Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The video of yesterday's demonstration flight of the airplane #АН132D on the #PAS17

Monday, June 19, 2017

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video.
 France held on June 19-25 biggest airshow International Paris air show.
Ukraine this year at Le Bourget present its new medium-cargo aircraft AN-132D

An-132D - the first prototype of perspective multi-transport An-132, which creates SE "Antonov" in collaboration with partners from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An-132D built a half years. He can lift into the sky to 9 tonnes of cargo. The wingspan of the aircraft - almost 30 meters

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Group Team Ukraine 3 Balls/2 Ropes EF - Challenge Cup Guadalajara 2017

Group Team Ukraine 3 Balls/2 Ropes EF - Challenge Cup Guadalajara 2017

LOT Polish – $544: New York – Odessa, Ukraine. Roundtrip, including all Taxes.

A good sale to Odessa. Pricing will vary between $544 and $564

LOT Polish – $544: New York – Odessa, Ukraine. Roundtrip, including all Taxes

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Senlis: City of Queen Anne Yaroslavna

Senlis: City of Queen Anne Yaroslavna.
 Over 50 kilometers north of Paris is the town of Senlis. Tourists know it as one of the oldest cities in France. Local - a city of Anna Yaroslavna, the daughter of Prince Yaroslav the Wise of Kievan Rus, Queen of France.

Anna Yaroslavna in Senlis moved with her son in 1060, after the death of her husband - the French King Henry I Capet. She lived there rest of their life and is buried in the city.
About Anna from Kyiv, as it was called in Europe, little is known.
It is said that she was beautiful, with long blond hair and blue eyes and educated. 
The Queen knew Greek and Latin, had signature as Anna Regina (Queen Anne) and King Henry I placed cross instead of a signature. 
According to some reports, Anne of Kiev brought to France the so-called Reims Gospel, written in Cyrillic and Glagolitic. It was used for several centuries for French kings oath. 
Every year in May the French and Ukrainian collected in Senlis in celebration of Anna Yaroslavna.
Recall, May 29, during a speech in French, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Anna Yaroslavna "Russian woman" and said that the Franco-Russian relations began with her marriage to Henry I in 1051.  

In the Kherson region an ancient coat of arms of Ukraine was discovered.

In the Kherson region an ancient coat of arms of Ukraine was discovered. 
An interesting artifact was and reported on Facebook page by the deputy of the City Council, the chairman of the board of the Kherson Folk Art Folk Board "Dneprovskaya Palitra" Oleg Chernenko.
Neighbors in the country, processing the site, found here is such a unique thing. Presumably 20-30-years, maybe even more ancient period. 

The artifact  will certainly be transferred to the museum of local lore, where possible, a more detailed study will be carried out ... The coat of arms of Ukraine is made of white metal and has gilt remains. In any case, this find will replenish the base of already known varieties of the coats of arms of Ukraine ...

Onuka reads Stus's poem. Video

Onuka reads Vasyl Stus's poem.
The Ukrainian performer Onuka read the poem of Vasily Stus "Endure, the patient make you stronger".
The video is part of the project dedicated to Stus and the award of his name. According to the concept, the works of Stus will be read by famous Ukrainians.

Sting will perform in Kiev in the fall on October 6.

The famous English musician Sting will perform in Kiev in October this year. On the official website of the singer were published additional dates for his tour of the 57th & 9th World Tour, including a concert in the Ukrainian capital.
6 October 2017 – KIEV, UKRAINE – Palace Of Sports
Presale: Wed. May 31 (10AM local) – Thursday, June 1 (5PM local)
Public On Sale: Friday, 2 Jun 10am

At the moment, the musician is on the tour of the 57th & 9th World Tour, which started in North America, then took place in the cities of Europe and is currently in the countries of Asia. Together with the musician perform guitarist Dominic Miller, drummer Josh Freese and guitarist Rufus Miller.

Do not worry there are 5 services where you can listen to your favorite music for free.

Came into effect a law President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko regarding blocking Russian social networks. This new sanctions against Russia. Currently, these sites are not available for use.
Do not worry, there are 5 service where you can listen to your favorite music for free.

1.  Deezer allows streaming format to listen to recordings largest labels on different devices online or offline. Deezer The library has more than 40 million licensed tracks, more than 2 million albums and over 30 thousand. Radio. Deezer audience reaches 16 million users, and - 6 million paid subscribers. Paid subscription costs 7 euros per month, the first is free. 

2. SoundCloud. This is a very popular site with functions of social networks. You can listen to the most popular songs, new albums by favorite artists and download tracks. 

 3. Tunein - an online radio service where you can listen to your favorite AM and FM-stations, internet radio, podcasts transmission. And all this for free. This site has 100 thousand. International radio stations.

4. Zvooq. You can listen to music without interruption. If you install the application service, it works even without Internet access. The tracks are free and without limitations. Unlike "VKontakte», Zvooq working legally, so if you zahochety download a song or album, you have to pay for it.

5. Youtube

Ukraine is one of the three largest sugar beet exporters

Ukraine is one of the three largest sugar beet exporters.
In the current season, Ukraine increased sugar beet export by 6.6 times and entered the world's top three exporters. Ukrinform was informed about this in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
if we take the figures for March inclusive, then Ukraine really increased exports by 6.6 times! Thus, we entered the top three exporters of mainly sugar beet, and in the general ranking ahead of us there are about seven countries that produce and export predominantly cane sugar. Nevertheless, this is a very rapid breakthrough, "- said the economist of the investment department of the FAO Andrei Yarmak.
The sugar industry brought to the Ukrainian budget $ 350 million of foreign exchange earnings. According to Yarmak, the export of sugar beet sugar also has problems, despite the increase in volumes. So the expert stresses that the price of domestic sugar is one of the lowest in the world. On the one hand, this gives Ukrainian products a competitive advantage, but on the other, illustrates the fact that Ukraine is not yet ready to add value to the goods. 

Anne de Kiev Fest.

Organizers of the festival in the capital Kyiv Anne Ukraine begin the campaign for the enthronement of Anna of Kyiv - together with the Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate. 
Anne de Kiev Fest. 
We have Anna Yaroslavivna and we should not forget about it. She is the mother of two huge figures in the religious world of Europe. 
First her son Philip who was one of the leader of the first Crusade.  
The second her daughter Edihna who has become as a result of certain events holy in Bavaria in Cul, which is still considered sacred.
 And for the rest of the other factors we start a company through the support of the Kiev Patriarchate and by the support of the Paris metropolitan Michel, the first initiator of the event.
 Today we begin a public campaign to collect signatures and collecting public activity of the Public Council to start process of enthronement Anne of Kyiv "- said Fyodor Balandin.
Nowadays in Kiev International Festival of Arts "where Anne Kyiv Fest». Already the fourth time, before the Day of Kyiv, Ukraine celebrates the legendary princess, queen of France - Anne, the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise. Anna Kiev, marrying French King Henry I, was one of the most effective ambassadors of Kievan Rus in medieval Europe.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

In Kiev, after modernization, they opened a cycle track which where build 104 years ago

In Kiev, after modernization, they opened a cycle track which where build 104 years ago.

On May 20, the Kyiv City State Administration completed the reconstruction and opened a cycle track in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.
In the course of the reconstruction, the track of the cycle track with the modern sports cover was restored, the reconstruction of the administrative and sports building with the arrangement of the premises for the needs of athletes (changing rooms, showers, medical center, gym, saucing studio, repair workshop and bicycle storage boxes) .

Klitschko attended the Veloday and launched the first race on the new cycle racetrack

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Indonesia plans to print money in Ukraine

Indonesia plans to print money in Ukraine. he representative of Indonesia, the company "Peruri" plans to cooperate with the National Bank of Ukraine in the process of issuing money.

During the meeting, the National Bank and the Indonesian company discussed the possibility of cooperation on the production of paper with a high degree of protection, printing banknotes and issuing coins.
The main member of the delegation of Indonesia, technical director of the company Khardzh Sumarti Subandrio said that the country is interested in a permanent partner who will be reliable and will be able to take part in the company's active activities in the international sphere of money production.
"We are attracted by the possibility of cooperation with Ukraine, since the level of production capacities of the Banknote-Mint of the NBU fully meets the modern world standards," the head of the delegation noted.
"We are absolutely amazed at the effective work of the staff, the high level of automation, innovative technologies and the quality of Ukrainian paper, banknote and coin products," said Khardzh Sumarti.

In Ukraine the methodology for calculating port charges will be changed

In April 2017 the Minister predicted reduction of port charges in Ukraine until the fourth quarter of this year.
In March 2017 the head of the AMPU promised to develop a methodology for calculating the rates of port and channel charges and submit the document for approval to the Cabinet until July 1 of this year.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Antonov looks globally after severing Volga-Dnepr ties

Ukraine's Antonov Design Bureau (Gostomel) is eyeing global expansion after having severed ties with Russia's Volga-Dnepr Group last year. Air Cargo News reports that the heavy cargo specialist has set up offices in London, the US and Hong Kong, and has appointed a sales manager to Japan and Australia for its cargo charter operator Antonov Airlines (ADB, Gostomel).

The agreement with Volga-Dnepr was a joint marketing venture, and with its dissolution the two are now operating independently in the market. Antonov has now begun working with a number of different companies across the globe to extend the service life of its freighters. Among these are Dunlop, whose tyres it is using on its An-124 and An-225 aircraft to attain their maximum payload of 150 tonnes with an improved lifespan. Other partners include Honeywell Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Dowty Propellers and Zodiac Aerospace.

According to the Antonov press office, it has also recently signed a number of Memoranda of Understanding with Turkish and Saudi companies to work together on avionics and other solutions. These include Turkey's Aselsan, for collaboration on the An-148-100, An-158 and An-178 aircraft families; and Saudi Arabian firm Taqnia Aeronautics Company and Turkey's Havelsan for the manufacture of maritime patrol aircraft based on the An-132.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - Grand Final - Live

The Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine after Jamala won in Stockholm in 2016 with the song 1944. 26 Countries will perform in the final: Ten countries who qualified from the first Semi-Final, ten qualifiers from the second Semi-Final, The Big 5: Manel Navarro from Spain, Alma from France, Lucie Jones from the United Kingdom, Francesco Gabbani from Italy, Levina from Germany and O.Torvald from host country Ukraine.

The order of appearances of finalists following the results of the draw is as follows:

01 Israel Imre Ziv "I Feel Alive"

02 Poland Kasya Mos "Flashlight"

03 Belarus NAVIBAND "History of Mayga Zhytsia"

04 Austria Isaiah Faerbrace "do not Come Easy"

05 Armenia Arzvik "Fly With Me"

06 The Netherlands OG3NE "Lights and Shadows"

07 Moldova Sunstroke Project "Hey Mamma"

08 Hungary Yotsi Papai "Origo"

09 Italy Francesco Gabbana "Occidentali's Karma"

10 Denmark Anya Nissen "Where I Am"

11 Portugal Salvador Zibrave "Amar Pelos Dois"

12 Azerbaijan Diana Gadzhieva "Skeletons"

13 Croatia Jacques Hoodek "My Friend"

14 Australia Nathan Trent "Running On Air"

15 Greece Demi "This is Love"

16 Spain Manuel Navarro "Do It for Your Lover"

17 Norway JOWST "Grab The Moment"

18 United Kingdom Lucy Jones "Never Give Up On You"

19 Cyprus Hovig "Gravity"

20 Romania Ilinka and Alex Florya "Yodel It!"

21 Germany Levina "Perfect Life"

22 Ukraine O. Torvald "Time"

23 Belgium "City Lights"

24 Sweden Robin Bengtsson "I can not Go On"

25 Bulgaria Christian Kostiv "Beautiful Mess"

26 France Alma "Requiem"

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - second Semi-Final - Live

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - second Semi-Final - Live

participants of the second semifinal of "Eurovision-2017":

01 Serbia - Tijana Bogićević - "In too deep"

02 Austria - Nathan Trent - "Running On Air"

03 CYPR Macedonia - Jana Burčeska - "Dance Alone"

04 Malta - Claudia Faniello - "Breathlessly"

05 Romania - Ilinca ft. Alex Florea - "Yodel It!"

06 The Netherlands - OG3NE - "Lignt and Shadows"

07 Hungary- Joci Pápai - "Origo"

08 Denmark - Anja - "Where I Am"

09 Ireland - Brendan Murray - "Dying To Try"

10 San Marino - Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson - "Spirit Of The Night"

11 Croatia - Jacques Houdek - "My Friend"

12 Norway - JOWST - "Grab the Moment"

13 Switzerland - Timebelle - "Apollo"

14 Belarus - Naviband - "Story Of My Life"

15 Bulgaria - Kristian Kostov - "Beautiful Mess"

16 Lithuania - Fusedmarc - "Rain of Revolution"

17 Estonia - Koit Toome & Laura - "Verona"

18 Israel - IMRI - "I Feel Alive"

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TV channel CNN published TOP-11 places in Ukraine, where it is worth to visit

TV channel CNN published TOP-11 places in Ukraine, where it is worth to visit.
This is one of the largest countries in Europe, and even if it does not host the annual Eurovision song show, Ukraine is trying to attract tourists.
And although some regions are considered banned due to separatist clashes, most of this country is open to business.
In the list of top places in Ukraine according to CNN, the cities of Lviv, Chernivtsi, Kiev, Mukachevo, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Kharkov, Chernigov, Odessa, Uzhgorod and Kamenets-Podolsky, as well as Sofiyivsky Park in Uman hit the list.

The political, territorial and economic difficulties have little impact on the image of the former Soviet nation, trying to find its identity between the influences of Russia and Western Europe.
Ukraine is home to many beautiful places with a large range for tourism, "- says in article CNN.
The beautiful cafes of Chernovtsy and the pubs of Lviv, remembered also the famous perepichku in the center of Kiev, as well as the historic city on the Dnieper - Kanev.

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - First Semi-Final - Live

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 - First Semi-Final - Live.

The first Semi-Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 9th of May live from Kyiv, Ukraine. 18 Countries will perform of which 10 will qualify for the Grand Final. Voting has never been easier through the official app: https://eurovision.tv/app.

The first semifinal of the Eurovision instead Jamala open Monatik.
The first semifinal of "Eurovision-2017" to be held in Kiev on May 9, instead of last year's winner of Jamala open another Ukrainian singer - pop singer Monatik.

Order of the participants: 
Sweden: Robin Bengtsson - I Can not Go On 
Georgia: Tamara Gachechiladze - Keep The Faith 
Australia: Isaiah Faerbrace - Do not Come Easy 
Albania: Lindita - World 
Belgium: Blanche - City Lights 
Montenegro: Slavko Kalesich - Space 
Finland: Norma John - Blackbird 
Azerbaijan: Diana Gadzhieva - Skeletons 
Portugal: Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois 
Greece: Demi - This is Love 
Poland: Kasia Mos - Flashlight 
Moldova: Sunstroke Project - Hey Mamma 
Iceland: Svala - Paper 
Czech Republic: Martina Barta - My Turn 
Cyprus: Hovig - Gravity 
Armenia: Artsvik - Fly With Me 
Slovenia: Omar Naber - On My Way 
Latvia: Triana Park - Li Ne

Monday, May 8, 2017

Ukrainian gymnasts won two gold World Cup

Ukrainian gymnasts won two gold World Cup. 7th May in Sofia Bulgarian Finals ended in certain types fourth World Cup this season.

Ukraine national gymnastics played brilliantly in the final with hoops, balls and skipping ropes.
Ukrainian gymnast who won silver in the eve-around, won two gold medals in the finals with five hoops (18.300) and 3 balls / 2 skipping rope (17.850).

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Poland buys Ukrainian low-floor buses

The Ukrainian Automobile Corporation (UkrAVTO) at the end of April delivered to the company Warbus (Poland) the first two low-floor city buses ZAZ10C of the middle class, with 11 contracts stipulated by the contract.

The Polish company Warbus, which bought buses, offered the optimal cost per kilometer of operation, thanks to the combination of price and quality of Ukrainian products.
According to the terms of the contract, the buses ZAZ 10C will have to work for 7 years.

Ukrainian team in rhythmic gymnastics successfully performed at the World Cup in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Ukrainian team in rhythmic gymnastics successfully performed at the World Cup in Sofia (Bulgaria).

On the first day of the group championship Ukrainian gymnasts performed the program with five hoops qualitatively. The national team of Ukraine received 18,050 points, behind by 0.1 points from Bulgaria, and top-3 with a score of 16,050 points was completed by Russians. The program with three balls and two rope Ukrainians also worked without significant blots (18,000 points).

With the total amount of 36,050 points, the national team of Ukraine in the all-around lost only the hosts of the World Cup to the Bulgarian team (36,550), and the Belarusians (31,750) moved to the third place in the second day.
Ukrainians confidently overcome their qualifications in separate disciplines. In solo, Victoria Mazur will show her performance with clubs. Finals will be held tomorrow, May 7.

The owners of Eurovision tickets are asked to come to the show 2-3 hours before the start.

The owners of Eurovision tickets are asked to come to the show 2-3 hours before the start.
Organizers of the international song contest "Eurovision-2017" in Kiev address to the holders of tickets to one or several shows of the contest with a request to come to the International Exhibition Center (ICC) about 2-3 hours before the event.

As indicated on the tickets, the show starts at 22:00. It is at this time will begin a television recording or live broadcast. By this time, all the spectators should sit in their seats - so as not to miss a bright start, and the start of the competition was held without any obstacles, "- said in a message released on Thursday afternoon.
Also, the organizers of the contest ask those who purchased tickets for the show to pay attention to the fact that in the ICC for the entire time of Eurovision there are enhanced security measures that allow passage through metal detectors and frames.
The very verification of tickets also takes time. And early arrival will prevent the queue. In addition, visitors who come earlier will be able to see the pre-show, which will be held on stage before the start of the contest, "the channel added.
As you know, the semifinals of Eurovision-2017 in Kiev will be held on May 9 and 11, the final - on May 13. This year 42 countries will take part. This number in the history of the contest was exceeded only twice - in 2008 and 2011.

On Sunday, May 7, the official opening ceremony of the international Eurovision Song Contest-2017 will be held in Kiev.

On Sunday, May 7, the official opening ceremony of the international Eurovision Song Contest-2017 will be held in Kiev.

The ceremony starts on May 7 at 17.00. The final of the contest will be held on May 13.
The event will be held at the International Exhibition Center, the largest exhibition facility in Ukraine. This is a permanent venue for international business and exhibition events. The complex is located near the metro station "left bank" at Brovarsky Avenue.
In the center of Kiev - on Khreshchatyk - the fan zone of the contest is open, where the audience can watch the singers' performances on the big screen.
The area of the official fan zone is 13 thousand square meters. . It will run daily from 12:00 to 22:00, and on the day of the semifinals and finals - until the end of the show.
In addition, Eurovision Village has established the second largest stage of the song contest after the arena in the ICC. In the town there will be contestants of Eurovision-2017 and Ukrainian performers.
During the Eurovision Week in the fan zone on Khreshchatyk there will be performances of Ukrainian and foreign artists, an active entertainment program, as well as many other accompanying events. On two large screens will be broadcast live song contest from the main arena in the capital's IEC, "the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine reported.
Logo of the contest - "Necklace" - Ukrainian necklace. With the help of bright colors and catchy patterns, the designers gave the traditional decoration a modern look.  Each bead is made in a special style, which is the main message of the competition: we are unique, but we all have a love for music.
"Celebrate Diversity" is the central message of this year's competition, and is complemented by the creative design of the logo. October 31, 2016 it was announced that 43 countries will take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.
The guests of the contest will be expected to be present at three locations, in particular, in the arrivals zone, the press communication area, and in the fan zone, the creative supervisor of the contest in Kiev Sergey Proskurnya told journalists.
The budget of the events organized for the opening is almost 2.5 million hryvnia.
The events that will be held in the "Parkovom" (Congress and Exhibition Center) on the red carpet and on Constitution Square have already entered the budget, namely 2 million 492 thousand hryvnia.
This fully covers the director's, technical (expenses), as well as installations at the event, "said Andrei Jedzhula, whose company is a contractor for the organization of events for the opening of the Eurovision Song Contest.
As is known, by the beginning of the opening of the competition, the reconstruction of the "Levoberezhnaya" metro station was completed, light and musical fountains were started, the People's Friendship Arch was painted on the European Square and the restored Postal Area was opened.
A river tram from the Post Square to the Left Bank to the International Exhibition Center will begin to travel on May 8.
For the duration of Eurovision in Kiev will prolong the work of the underground, funicular and land transport.
Work of transport in Kiev during the Eurovision 2017: 
In particular, the metro, trolley-buses, trams, buses and buses at night will work like this: from 8 to 9 and from 10 to 11 May - longer for 1 hour; From 9 to 10 and from 11 to 12 May - for 2 hours; From 12 to 13 and from 13 to 14 May - for 3 hours.
The funicular will also be prolonged: on the night of 8 to 9 May and from 10 to 11 May to 00:30; From 9 to 10 May and from 11 to 12 May to 1:30; From 12 to 13 May and from 13 to 14 May to 2:30.
As you know, the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Kiev (Ukraine) after the victory of the ukrainian singer of the Crimean Tatar nationality Jamala with the song "1944" - at the previous Eurovision Song Contest-2016, held in Stockholm, Sweden.
Ukraine will host the contest for the second time - the first time it was in 2005 after the victory of the Ukrainian singer Ruslana at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey with the song "Wild Dances".

One of the foreign member Eurovision told about her Ukrainian roots.

One of the foreign member Eurovision told about her Ukrainian roots. The representative of Azerbaijan Eurovision Diana Hajiyev said that she came from Mariupol, Donetsk region. Eurovision 2017 participant said that in addition to performances in Ukraine, she is planning a trip to her grandmother in Mariupol.

I actually was born in Mariupol. My grandmother lives there. And this year, I, my mother and daughter, we decided to go to visit her. I'm going to visit her, I believe that there is no war!
- said the singer.
27-year-old Diana Hajiyev will participate in the Eurovision with a song Skeletons.

The winner of Eurovision Jamal remembered her first performance in the semifinal.

The winner of Eurovision Jamal, thanks to which the competition came to Kiev, on the eve of the official opening, remembered her first performance in the semifinal. She uploaded the video to Instagram.

One of the leading Ukrainian "Eurovision" can get into the Guinness Book of Records

One of the leading Ukrainian "Eurovision" can get into the Guinness Book of Records. Ukrainian TV presenter Timur Miroshnichenko can get to the Guinness Book of Records. Miroshnichenko has such an opportunity, since he has been leading Eurovision for 12 years.

In addition, the presenter also conducted and Junior Eurovision in 2009 and 2013. Eurovision, in addition to Timur Miroshnichenko, will be conducted by Vladimir Ostapchuk, Alexander Skichko and Olga Tsibulskaya. They were chosen through a complex competition. Jamala urged Ukrainians not to let Russia spoil the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer is confident that our victory has hurt them painfully. In addition, the winner of Eurovision believes that the closer to the contest, the more provocations will arise from the Russian Federation.

Video report when and to whom lost Wladimir Klitschko (VIDEO)

at stadium "Wembley" in London, UK, Wladimir Klitschko lost by TKO in the eleventh round world champion, Briton Anthony Joshua. Overall for the fifth time lost in 20-year professional career.
December 5, 1998, Kyiv, Ukraine. The fight for the title of international champion WBC. Defeat TKO in the 11th round of the American Ross P'yuritti.  Klitschko fought as a professional for the first time in Ukraine. He won the round by round, but after a bad strength calculation on the entire 12-round distance, has got tired and was knocked out American middle peasant.
In three years Vitali Klitschko paid back for the defeat of his brother - also won by TKO in the 11th round.

March 8, 2003, Hannover, Germany. The fight for the title of WBO. The defeat by TKO in round 2 of the South African Corrie Sanders. Vladimir underestimated the strength of the South African middle-puncher left-handers and was quickly destroyed during the sixth world title defense. American magazine "The Ring" concede "upset of the year." In his very next fight Sanders was beaten - by TKO in round 8 - Vitali Klitschko in a fight for the vacant belt WBC.

April 10, 2004, Las Vegas, USA. The fight for the vacant title WBO. The defeat by TKO in round 5 of the American Lamon Brewster. Klitschko dominated, but in the course of battle began to rapidly lose strength and was defeated American. After this amazing fight Vladimir examined in the clinic. It turned out that he was on the verge of a sugar coma. Suspected poisoning. Began to investigate the case of the FBI, but it eventually closed for lack of material investigation. In July 2007, Vladimir paid back to American in rematch - in between 6 and 7   his corner decided to refuse to continue the fight.

November 28, 2015, Düsseldorf, Germany. The defeat by unanimous decision of the British Tyson Fury. Klitschko lost the first time in 11.5 years and lost championships in three basic versions. So far rematch with Tyson Fury due to Tyson fault has not occurred.

Ukraine has found a partner for the development of navigation on the Dnieper.

Ukraine has found a partner for the development of navigation on the Dnieper.

Nizhni Zhary can become a major transit hub. Ukraine fully supported the idea of joint development with Belarus transportation river transport by improving port infrastructure in Belarusian Nizhni Zhary. On May 5 held talks between Ukrainian Office from the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus. Nizhni Zhary  could potentially become a major transit hub, connecting Europe and Asia. Planned to agree on the project of development of navigation on the Dnieper River in the area Nizhni Zhary - Kyiv to heavy load vessels. It is necessary to conduct dredging.
since the spring 2017 with Skadovska Odessa can be reached by boat with underwater wings. To overcome the distance between the cities will be just 3.5 hours.

Ukrainian tank crews will take part in international competitions in Germany

Ukrainian tank crews will take part in international competitions in Germany. Ukrainian tank crews will take part in international competitions tank "Strong Europe" in Germany, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Currently, machines are delivered to the landfill Hrafenvir.

Ukrainian T-64 will face the German, Austrian and Polish crews on the Leopard 2 and the American Abrams and the French Leclerc. Ukraine Army platoon represent 14 separate mechanized brigade from the city of Vladimir-Volyn, which last year won tank competition in the domestic arena. Currently the preparation for the competition will be held during which reconnaissance fire and landfill sites Ranging guns.
The opening ceremony will take place on Sunday, May 7.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rhythmic gymnastics. Pogranichnaya and Murai won seven gold medals

Rhythmic gymnastics. Kristina Pogranichnaya and Daria Murai won seven gold medals.
On Sunday, April 30, in Portugal at the annual international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics AGN Cup 2017 the finals were completed.
The best Ukrainian junior Kristina Pogranichnaya, as well as the champion of Kiev Darya Muray, took part in these competitions. Since this year she has been taking part in the program of masters of sports (seniors).

Kristina went in one breath and a hoop (16.200), and a ball (14.750), and maces (15.900), as well as a technically complex tape (14.350).

Daria  Murai coped well with the hoop (14,600), maces (15,100) and tape (13,350), but made several mistakes in the exercise with the ball.

As a result, Ukrainian grace brings to Ukraine three gold medals from the finals, as well as silver all-around.
  Kristina Pogranichnaya is one of the most promising Ukrainian gymnast!

Ukrainian boxer leaves London after losing to Anthony Joshua in the title fight at Wembley

Ukrainian boxer leaves London after losing to Anthony Joshua in the title fight at Wembley. April 29 in London at the Wembley Stadium in the presence of 90 thousand spectators in a duel for the WBA, IBF and IBO titles defenseless British heavyweight Antony Joshua defeated Wladimir Klitschko by TKO in the 11th round.

On Tuesday the Ukrainian boxer flies from London. Vladimir in the capital of England took a photo on the background of the tablet "THE NED". If you swap two letters in the second word, it becomes "the end" - i.e. "end". However, Klitschko promises that he will return:
I leave London with the feeling that everyone has won after the Saturday fight - sports, fans and even me in terms of respect. I'll be back! "- Wladimir Klitschko wrote. Yesterday we reported that Vladimir Klichko the day after the fight went to London in a restaurant with his girlfriend Hayden Penettiere.

Monday, May 1, 2017

NIBULON intends to invest in the infrastructure of Ukraine 5.5 billion UAH

NIBULON intends to invest in the infrastructure of Ukraine 5.5 billion UAH. The funds will be used to build new river transshipment terminals on the Dnieper and Yuzhny Bug rivers, As well as for the construction of a cargo fleet at NIBULON's own shipbuilding and shiprepairing plant in Nikolaev and the reconstruction of this plant.

The company "NIBULON" intends in the next few years to invest in the development of the infrastructure of the agricultural sector, as well as river transportations more than 5.5 billion UAH.
In particular, the International Finance Corporation, a part of the World Bank, has decided to allocate $ 90 million to the company.
Already before June 15 this year will be put into operation reloading terminals in Golaya Pristani (Kherson region) and Belenkom (Zaporozhye region).
"We will do everything to ensure that Ukrainian cargoes come to Belarus by rivers, and by road E40 to the European Union. In May, we also begin regular passenger transportation in Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, "the head of NIBULON said.
Announced the holding of a round table on the development of the shipbuilding plant NIBULON on May 24, taking into account the best practices of the best countries of the world, as well as the prospects for the development of the shipbuilding industry in Ukraine as a whole, and the loading of domestic shipbuilding enterprises.
The event will bring together experts and industry experts from both Ukraine and the Netherlands with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine.

First photo Klitschko after defeat from Joshua

First photo Klitschko after defeat from Joshua. Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, who was defeated on 29 April by Britishman Anthony Joshua, first appeared in public after a fight at the Wembley Stadium. Together with his bride, American actress Hayden Panettiere the legendary athlete visited one of the London restaurants.

Klitschko did not hide from others, although he put on sunglasses.

Panettiere was far from her glamorous outfit, in which she supported Vladimir during the battle.

By the way, English fans showed their respect for the boxer.

Many fans approached the Ukrainian with a request for an autograph or a joint photo.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rhythmic gymnastics National team of Ukraine won the gold in group exercises

Baku (Azerbaijan). Third World Cup.

Rhythmic gymnastics National team of Ukraine won the gold in group exercises.
Ukraine national team in group exercise program performed brilliantly with 3 balls / 2 Ropes and praised - 18.200, which allowed our girls to win the gold medal! 

Svitolina became the champion of the WTA tournament in Istanbul

Svitolina became the champion of the WTA tournament in Istanbul. Today, on April 30, the final match of the Turkish 250-thousandth in Istanbul took place, in which Ukrainian Elina Svitolina and Alice Mertens from Belgium. The pupil of the Kharkov tennis school did not experience any problems in the decisive match and won in two sets - 6: 2, 6: 4.

Note that this title became the third for Elina in the current season. In 2017, the Ukrainian won at the tournaments in Taipei and Dubai.

Anthony Joshua won

Friday, April 28, 2017

Live: Antony Josua vs Wladimir Klitschko Weigh-in

Live: Antony Josua vs Wladimir Klitschko Weigh-in

Motto of Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine - Celebrate Diversity

Motto of Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine - Celebrate Diversity.

After resounding victory of Jamala and her song “1944”, Ukraine is about to host the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

Our slogan – Celebrate Diversity – is very timely. Diversity is the main asset that makes societies stronger and our life meaningful. Diversity in Ukraine helps to get together to overcome great challenges with a smile, good joke and a song.

Let’s share our songs in Kyiv this May. We are looking forward to see you all to share stories, have fun and recognize how much do we have in common.

Celebrate Diversity!

Follow  other social media as well – fb.com/Ukraine, twitter.com/Ukraine, instagram.com/Ukraine

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Klitschko ''Eye injury? FAKE NEWS!

Klitschko ''Eye injury? FAKE NEWS!
Former WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO World Champion Wladimir Klitschko pretty much amused journalists at a press conference before the fight with Anthony Joshua.
41-year-old Ukrainian heavyweight amused the media, parodying US President Donald Trump. The legendary boxer used the famous phrase of the American "Fake news", which became winged around the world.
Vladimir was asked about the possible damage to the eye, after which Klitschko laconically replied "Fake news!" In the style of Trump, causing laughter in the hall.

"Antonov" agreed with Cuba on the post-warranty service of Ukrainian An-158

"Antonov" agreed with Cuba on the post-warranty service of Ukrainian An-158
The state enterprise Antonov and the Cubana airline Cubana agreed to conclude contracts for post-warranty servicing of Ukrainian An-158 airplanes on the principles of full fleet support for all positions.
Also, to resume the work of the aircraft, idle due to the lack of components, "Antonov" pledged to form a stock of spare parts, as well as ensure their supply in conjunction with foreign partners. 

The Antonov press service added that airworthiness directives have been issued that allow the Cuban An-158 to continue operation until 3,600 flights, which will allow them to continue operation for about six months.
A few days earlier, Cuban media reported that technical problems with the An-158 aircraft led to the cancellation of the flights of Cubana airline Guantanamo-Havana. According to the registry flightradar24, at the moment of the six An-158, delivered by Antonov to Cuba, flights are performed by only one airliner with the onboard number CU-T1714. 

Six An-158 for Cubana produced a production plant "Antonov" in Kiev. Deliveries were made from 2013 to 2015 through the leasing company South American Aircraft Leasing and were financed by the Russian company Ilyushin Finance Co., which acted as the customer of the aircraft.

Motor Sich in the first quarter increased profits almost 5 times

Motor Sich in the first quarter increased profits almost 5 times. 
In January-March 2017, the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines and gas turbine units in Ukraine Motor Sich (Zaporozhye), according to international financial reporting standards, increased its net profit by 4.8 times, or by UAH 1.152 billion, to UAH 1.457 billion as against First quarter of 2016. 

In the first quarter, the company increased net income by 63%, or by 1.33 billion UAH, to 3.43 billion UAH compared to the same period in 2016 .
In 2016, Motor Sich reduced its net profit by 41%, or by UAH 1.365 billion, to UAH 1.964 billion compared to 2015, while also cutting net income by 24%, or by UAH 3.278 billion, to UAH 10.546 billion. 

Motor Sich produces engines for Mi-2, Mi-8 / Mi-17, KA-226, An-70, An-124, An-140, An-148 and Yak-130 helicopters. 17.3% of the company's shares belong to AT Business House Helena (Panama).

Vladimir Klitschko holds an open training session before the fight with Joshua.

Vladimir Klitschko holds an open training session before the fight with Joshua.  Yesterday in London (England), an open training session was held ahead of the IBF heavyweight title fight, scheduled for April 29, between the British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (link is external) and ex-champion Vladimir Klitschko. 

Ukraine switches to the Latin alphabet

Ukraine will move to the Latin alphabet instead of Cyrillic Ukrainian alphabet.

Below you will find translation from Cyrillic Ukrainian alphabet to Latin Ukrainian alphabet:


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

20 facts you didn’t know about Airbus aircrafts.

  • The navigation system on the Airbus and other modern jets is descended from a design for the Apollo space programme.
  • The electronic terrain clearance map on the Airbus and other modern jets was originally designed for cruise missiles.
  • We can send a text message from the aircraft in the air. (Operational use only!)
  • We can ring any telephone number in the world from the aircraft in the air. (Operational use only!)
  • On Airbus and other European aircraft, a switch is ‘on’ when it is down. On Boeings and other US aircraft, it is ‘on’ when it is up.
  • There is no Row 13 in our aircraft cabins.
The aircraft paperwork is called the Ship’s Papers.
  • The cockpit side windows are called the windscreens, but the front windows are called the windshields.
  • When making a tight turn on the ground, one of the two nose wheel tyres comes off the ground.
  • The strobe lights on the wing tips of an Airbus make a double flash. On a Boeing they make a single flash.
  • When you flush the toilet on the Airbus and other modern jets, you are opening a hole in the pressure hull (into the unpressurised part of the aircraft, not overboard!)
  • When we make a tight turn on the runway, the pilot will be over the grass when the turn is started.
  • From the flight deck we can see only the wingtips, not the engines.
  • When the main wheels touch down, the A321 pilot is still 21ft above the runway.
  • Airbus pilots have a folding table in front of them. (Boeing pilots do not.)
  • A full fuel load on our A321s is up to 26,700 litres.
  • All the essential flying and system information is supplied to the two pilots on a total of six screens.
  • The three hydraulic systems on an Airbus 320/321 are named after colours – green, yellow, blue.
  • There are over 200 computers in an Airbus A320.
  • On descending to land a synthetic (male) voice calls out our height above the ground.
  • Source.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Qatar Airways - announced the start of flights to Kiev.

Qatar Airways - announced the start of flights to Kiev.  One of the largest airlines in the world Qatar Airways on Monday announced 12 new destinations for 2017-2018. 
"One of the best airlines in the world - Qatar Airways - announced the start of flights to Kiev," said Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan.
Qatar Airways starts flying to San Francisco, Cardiff, Malaga, Mykonos, Accra, Kiev, Prague, Mombasa and Abidjan.

Airport IEV (Zhulyany) is closed from May 14 to May 24 for major maintenance of the runway.

Airport IEV (Zhulyany)  is closed from May 14 to May 24 for major maintenance of the runway.
All flights that used to be performed by Kiev airport will be performed by Boryspil International Airport for the duration of the repair.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Activists Femen put on the mask of Marin Le Pen, her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad

Activists Femen put on the mask of Marin Le Pen, her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, Vladimir Putin and Bashar Assad

Friday, April 21, 2017

Jamala becames a star of the new issue of a popular magazine about fashion ELLE.

Jamala becames a star of the new issue of a popular magazine about fashion ELLE. Celebrity graced the cover of the May edition of Elle. The photo Jamal with a broad smile, posing in a long white dress with a deep neckline. And behind the singer - a wall of flowers.