivstar ".
Global Service Center - one of three centers that VimpelCom reveals the strategy create operating models of the new generation, whose aim is the transformation of VimpelCom in a more flexible digital player market. Now VimpelCom is at an important way of transformation and the Global Service Center (GSS) is a key factor in these changes. Looking at the various options and analyzing the different labor markets among three continents and twelve markets, VimpelCom chose Lviv. VimpelCom Global Service Center in Lviv (GSS) operations serve finance, procurement and HR-processes in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Algeria.
VimpelCom is a global provider of telecommunications services, whose headquarters is based in Amsterdam. The company's goal - opening new possibilities in the world of digital services to users.

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