Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ukrainian gardeners received orders from Australia and Asia

Ukrainian producers of berries and fruits on the results of the exhibition in Hong Kong received proposals for the supply of apples and cherries. This was announced by the head of the Western NIS Enterprise Fund export promotion program Vitaliy Bigday

"In general, according to the results of the exhibition, the demand for fresh apples was found - about 80 thousand tons, fresh berries - about 1 thousand tons, cherries - about 2 thousand tons, processed berries - about 2 thousand tons," said Bigday .
only for the first day of the exhibition, which took place in September, Ukrainian producers received orders for the supply of 34 thousand tons of apples of the harvest of 2017, of which 14 thousand tons - for European buyers and 20 thousand tons - for Asian ones.
in 2017, Ukraine first took part in the Asia Fruit Logistiсa exhibition in Hong Kong with a national stand. Four Ukrainian companies took part in the exhibition: Agrovesna cooperative, Gadz farm, Enogray JLLC, Galfrost LLC.
In Hong Kong, Ukrainian companies brought almost 40 varieties of fresh apples, sweet cherries, strawberries, raspberries, currants and blueberries, as well as dried and frozen berries

The greatest interest to the products was shown by visitors from India. One of the Ukrainian producers received an order for a test supply of berries for restaurants in Australia.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11, the Orthodox Church recalls the holy Fathers of Kyiv-Pechersk (video)

October 11, the Orthodox Church recalls the holy Fathers of Kyiv-Pechersk (video)

In the Near Caves of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, the relics of the seventy-three Reverend Fathers are resting.
The most famous of them: the founder of monasticism in Russia, Rev. Anthony (his relics are hidden); Reverend Prokhor Lobodnik, who fed Kyiv during a hunger with sweet bread baked with loboda grass; holy fair Uliya, princess Olshanska; Reverend Varlaam - the first abbot of the Pechersk Monastery; St. Mark Grobokopach, who prepared places for the abandoned brothers of the monastery; Reverend Nestor Chronicler - Assistant to all students and author of "The Tale of the Times of the Years"; the Holy Martyr Moses Ugrin, to whom appeals to the temptations of the prodigal nature, St. Alipius - patron of icon painters, as well as twelve holy Greeks-builders who worked on the creation of the Great Lavra Church, in honor of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Svitolina for the first time in his career became the third racket of the world

Svitolina for the first time in his career became the third racket of the world.

Elina was not able to enter the quarterfinals of the US Open, but the further lay-out of the tournament still allowed the fourth racket of the world, although not to be on top, but to enter the top 3, which will become the new absolute record of Ukraine.
Svitolina will surpass the record of Andrei Medvedev, who in 1994, at the age of 19, rose to the fourth place in the rating of the APR.

The power unit of the South-Ukrainian NPP will become the most powerful in Ukraine

The power unit of the South-Ukrainian NPP will become the most powerful in Ukraineю 

Energoatom and Westinghouse will increase by 10% the installed capacity of the third power unit of the South-Ukrainian NPP. In the future, this will not allow a 10% increase in electricity generation on the block.
The pilot project for the third power unit of the South-Ukrainian NPP has already started. 
After completion of all activities, the installed capacity of the third power unit will grow by 10% - from 1,000 MW to 1,100 MW. Similarly, by 10%, the installed capacity ratio will be increased from a design value of 74.5% to about 85%.
the pilot project at the South Ukrainian NPP will be preceded by an increase in power and efficiency at six blocks of different stations. According to the company, this will make it possible to compensate for the transfer to the export mode of the second power unit of Khmelnitsky NPP, which Energoatom is preparing for the project "Energomost" Ukraine-EU "

Energoatom proposes to export the electric power of the second power unit of Khmelnitsky NPP to Europe and through the proceeds to complete the power units No. 3 and No. 4 of KhNPP. The construction of these blocks was suspended with the readiness of 73% and 28%.
If the Energomost project is implemented, the company is ready to commission the third power unit of KhNPP in operation before 2025. Blocks No. 3 and No. 4 of KhNPP can generate 15 billion kWh per year.    

Monday, September 25, 2017

There was a massive failure in Skype.

There was a massive failure in Skype.
Skype has problems starting at 6:46 am North American Eastern Time (13:46 in Kyiv, - Ed.)," Said Downdetector.
Among the most common problems with Skype, the portal calls errors in authorization, receiving messages and voice calls. Most of the problems reported by users from Europe, including from Ukraine.
Recall, the global failure in the work of Skype also occurred in August. Then, users encountered problems in Japan, India, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Russia and other countries. Many users did not send messages, or they went very long to the recipient, slowly loaded, there was confusion with the statuses etc.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Viktor Postol vs Jamshidbek Najmiddinov

Viktor Postol vs Jamshidbek Najmiddinov.
Former WBC welterweight champion Victor Postol in Kiev fought against a promising boxer from Uzbekistan Jamshidbek Najmitdinov. In the fifth round, Postol went down, but managed to withstand the pressure of the opponent and then regain the lead in the fight. As a result of the ten-round battle, the judges unanimously gave victory to the Ukrainian - 98:92, 97:92, 97:92.

Thus, Postol won his twenty-eighth victory in twenty-nine fights and dealt Najmitdinov the first defeat in fifteen fights.

Note that for Postol this battle was the first in more than a year - since the Ukrainian in July 2016 lost his championship belt in a duel against Terence Crawford.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Juliana Korochentseva received a special title woman Mrs. Universe Mrs. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN at the beauty contest in South Africa

Juliana Korochentseva received a special title  at the beauty contest in South Africa.
A girl from Cherkassy Juliana Korochentseva, who represents Ukraine this year at the international contest "Mrs. Universe 2017" in South Africa, won the title woman woman. Universe Mrs. BEAUTIFUL WOMEN

Vitali Klitschko on a motorcycle checks the quality of road repairs in Kyiv.

City Mayor Vitali Klitschko, along with the general director of Kyivavtodor Alexander Gustelyev, drove on motorcycles on the Povitroflotsky avenue in Kyiv late in the evening on September 1. According to Klitschko, thus they checked the quality of the repair of the roadway, because "on two wheels it is much better to feel like a repair done."

A new terminal has started to work at Odessa airport

A new terminal has started to work at Odessa airport
On Saturday, September 2nd. Odessa airport began to receive international flight passengers at a new terminal.
Recall that in April, the new terminal of the Odessa International Airport hosted the first passengers arriving on the PS057 Kyiv (Boryspil) flight - Odesa. Then began servicing the passengers of domestic flights.

Today the full operation of a new terminal for servicing the arrival of all airport passengers began.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Kiev's river port expanded its fleet with two barges, purchased in Belarus.

Kiev's  river port expanded its fleet with two barges, purchased in Belarus.
The vessels were purchased from the company JLLC "Beldortiazhtrans".
These are non-self-propelled barges-platforms intended for moving general, dry bulk cargo and containers.
The carrying capacity of each barge is 1060 tons.
At the moment, the vessels are in the process of customs clearance and will soon be used to service freight flows.

New payment system "City 24" registered in Ukraine.

The National Bank of Ukraine registered  payment system "City 24" and issued a certificate dated August 2, 2017 to the payment company LLC "Financial Company" Phoenix "(Kiev).
According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individuals, the final beneficiaries of FC "Phoenix" are Nikolay Dovgoteles and Alexander Shvets. The authorized capital of the company is 11 million UAH. 
Now payment system Сіty 24 is available to clients of Kredobank (Lviv). Its clients were able to make payments on loans and their card accounts in more than 7 thousand self-service terminals, which operate around the clock in more than 2 thousand settlements in Ukraine. 
At present, 9 payment systems are registered in Ukraine, whose payment organizations are banks, and 15 payment systems whose payment organizations are non-banking institutions. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Qatar Airways held a promotional sale of flights from Ukraine.

Qatar Airways held a promotional sale of flights from Ukraine. According to, promotional tariffs apply when purchasing tickets on both sides for two persons within one booking.
In particular, it is about flights from Kiev to Asia, Africa and Australia with a transfer through Doha.
You can purchase promotional tickets until August 14 for flights scheduled to run from August 28 to September 30, 2017.
For example, the flight Kiev - Colombo - Kiev will cost 421 euros, and to Beijing from Ukraine can get less than 450 euros.
In mid-July it became known that one of the best airlines in the world Qatar Airways enters the Ukrainian market and from the end of August will make flights from the capital airport "Borispol".

Sexy wife of Oleg Gusev.

Develop and continue football career Oleg Gusev undoubtedly helped by his lovely other half - Maria.

Maria is the second wife of Gusev. Prior to that, Oleg was married to Olesya, with whom divorced in 2013 and has a common son - Alexis.

With Maria Oleg met at a party and then began an affair. Previously, Maria worked as a model and now she devotes time to raising her daughter Alexandra.

Gusev's wife likes to cook and plans to open her own confectionery.

She also graduated from the University of Foreign Languages, studying English and Chinese.

Note that Oleg Gusev left Dynamo in the winter of 2017 at the end of the contract. However, this summer the parties renewed their cooperation.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Olga Harlan won the world championship

Ukrainian fencer on sabers Olga Harlan won the world championship, which these days is held in German Leipzig. In the final the 26-year-old native of Nikolaev won a decisive victory over a rival from Tunisia - 15: 5.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ukrainian aircraft An-74 sold to Kazakhstan for $ 15 million

Ukrainian aircraft An-74 sold to Kazakhstan for $ 15 million. The AN-74 is a Ukrainian transport aircraft that has both civilian and military modifications. It was developed at the Aviation Science and Technology Complex named after O.K. Antonov.

The airplane can carry up to 52 passengers or up to 10 tons of cargo. The range of flights with 52 passengers is 2,750 km, with 10 tonnes of cargo 950 km.
Recall that in June this year, the Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko said that Ukraine plans to export passenger aircraft An-148 and An-158 to Kazakh enterprises.
An agreement has already been reached to intensify the interaction between Ukrainian and Kazakh companies on the establishment of a service center for the maintenance of aircraft Antonov family in Astana.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ukrainian gymnasts won the "silver" at the World Cup in Berlin

Ukrainian gymnasts won the "silver" at the World Cup in Berlin
Ukrainian gymnasts Evgenia Gomon, Anastasia Wozniak, Valeriya Yuzvyak, Daria Kobets, Diana Mizheritskaya and Valeria Hanina were able to win the second place in the all-around with a score of 36.050, second only to Russians who scored 37,200 points.

The largest virtual communication operator LycaMobile is launched in Ukraine

The largest virtual communication operator LycaMobile is launched in Ukraine. A large international virtual operator LycaMobile has registered in Ukraine a legal entity that will represent its interests. On July 4, the National Commission for Communications Regulation and Informational (NCRSI) introduced the company "LycaMobile Ukraine" in the telecom-register.

LycaMobile is a British company working on the model of a virtual operator. It operates in 22 countries, its subscriber base is more than 15 million. The model of the work of such companies is to rent network infrastructure from mobile operators and sell services for end users on its basis.

In June, Facebook for the first time bypassed "VKontakte" and became the social network number 1 in Ukraine

In June, Facebook for the first time bypassed "VKontakte" and became the social network number 1 in Ukraine. Until recently, the picture was different: "VKontakte" stably kept on the second line of the rating, being the leading social network among Ukrainian users, and Facebook was at the tail of the top 5, if at all. Now VKontakte takes the fourth line of the rating by the average daily share and the eighth - by coverage.

Ukrainian farmers have increased the export of corn by almost 20%

Ukrainian farmers have increased the export of corn by almost 20%.
The press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food said that in 2016-2017 marketing year, Ukraine significantly increased the export of corn. Ukrainian agrarians for the period July 2016 - June 2017 marketing year exported 20.7 million tons of corn. This, according to statistics, is almost 20% more than in the previous marketing year.
It should be noted that over this period, not only the export of corn increased in Ukraine. The press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy also noted that during the 2016-2017 marketing year, Ukrainian farmers established record grain exports. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in the specified period 43.8 million tons of grain were shipped abroad. This is an unprecedented record in the history of Ukraine's independence.
If to specify, in the last marketing year, Ukrainian agricultural producers exported 17.53 million tons of wheat to foreign markets, which is 3.5% more than in the previous marketing year. Also 5.35 million tons of barley (21.3% more) and 304 thousand tons of other grains (25.1% more) were shipped.
At the same time, Ukrainian producers have reduced the volume of supplies of rye. The export of this grain fell by 38% to 11,400 tons.

"Nibulon" launched regular passenger flights along the Dnieper and the South Bug rivers

"Nibulon" launched regular passenger flights along the Dnieper and the South Bug rivers.
The company "Nibulon" from July 1 launched regular flights on high-speed boats along the Dnieper and the Southern Bug to the Kinburn Spit.
Vessels will be plying from Voznesensk through Kovalevka and Novaya Odessa to Nikolaev, from Novaya Kakhovka through Kherson to the Kinburn spit and from Nikolaev through the Kinburn spit to Ochakov.
According to the published information on the cost of services, the cost of tickets will be from 30 to 282 UAH, depending on the chosen route.
The cruising speed of the ships is 65 km / h.
LLC "Nibulon" was established in 1991. It is one of the largest operators in the grain market of the country. It has elevator capacities with a total capacity of about 2 million tons, as well as its own transshipment terminal in Nikolaev with a capacity of 5 million tons.

Grain stocks in Ukraine exceed 11% last year

Grain stocks in Ukraine exceed 11% last year. As of June 1, 2017, grain and legume crops in Ukraine totaled 8.84 million tons, which is 10.8% more than at the same date last year - 7.98 million tons, UkrAgroConsult reports.
At the same time, the stock of wheat decreased by 22.3% - to 3 million tons against 3.87 million tons on June 1, 2016. Corn stocks increased by 49.5% compared to last year and amounted to 4.59 million tons Last year, corn stocks at June 1, 2016 amounted to 3.07 million tons.
Stocks of barley exceed last year by 1,3% and amount to 519 thousand tons. As of June 1, 2016, the reserves of this culture amounted to 512 thousand tons.

Director of "Tavria" Alexei Krucher: "Let's play in Nova Kakhovka"

After the annexation of Crimea, the team "Tavria" was unable to continue its participation in the Premier League of Ukraine. In 2016 - then the club declared in the championship of Ukraine among amateurs. Another half a year - and Tavria in November applies to the Football Federation of Ukraine for participation in the procedure for the certification of professional football clubs for the 2017/18 season.

Now the Crimean club returns to professional Ukrainian football. At the hands of the team, the certification confirmatory conclusion, and in a few weeks will take place the first matches in the second league of the Ukrainian championship.
The team will be located in the city of Berislav, where hotel repairs for footballers will be completed soon. You can practice at the stadium's stadium. On June 23 local guys gathered, and the 27th - other players will come. Head coach Sergey Shevchenko has reached a preliminary agreement with several players from the First League, which can strengthen our team, also in the review, we want to see a number of newcomers.
The official return of the seventh of July is a match for the Ukrainian Cup, and the first round of the Ukrainian Championship will start on July 15.
Tavria (Simferopol) will play in the South-East division. In this group there will be 12 teams in my opinion such teams as Metalist 1925 (Kharkiv), our neighbors Energy (Nova Kakhovka), Mir (Gornostaevka) 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Kyivenergo", "Oschadbank", "Nova Posta" and "Ukrtelecom" were attacked by hackers.

"Kyivenergo", "Oschadbank", "Nova Posta" and "Ukrtelecom" were attacked by hackers.
Computer networks of the power company Kyivenergo suffered from a hacker attack. The networks of Ukrtelecom, Oschadbank, Novaya Pishta also suffered.
Suffer and networks of smaller companies - to protect themselves, the owners turn off the Internet and related services.
Detailed recommendations on how to secure yet, but if your company has a device on Windows, it is better to disconnect from the network, store data, run under other operating systems. If important data is in the cloud - temporarily turn off PC synchronization with it. 

The company's computers were infected with a virus similar to WannaCry . "We were attacked by hackers. Two hours ago we were forced to turn off all the computers, we are waiting for permission to be included from the security service, "the company said," the company's statement quoted Interfax.
Some state-owned banks and companies also suffered from the attack. The NBU issued a statement that the banking system was attacked. "As a result of cyber attacks, these banks have difficulty in servicing clients and performing banking operations". 

The company Nova Posta warned customers that due to the attack of the Petya.A virus, the offices and contact center of the company can not serve users.

The press service of Ukrtelecom also confirmed to the correspondent the fact of the attack, as well as the fact that it is a cryptographic virus.
According to the company's representatives, despite the attack, the company continues to provide telephony and Internet services. But the work of the call center and customer service centers suffered. The call center of the company does not work now, the service centers work in manual mode. 

Ukraine set a record for export of strawberries

Ukraine set a record for export of strawberries.

Ukraine continues to increase the export of strawberries. In May 2017 Ukrainian gardeners shipped 454 tons of berries to the foreign market, which is 1.4 times more than in the same period in 2016.
These volumes of exports are the record for the entire history of the country's independence. 
Analysts note that Belarus was the main buyer, as well as the year before.  

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia. 

The first production aircraft An-132 will be built in the second half of 2018, and in Saudi Arabia will build a plant.
Two lines of assembly will be created: in Kiev and Saudi Arabia. The line in Kiev is almost ready. We need some minor revisions to release a serial aircraft.
While the plant in Saudi Arabia will be built, we have to build in Kiev and sell the first 20 planes.
Upon completion of the plant's construction, the aircraft will be produced both in Kiev and in Saudi Arabia.
In three to four years, production should reach a minimum of 12 aircraft per year on each line.
As regards market volume, according to our Saudi partners, the need of law enforcement agencies in this class of aircraft - 80 aircraft.
The need for the entire Middle East market is 250-260 aircraft. Also, in the next 10 years, we expect to replace the old An-32, which are operated in India, to the new An-132. This is more than 100 planes.
Recall that Ukrainian state-owned enterprises have discussed with the Chinese customer the supply of 50 An-178 aircraft.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rhythmic Gymnastics Holon Grand Prix 2017

Rhythmic Gymnastics Holon Grand Prix 2017
List of complete results and videos:
Awarding Ceremonies IndividualsGroups
Out from competition:
Israel 5 hoops2 ropes 3 balls
Saint Petersburg, Russia 5 hoops, 2 ropes 3 balls
5 Hoops:
1. Russia 18.300
2. Belarus 17.750
3. Greece 16.500
4. Hungary 16.150
3 Balls 2 Ropes:
1. Russia 18.950
2. Belarus 17.950
3. Hungary 16.700
4. Greece 15.450
1. Yulia Bravikova RUS 19.000
2. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 17.450
3. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 17.450
4. Olena Diachenko UKR 17.250
5. Yulia Isachanka BLR 16.200
6. Dina Averina RUS 15.600
7. Diamanto Evripidou CYP 15.200
8. Victoria Mazur UKR 14.900
1. Dina Averina 19.100
2. Arina Averina 18.900
3. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 17.250
4. Yulia Isachanka BLR 17.000
5. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 16.700
6. Olena Diachenko UKR 16.500
7. Victoria Mazur UKR 16.000
8. Elina Valieva GEO 15.150
1. Yulia Bravikova RUS 19.000
2. Dina Averina RUS 18.600
3. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 18.200
4. Olena Diachenko UKR 16.950
5. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 15.000
6. Diamanto Evripidou CYP 15.000
7. Alexandra Kis HUN 14.850
8. Natalia Koziol POL 14.000
1. Arina Averina RUS 18.300
2. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 17.950
3. Yulia Bravikova RUS 16.350
4. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 16.200
5. Victoria Mazur UKR 14.600
6. Yulia Isachanka BLR 14.550
7. Olena Diachenko UKR 14.150
8. Elina Valieva GEO 13.250

European Boxing Championship: Victor Wychrist won the third "gold" for Ukraine

European Boxing Championship: Victor Wychrist won the third "gold" for Ukraine.

In the last final of the day in the category over 91 kg Victor Vyhryst defeated Fraser Clarke from England. The fight was not easy for the Ukrainian boxer, but thanks to clever tactics, the Bishop gained a clear victory for points - 5: 0.
Today Alexander Khizhnyak (weight up to 75 kg) and Yuri Shestak (weight up to 60 kg) won gold medals today. Khizhnyak impressively won Kamran Shahsuvarli from Azerbaijan. And Shestak was stronger than Russian Gabila Mamedova

Ukraine and Poland jointly implement several infrastructure projects

Ukraine and Poland jointly implement several infrastructure projects. Despite the fact that the visa-free regime has been in effect for several days, there is a lack of a sufficient number of border crossing points
Requires the development of the infrastructure of the Carpathian region. Proposed to go around the borders with the participation of heads of state, hold meetings and discuss the issues of infrastructure, security, migration, borders, and more.

Ukraine and Belarus will jointly develop energy projects

Ukraine and Belarus will jointly develop energy projects.
First of all, we are talking about joint development of powerful pilot projects of energy clusters in the regions where the borders of Ukraine and Belarus cross.
In Ukraine, a stimulating tariff for heat producers "not from gas" was recently fixed at the legislative level. 

Yandex has zeroed the balances on accounts of Ukrainian advertisers

Yandex has zeroed the balances on accounts of Ukrainian advertisers. Yandex has set to zero Balances on accounts of Ukrainian users of Yandex.Direct service.

Prior to this, Yandex sent a message to its partners in Ukraine that it was no longer able to fulfill its obligations to them and to repay the funds for unsatisfied services through "force majeure"

Charming Assia Akhat has changed beyond recognition

Charming Assia Akhat has changed beyond recognition.  Known Ukrainian violinist and singer Assia Ahat always been a bright and extravagant.  But it seems that this time it even surpassed the expectations of his creative imagination scale.

Returning recently from America, where the singer celebrated his birthday and was finishing the album with producer Humberto Gatica Madonna, Assia to shock his reincarnation.

When the new image of Mata Hari Ukrainian scene entered the pavilion, where the shooting took place, the whole team literally lost the gift of speech. 
We realized that before us Assia, only when the director said about it, the participants of the crew confessed.

Even the closest people of the singer, when she showed them pictures from the filming, were confused and did not recognize her at once.
At this experiment, Assia Akhat went for a new video for the song "Binds." Inspired by the actress to replace the image of one of the most stylish beauties in the fashion industry, the British model and actress Kara Delevin, which Luc Besson himself invited to the main role in his film "Valerian and the city of thousands of planets" and American singer of Albanian origin Rita Ora.
By the way, Ora's producer is rapper and husband of singer Beyonce Jay-Z. The plot of the video is still kept secret, but the director of the video, the famous star photographer Sonya Plakidyuk, for whom this work will become a debut in the role of a clipmaker, opened the veil of secrecy:
This is the most spectacular image that Assia Akhat ever had. Before shooting, I mentally tried it on her, so I did not fall into a faint, when I saw what can not be said about our team - many really had a shock. For the sake of a new image, they wanted to trim the long hair of the singer, but the stylists found an unusual way out of the situation. According to the director, if the task was to shave the star nakedly, for the sake of art, they would decide on this bold step.

Monday, June 19, 2017

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video.
 France held on June 19-25 biggest airshow International Paris air show.
Ukraine this year at Le Bourget present its new medium-cargo aircraft AN-132D

An-132D - the first prototype of perspective multi-transport An-132, which creates SE "Antonov" in collaboration with partners from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An-132D built a half years. He can lift into the sky to 9 tonnes of cargo. The wingspan of the aircraft - almost 30 meters

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Group Team Ukraine 3 Balls/2 Ropes EF - Challenge Cup Guadalajara 2017

Group Team Ukraine 3 Balls/2 Ropes EF - Challenge Cup Guadalajara 2017

LOT Polish – $544: New York – Odessa, Ukraine. Roundtrip, including all Taxes.

A good sale to Odessa. Pricing will vary between $544 and $564

LOT Polish – $544: New York – Odessa, Ukraine. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Senlis: City of Queen Anne Yaroslavna

Senlis: City of Queen Anne Yaroslavna.
 Over 50 kilometers north of Paris is the town of Senlis. Tourists know it as one of the oldest cities in France. Local - a city of Anna Yaroslavna, the daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kievan Rus, Queen of France.

Anna Yaroslavna in Senlis moved with her son in 1060, after the death of her husband - the French King Henry I Capet. She lived there rest of their life and is buried in the city.
About Anna from Kyiv, as it was called in Europe, little is known.
It is said that she was beautiful, with long blond hair and blue eyes and educated. 
The Queen knew Greek and Latin, had signature as Anna Regina (Queen Anne) and King Henry I placed cross instead of a signature. 
According to some reports, Anne of Kiev brought to France the so-called Reims Gospel, written in Cyrillic and Glagolitic. It was used for several centuries for French kings oath. 
Every year in May the French and Ukrainian collected in Senlis in celebration of Anna Yaroslavna.
Recall, May 29, during a speech in French, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Anna Yaroslavna "Russian woman" and said that the Franco-Russian relations began with her marriage to Henry I in 1051.  

In the Kherson region an ancient coat of arms of Ukraine was discovered.

In the Kherson region an ancient coat of arms of Ukraine was discovered. 
An interesting artifact was and reported on Facebook page by the deputy of the City Council, the chairman of the board of the Kherson Folk Art Folk Board "Dneprovskaya Palitra" Oleg Chernenko.
Neighbors in the country, processing the site, found here is such a unique thing. Presumably 20-30-years, maybe even more ancient period. 

The artifact  will certainly be transferred to the museum of local lore, where possible, a more detailed study will be carried out ... The coat of arms of Ukraine is made of white metal and has gilt remains. In any case, this find will replenish the base of already known varieties of the coats of arms of Ukraine ...

Onuka reads Stus's poem. Video

Onuka reads Vasyl Stus's poem.
The Ukrainian performer Onuka read the poem of Vasily Stus "Endure, the patient make you stronger".
The video is part of the project dedicated to Stus and the award of his name. According to the concept, the works of Stus will be read by famous Ukrainians.

Sting will perform in Kiev in the fall on October 6.

The famous English musician Sting will perform in Kiev in October this year. On the official website of the singer were published additional dates for his tour of the 57th & 9th World Tour, including a concert in the Ukrainian capital.
6 October 2017 – KIEV, UKRAINE – Palace Of Sports
Presale: Wed. May 31 (10AM local) – Thursday, June 1 (5PM local)
Public On Sale: Friday, 2 Jun 10am

At the moment, the musician is on the tour of the 57th & 9th World Tour, which started in North America, then took place in the cities of Europe and is currently in the countries of Asia. Together with the musician perform guitarist Dominic Miller, drummer Josh Freese and guitarist Rufus Miller.

Do not worry there are 5 services where you can listen to your favorite music for free.

Came into effect a law President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko regarding blocking Russian social networks. This new sanctions against Russia. Currently, these sites are not available for use.
Do not worry, there are 5 service where you can listen to your favorite music for free.

1.  Deezer allows streaming format to listen to recordings largest labels on different devices online or offline. Deezer The library has more than 40 million licensed tracks, more than 2 million albums and over 30 thousand. Radio. Deezer audience reaches 16 million users, and - 6 million paid subscribers. Paid subscription costs 7 euros per month, the first is free. 

2. SoundCloud. This is a very popular site with functions of social networks. You can listen to the most popular songs, new albums by favorite artists and download tracks. 

 3. Tunein - an online radio service where you can listen to your favorite AM and FM-stations, internet radio, podcasts transmission. And all this for free. This site has 100 thousand. International radio stations.

4. Zvooq. You can listen to music without interruption. If you install the application service, it works even without Internet access. The tracks are free and without limitations. Unlike "VKontakte», Zvooq working legally, so if you zahochety download a song or album, you have to pay for it.

5. Youtube

Ukraine is one of the three largest sugar beet exporters

Ukraine is one of the three largest sugar beet exporters.
In the current season, Ukraine increased sugar beet export by 6.6 times and entered the world's top three exporters. Ukrinform was informed about this in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
if we take the figures for March inclusive, then Ukraine really increased exports by 6.6 times! Thus, we entered the top three exporters of mainly sugar beet, and in the general ranking ahead of us there are about seven countries that produce and export predominantly cane sugar. Nevertheless, this is a very rapid breakthrough, "- said the economist of the investment department of the FAO Andrei Yarmak.
The sugar industry brought to the Ukrainian budget $ 350 million of foreign exchange earnings. According to Yarmak, the export of sugar beet sugar also has problems, despite the increase in volumes. So the expert stresses that the price of domestic sugar is one of the lowest in the world. On the one hand, this gives Ukrainian products a competitive advantage, but on the other, illustrates the fact that Ukraine is not yet ready to add value to the goods. 

Anne de Kiev Fest.

Organizers of the festival in the capital Kyiv Anne Ukraine begin the campaign for the enthronement of Anna of Kyiv - together with the Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate. 
Anne de Kiev Fest. 
We have Anna Yaroslavivna and we should not forget about it. She is the mother of two huge figures in the religious world of Europe. 
First her son Philip who was one of the leader of the first Crusade.  
The second her daughter Edihna who has become as a result of certain events holy in Bavaria in Cul, which is still considered sacred.
 And for the rest of the other factors we start a company through the support of the Kiev Patriarchate and by the support of the Paris metropolitan Michel, the first initiator of the event.
 Today we begin a public campaign to collect signatures and collecting public activity of the Public Council to start process of enthronement Anne of Kyiv "- said Fyodor Balandin.
Nowadays in Kiev International Festival of Arts "where Anne Kyiv Fest». Already the fourth time, before the Day of Kyiv, Ukraine celebrates the legendary princess, queen of France - Anne, the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise. Anna Kiev, marrying French King Henry I, was one of the most effective ambassadors of Kievan Rus in medieval Europe.