Saturday, December 17, 2016

"Ukrwineprom" named best wines produced in Ukraine

"Ukrwineprom" named best wines produced in Ukraine. Central branch tasting commission "Ukrwineprom" together with winemakers enterprises of Ukraine and representatives of central authorities have identified the best wines of Ukraine among 55 samples. In wine tasting participated with grapes "Traminer", "Pinot", "Bastardo", "Isabella" and other. All wines are purchased in a commission sales networks, as professionals tasted the products, which gets directly the consumer.
Among the wines made from grapes "Traminer" professionals gave the highest marks dry white guilt "Traminer" brand "Chizay." In the group of wines from grapes "Bastardo Magarach" the highest scores got the wine, dry red "Bastardo 2015" brand "Inkerman" sweet red "Bastardo" brand "Koblevo" semisweet red "Bastardo Crimean" brand "Golden Amphora".
The highest tasting score in the group of wine grape varieties "Pinot Noir" received red dry wine "Pinot Noir 2014" PAT "Prince Trubetskoy." Among wines from grapes of "Isabella" is recognized the best sweet pink "Isabella" brand "Holiday Collection" ("Sandora").

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