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10 places in Kiev, which worth visit guests of Eurovision-2017

10 places in Kiev, which worth visit guests of Eurovision-2017.
Kiev - the ancient, beautiful and welcoming city that has something to surprise even the most experienced travelers. If you are going to visit the capital of Ukraine, plan carefully what places you should see in the first place.
1. Independence Square

Independence Square, which in Ukraine is now more commonly called the Maidan, are not only the main square of Kiev, but also a place where history was made of modern Ukraine. This is where the revolutionary events in 2004 and 2013, known as the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of dignity.
Independence Square is literally imbued with history and atmosphere of the struggle of the Ukrainian people for democracy. It is hard to believe that until the X century on the main square of Ukraine was a swamp. Of course, the Maidan - this is a place that should be number one on the list of tourist attractions in Kiev each guest.

2. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra to Kiev - is the same as that of the Louvre in Paris, the White House for the US or for Madame Tussauds London. Without a visit to one of the main Orthodox holy places in the world is hard to imagine a real tourist visit to Kiev.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - a huge architectural complex, historical and religious reminder of Kievan Rus. Monastery was built in 1051, it is considered the oldest monastery of Rus.
Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is famous for its churches and temples, caves with sacred relics, beautiful towers and a variety of structures. Every year tens of thousands of pilgrims come here to receive a  blessing
3. Andreevsky descent

Andreevsky descent - is a charming street in Kiev, which is considered the oldest by connecting important shopping areas. The street was named in honor of St. Andrew's Church, which is located in its completion.
Walk on St. Andrew's descent will allow you to experience the peculiar combination of ancient and full of comfort that reigns here at every corner. You can enjoy the view of the amazing architectural structures, the famous side streets and squares, as well as cultural institutions such as Bulgakov Museum.
By the way, Andreevsky descent - is a place where always lived and rested representatives of the Kiev bohemians. Perhaps it is because of that Andreevsky descent is called Kyiv's Montmartre.

4. Golden Gate

Golden Gate - it is a historical monument of architecture, one of the few buildings of Kievan Rus, survived to this day. Golden Gate was built in about 1017-1037 years on the orders of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, became part of the defensive system of the city.
It is interesting that 50 years ago on the site of today's Golden Gate were pathetic ruins. Kyiv authorities decided to reconstruct the building only in 1970. New Golden Gate opened in 1982 to celebrate the 1500th anniversary of Kiev.
Golden Gate can tell a lot about defense buildings era of Kievan Rus. At that time, the construction is a huge fortress with extensive travel. To fully appreciate the enormity of the tower, you must visit it. Now the building of the Golden Gate operates a museum exhibition, where every visitor can learn a lot about the Kievan Rus.

5. Sofiyskiy sobor

Sophia Cathedral - one more ancient tourist pearl of Kiev. He is interested in the first place fans of religious buildings and historical monuments.
St. Sophia's Cathedral, as well as the Golden Gate, was built in the XI century in the center of Kiev on the orders of Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Eventually Cathedral improved, adding to its elements of the architectural style of Ukrainian Baroque. Visitors to the St. Sophia Cathedral may look at the vast number of ancient frescoes and original mosaics, including the famous mosaic "The Virgin Orans."
St. Sophia Cathedral is the oldest church in Kiev. It belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

6. Landscape walkway

Landscape avenues named recreation zone in Kiev, which was established on the site  defense walls of the Upper Town. Interestingly, there was on the Landscape walkway place is the capital of the yard. In fact, it is a path, repeating the shaft and track objects of landscape design around.
Landscape walkway - is not only bright and beautiful area in the center of Kiev, but also a favorite place for the debut shots newbie photographers. It also considered the true heart of the Kiev creative parties and, of course, a place that definitely must visit by tourists. Landscape walkway full of fairy-tale characters and sculptures, so we recommend to take with children.

7. Mariinsky Palace

Mariinsky Palace is rightly considered one of the most beautiful and elegant architectural structures Kiev. It is located on the right bank of the Dnieper. Mariinsky Palace is located near the Verkhovna Rada building, it is the ceremonial residence of the President of Ukraine. The palace often hold official receptions and ceremonies of national importance.
Construction of the Mariinsky Palace began in 1744 by order of Empress Elizabeth. The palace built in Baroque architectural style. Unfortunately, at the moment, the Mariinsky Palace is under construction, which promise to be completed in 2019, so it is closed to visitors. Still, it's worth taking the time to feel its historic aura.

8. Museum Pirogovo

In this open-air museum you can spend the whole day. Perogovo - is a picturesque countryside, which is concentrated in the spirit of Ukrainian history, and its main decoration - Folk Life and Architecture Museum. In it you will be able to walk among the ancient rural huts, look in their windows, visit the wooden church and take a picture on the background of the mills.
It is best to visit on the weekends Pirogovo. Then you will be able to dance with Kozachko on Singing Field, ride a horse cart and buy souvenirs from artists from different regions of Ukraine. Children are interested in the various workshops and adult'll want to try the sweet mead in the tavern.

9. House with Chimeras

House with Chimeras, or "Gorodetsky House" - this is a unique house, built in the modernist style, which is located in the center of Kiev near the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. The name of this building got through sculptural decoration, which can be seen not only on the facade of the house, but also inside. Their themes - land and underwater fauna, hunting attributes, fabulous creatures.
House with Chimeras has the status of an architectural monument. Since 2005, the building is the residence of the President of Ukraine. House with Chimeras is called one of the main attractions of Kiev. This is a great place to make a great picture or make an unforgettable excursion.

10. National Museum "Chernobyl"

National "Chernobyl" Museum - a museum in Kiev dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster. It was opened in 1992. The museum exposition consists of about 7,000 exhibits, including declassified documents, photographs, maps and monuments of folk architecture, which the expeditions of the museum managed to gather in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
In addition, the museum can see the unique video, which will help to learn more about the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident and its consequences. Visit the "Chernobyl" museum - a unique opportunity to learn the truth about the accident.

The leaders in the supply of sunflower oil to the world market will remain Ukraine.

According to the latest report of economic statistics body Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade, in 2017 the total volume of world exports of vegetable oils will reach 78.58 million tons, exceeding the previous season by 6% (4.98 million tons more than last year).
This volume key component will continue to be palm oil, exports of which in the current season are expected at 47.49 million tonnes (+ 8% compared to season 2015/16 years). Basic supplies will be Indonesia and Malaysia (25.7 million tonnes and 17.5 million tonnes respectively).
External supply of rapeseed oil in a season expected to be 14.25 million tons, of which 9.80 million tons will be Canadian origin (against 10.28 million tonnes in the previous marketing year). Accordingly, global export performance on last season also reduced - by 6% to 14.25 million tons.
Exports of soybean oil is projected at 11.58 million tonnes, which is 2% lower than in the previous season. Some reduction in external supplies of this product will by all key exporters: Argentina (-1% to 5.65 million tons), Brazil (10% to 1.4 million tonnes), the USA (-5% to 0.98 million tonnes ).
As for the sunflower oil, the 2016/17 years total world exports of these products, unlike the previous two categories, expects growth (by 10% to 8.98 million tons). One of the leaders in the supply of sunflower oil to the world market will remain Ukraine. It is predicted that in the years 2016/17, our country exported 5.1 mln. Tons of this product (which is 13% more than the previous season). The export volume of other vegetable oils remain relatively small and will be about 0.3 million tons.
USDA projected amount of external supplies of oil products from the country at 5.36 million tons will be about 7% of the global figure.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

In May our country at the song contest will represent the group O.Torvald.

Since TAYANNA O.Torvald and scored the same number of points in the final, according to the rules, passed the artist who received the highest score from the audience. And the highest rating given  by the audience is O.Torvald.
In May our country at the song contest will represent the group O.Torvald.

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina won the Women's Tennis Association tournament

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina won the Women's Tennis Association tournament (WTA) in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.  In the final, Ukrainian defeated the 15th-ranked, Dane Caroline Wozniacki 6-4, 6-2.

The match lasted 1 hour 28 minutes.
After the victory in Dubai Ukrainian first time in her career will go in the top 10 of the world of women's tennis.

Before the tournament Ukrainian tennis player ranked 13th place in the WTA rankings.
Recall that in the semi-final Svitolina defeated second racket of the world, a German Angelique Kerber with a score of 3-6, 6-7.

Ukraine International Airlines opens flight from Kherson to Kyiv

Ukraine International Airlines UIA opens flight from Kherson to Kyiv. Airline "Ukraine International Airlines' (UIA) opened ticket sales for the scheduled flights Kherson-Kiev, which will run from April 14.
Airline Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) opened ticket sales for the scheduled flights Kherson-Kiev, which will run from April 14.

Fly roundtrip will cost 2,5 thousand. UAH. taking into account the fees and luggage transport.

The booking flights Kherson-Kiev claimed on a daily basis.
The plane will take off at 06:30 from Kherson, from Kiev - at 19:55. Travel time is 1 hour 15 minutes.
This schedule will allow passengers from Kherson to perform transplants on flights to other cities in the route network of UIA. On line UIA plans to use the regional 48-seater Embraer 145. This type of aircraft carrier currently leases from "Dniproavia" to perform flights from Kyiv to Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk.
UIA flights will be the second regular direction of Kherson. From 2014 to the city of Istanbul fly Turkish Airlines.  March 26 airline will increase the frequency of flights from 7 to 10 per week.

Ukraine in the top 10 world producers of steel

In January 2017 compared with January last year, Ukrainian steelmakers increased steel production by 8.5% - up to 2.103 million tons, while retaining the 10th place in the list of the world's manufacturers of these products. This is stated in the report of the World Steel Association (World Steel Association). In January in the lead the ranking of the world's steel producers have traditionally retained a measure of China 67.2 million tons (7.4% increase compared to January 2016).

Further, the country in the top ten ranking in the following order: Japan (9 million tons, + 2.7%), India (8.4 million tons, + 12%), the US (6.9 million tonnes, + 6.5% ), Russia (6.2 million tons, + 11.6%), South Korea (5.9 million tons, + 3.2%), Germany (3.6 million tonnes, + 1.2%), Turkey ( 2.9 million tons, + 12.8%) and Brazil (2.8 million tons, + 14.4%).
On the whole in January 2017 compared with January last year, 66 countries included in the ranking WSA, steel production increased by 7% - up to 136.5 million tons.
Ukraine according to the results 2016 has retained the 10th place in the the world ranking of steel producers, increased production by 5.5% compared with 2015 - up to 24.2 million tons.

Ukraine is the sixth largest Wheat exporter in the world

Productivity of Wheat in Ukraine according to the results 2016 was 4.2 t / ha, which is more than last year by 9%, but this is only the result of 25 in the world.

Ukraine is the sixth largest Wheat exporter in the world and is located on the 9th place in terms of production volumes. The share of Wheat in the production of agricultural products in our country's economy is 13%

Today, February 25, will be held the final of the national selection for "Eurovision-2017" in Ukraine.

Today, February 25, will be held the final of the national selection for "Eurovision-2017" in Ukraine.  For the opportunity to present Ukraine at the international competition of a song "Eurovision" will fight 6 artists who have chosen with the three semi-finals.
Finalists will perform in the following order:
1. Salto Nazad - About Mamo

2. MELOVIN - Wonder

3. O.Torvald - Time

4. ILLARIA - Thank you for my way

5. TAYANNA - I love you

6. ROZHDEN - Saturn
Recall holding "Eurovision-2017" to be held in Kiev

LOT airline plans to launch flights from Rivne

LOT airline plans to launch flights from Rivne.  Igor Nasinyuk Director of the airport on Friday conducted negotiations with the LOT airline representative about a possible launch of flights from Rovno in Poland. Following the negotiations, the company will collect information on potential passenger traffic in Poland, using statistical data on the number of railway passengers, vehicles and the number of tourists. The data will transfer to LOT for analysis. It is expected that on the basis of their air carrier will decide whether the opening of flights. After Bravo Airways stoped charter flights from the airport exactly looking for new airlines to cooperate.
LOT is selected based on the great popularity of trips to the Polish cities of Rivne and the surrounding region, as well as due to the presence of the regional board Bombardier Q400 aircraft in its fleet that may land in Rivne.
At the moment, the airport restrictions Ministry of Transport to accept airplanes with low-mounted engine Boeing 737 and Embraer 190.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Competition Fastest Pizza Maker has been won by Ukrainian Stas Tsvetkov with record just 14.7 seconds.

Director Pizza Domino's Pizza, which is on the Gnat Yura street in Kiev, Ukraine Stas Tsvetkov has set the record for speed cooking pizza.
During the competition Fastest Pizza Maker he was able to cook a pizza Margherita in just 14.7 seconds.

The record was set on December 14 Fastest Pizza Maker finals in Ukraine in the presence of representatives of Ukrainian Book of Records, who have documented and confirmed by the national record. It should be noted that Stas Tsvetkov in the Domino's Pizza system has gone from an ordinary employee to director. He regularly participates in international competitions Fastest Pizza Maker, and last year took third place in the EMEA (EUROPE, Middle East, Africa).
Fastest Pizza Maker - is an internal competition among Domino's employees all over the world.
The task - to show the maximum speed of pizza in compliance with quality standards.

Ukrainian Antarctic Station at Marina Point on Galindez Island.

 Ukrainian Antarctic Station at Marina Point on Galindez Island. The Vernadsky Research Base.

Ukraine took over the operation of the base in February 1996,[2] which was sold by the UK for a symbolic one pound. The cost of disassembling the base with good environmental practices and standards would be too costly. The National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine continues a programme of meteorology, upper atmospheric physics, geomagnetism, ozone, seismology, glaciology, ecology, biology and physiology research.[5]

An activist of the Femen tried to disrupt a press conference Le Pen.

An activist of the Femen tried to disrupt a press conference Marine Le Pen
Speech of Le Pen was dedicated to her foreign policy program. In the beginning when policies only began to speak in the audience activist stood up and took off a piece of clothing

At the same time on her chest and back was written, that the leader of the "National Front" - a fictitious feminist. These words of Femen activist shouted when it comes out of the hall security.
 After the girl was taken out Le Pen continued performance. In the hall at the time of the incident there were representatives of 42 countries including a number of ambassadors. 

Recall that the activist organization Femen attacked wax figure of US President Donald Trump at the presentation of the Madrid Wax Museum.
Woman topless with written on the body of the slogan "Take the Patriarchate by the balls" burst into the hall with statues and attempted to grab a statue for the genitals.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ukraine has begun to supply high-power transformers in Saudi Arabia

Ukraine has begun to supply high-power transformers in Saudi Arabia. In February PJSC "ZTR" (ZTR) has been successfully tested and shipped-type transformers TRDN-63000/18-T1 (2 pcs.) For the integrated solar combined cycle power plant Duba Green in Saudi Arabia.
Transformers are designed for state-owned energy company Saudi Arabia

This contract is the second for the PAO "ZTR" after the successful completion of pre-qualification with the SEC and the inclusion in the list of approved suppliers. Under the first contract in December 2015 it was delivered 4 kV transformer 110-132, reminiscent of the press service of the company. Their installation was successfully completed in 2016.
At the beginning of 2016 the Spanish company Initec Energía ZTR appealed to the request for the supply of transformers. Development and the receipt of this order took about six months. The decisive factors when choosing a supplier ZTR as were the terms of delivery and confirmation of all technical requirements of the customer.
Installation of transformers under the leadership of Representative Service Center JSC "ZTR" is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2017.

"Ukroboronprom" participates in one of the largest exhibitions of weapons in the world - IDEX (International Defence Exhibition)

"Ukroboronprom" participates in one of the largest exhibitions of weapons in the world - IDEX (International Defence Exhibition) which takes place every two years in the United Arab Emirates. This year it starts on February 19 and will last five days.

"Ukroboronprom" at the IDEX-2017 is an advanced development of Ukrainian military-industrial complex, focusing on modern technologies and advanced unmanned armored vehicles.
It is at this exhibition will be the first international premiere unmanned "Phantom" and will be showcased drones Anser and Patriot R2.
At IDEX-2017 will also be showcased fighting vehicles BTR-4, "Dozor-B" combat units "Taipan" and BPU 12.7, guided missile and artillery weapons, and other advanced design companies participating Concern.

"Ukroboronprom" aims to attract foreign producers to mutually beneficial cooperation and to demonstrate to investors the prospects of Ukrainian defense industry.

Friday, February 17, 2017

"Motor"Zaporozhye has passed in the playoffs of the Champions League 2016/17.

Handball. "Motor"Zaporozhye has  passed in the playoffs of the Champions League 2016/17.
Handball club "Motor" (Zaporozhye) got the victory in the Champions League over the Danish "Holstebro" and went to the playoffs the European Cup.

Zaporozhye "Motor" has won in the last match of the 10th round of the group stage of the Champions League in handball on the Danish "Holstebro". The game ended with the score 30:28.
"Motor" scored in the final standings, 15 points - 7 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeats. The team ranked second and advanced to the next round of the competition.

Trucks "AvtoKrAZ" went to Turkmenistan

Trucks "AvtoKrAZ" went to Turkmenistan.  "AvtoKrAZ" delivered last batch of cars-chassis, completing all the terms of the contract with Turkmenistan.

Orders received by large enterprises of the oil industry. Under the terms of the agreement, customers received 30 machines KrAZ-6322 models.
All vehicles are equipped with cogeneration equipment PPUA-1600/100.
The most popular among buyers enjoy the same vehicle chassis, they are used as a basis for the allocation of oil and gas equipment. As you know, the CIS, cars PJSC "AvtoKrAZ" popular companies in the oil and gas industry.
Ukrainian heavy truck finds its customers through high quality, ease of maintenance and repair and passability.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Satellite signal state television broadcasted UA TV is now available for reception from the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird.

Satellite signal state television broadcasted UA TV is now available for reception from the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird.

February 1 UA TV began broadcasting from the satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13 ° East). channel signal spread using modern DVB-S2 standard compression format and MPEG-4.
Recall, on the plans of transition UA TV with Amos-2 satellite (4 W) on the Eutelsat Hot Bird (13 ° East) became known in November 2016. Then the representatives of the "Multimedia platform Ukraine broadcasted" correspondent was informed Mediasat, that this transition will increase channel presence in Europe of pay television networks.
Broadcast signal from the Amos-2 will continue until 28 February.
UA TV also continues to broadcast from Azerspace-1 satellite (46 East and Central Asia) and Galaxy 19 (97 W, North America). This is present in the cable networks in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Estonia, Israel, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, Poland and the United States.
Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C - telecommunications satellite located at the orbital position of 13 degrees east longitude, along with two "brothers» - Hot Bird 13B and Hot Bird 13E. Owned by global operator Eutelsat satellite.

broadcast parameters UA TV:
The satellite Eutelsat Hot Bird 13C (13 ° East)
Frequency - 10930 MHz, horizontal polarization, symbol rate 30000 Mbit / s, FEC-2/3, DVB-S2 / 8PSK / MPEG-4

Players "Betis" came in T-shirts "We all - Zozulya!" for the match with "Valencia"

Players "Betis" came in T-shirts "We all - Zozulya!" for the match with "Valencia".

Players "Betis" entered the match in shirts with the inscription "Todos Somos Zozulia!" ( "We are all - Zozulya!"), Informs AS Betis.
Recall Roman Zozulya moved to "Rayo Vallecano" in the last hours of the transfer window. However, due to the inadequate behavior of Rayo's fans  Ukrainian has returned to Seville on the day the contract is signed. Seville "Betis" explained the situation with the transfer Zozulya and fully supported the Ukrainian in his official statement. Agent Zozulya said that will happen with Ukraine national team player. Fans of "Rayo Vallecano" were also against the Ukrainian army with labels of Russian's propaganda about "Nazis."
"Rayo Vallecano" offers Zozulya to return, but against the ultras opened a criminal case. Fans of "Rayo Vallecano" pasted leaflets in Madrid. "Rayo Vallecano" refuses to pay Zozulya salary if he will not play

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hungarian company chose to buy technical salt from Ukraine

Hungarian company BorsodChem chose to buy technical salt from Ukrainian Artemsalt. The State Enterprise "Artemsol» fulfilled the plan for salt production by 113% in January 2017it has produced 179 thousand tons and this figure is 38% higher than the same period last year.

Current year our salt  has increased demand from the  European consumers. This is because  of the weather conditions and with the participation of products of "Artemsol" in international tenders. At the end of 2016 we resumed supplies to a major chemical plant - BorsodChem (Hungary) and in the future we plan to resume cooperation with "Nowacki chemical plant" (Slovakia) ", - said the head of the State Enterprise" Artemsol "Vladimir Dolya

Friday, February 10, 2017

NBA announced its decision to disqualify Lenya for being involved in fight.

NBA announced its decision to disqualify Lenya for being involved in fight.
During the meeting, Phoenix and Memphis (110: 91) between the players of both teams there was a conflict, which provoked Devin Booker and Troy Daniels. As a result, a brawl and the other players intervened  among  was seen and 21 th issue - Ukrainian Len.

Chernivtsi IT-entrepreneur has launched a Web search for installers of solar panels in Ukraine

Chernivtsi IT-entrepreneur has launched a Web search for installers of solar panels in Ukraine.
The entrepreneur from Chernivtsi Roman Mrozakevich launched service - an online search for installers who install solar panels in Ukraine. Service earned at the end of last year. Now in it, according to Roman, recorded almost all Ukrainian specialists who provide such services.

Prior to this project Roman engaged in the creation and marketing of online projects, I worked on site energy  . The readers of Ecotown inspired him on idea for

In Ukraine launched a new online store ChipChin

In Ukraine launched a new online store ChipChin.
Online Store ChipChin founded in 2015. Filling the store consists of devices for everyday life, travel and the necessary accessories.
All products presented on the site, supplies China . Often working with a foreign manufacturer puts the limit to our online stores that go sideways in the form of lack of guarantees or delivery in a couple of months. Creators ChipChin overcame Chinese dragon and made the process of obtaining an order as comfortable as possible for the Ukrainian buyer.

National Geographic Channel Program will be available in Ukrainian.

National Geographic Channel Program will be available in Ukrainian language.

Also, the National Council for Radio and Television has has added Italian foreign programs "Novela TV" and "Water Planet". Added Latvian TV channels "Sport 1 (Baltic)" and "Sport 2 (Baltic).

In these broadcasts there is no erotic and sexual content, excessive violence or scenes of horror. There are no films  prohibited in the territory of Ukraine.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

In Kiev TSUMI there was a presentation a new collection UKRAINIAN BRAND ANNA K

In Kiev TSUM there was a presentation a new collection UKRAINIAN BRAND ANNA K.
Ukrainian designer Anna Karenina (brand Anna K) presented the new collection as part of the biggest fashion week in Eastern Europe Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

In the collection is dominated by pastel colors, light cloth combined with black or acid-yellow. The main element - heart, romantic ruffles and bows.
Be recalled, 21-year-old Anna has recently entered the ranking of Forbes 30 Under 30 category in Europe Arts. Clothes Anna K for several years conquers the West and is now represented in 25 countries.

Salto Nazad is one of the leader of Eurovision 2017 from Ukraine.

TAYANNA and the "Salto Nazad" scored 15 and 14 points respectively during the voting audience and jury and passed to the final of the National Selection.
Salto Nazad is one of the leader of Eurovision 2017 from Ukraine.
Salto Nazad in instagram.

Ukrainian Elina svitolina won her first title of the season. The first "racket" of Ukraine won the tournament and Taiwan Open.

Ukrainian Elina Svitolina won her first title of the season. The first "racket" of Ukraine won the tournament  Taiwan Open.

In the final match Ukrainian has not left the chance  71 "racquet" of the   world Peng Shuai  6: 3, 6: 2. To win the match, Svitolina took only 1 hour and 8 minutes. The victory in the final of International Taiwan Open Ukrainian brought $ 43,000 in prize money and 280 ranking points. This enabled her to gain a foothold on the 13th place world ranking.
It should be noted that this is the fifth title that svitolina won the WTA tournaments in singles.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Selection for Eurovision: song of participants of the first semi-final

Selection for Eurovision: song of participants of the first semi-final.
Today, exactly at 19:00 started the first semi-final of national selection for Eurovision-2017.
We offer you to listen to all songs of the participants, who will perform today.


Roma Veremeichik and group LUMIERE



Salto Nazad



Arsen Mirzoyan

On the stage of the first semi-final will go  Ukrainian singer and singer from Georgia, Tako Gachechiladze and Naviband artist from Belarus. These musicians will represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Tthe next two semi-finals take place on 11 and 18 February. Each will perform on eight performers. The name of the musician, who in the spring will represent Ukraine at Eurovision Song Contest, will be determined in the final - on 25 February.

The symbol of "Eurovision-2017" video

The creators of the symbol of "Eurovision-2017" told about its sense.
The authors of "Eurovision-2017" symbol released a video that explains its meaning. The clip was posted on the agency's page Banda Agency, which is one of the developers of the logo.
Banda Agency together with the Agency developed Republique symbol representing a "modern interpretation of" traditional necklaces-namysta Ukrainian culture. According to the authors, the emblem combines "a lot of different characters." The viewer is invited "to use the imagination," to see that the symbol incorporated a lot more than it seems.
As previously reported by the co-founder Dennis Gerasko Republique, while working on the logo of the authors goal was to "bring the image of the traditional Ukrainian culture necklaces on a different level, to make it understandable for a new audience."

Eurovision brand video from banda on Vimeo.

At the end of January Ukrainian "Pershiy channel" announced the slogan under which will host the musical contest "Eurovision-2017". It becames a phrase Celebrate Diversity, which can be translated as "respect for diversity". The meaning of the slogan, according to executive director of the contest Jon Ola Sand, is "Europe and the unification beyond which citizens come together to pay homage to what unites us and what separates one from the other, makes us unique"
Looking back to Eurovision 2005 in Kyiv

"Ukrzaliznytsia" has released an official mobile app

"Ukrzaliznytsia" has released an official mobile app.  "PAO" Ukrzaliznytsia "develops mobile services for passengers. Today introduced a mobile application to purchase tickets online on Android "- the press service of state-owned companies. The application is already available on Google Play. Soon promised to release and version for iOS.

Released Android-App allows you to buy tickets and return them to the train departure. It is available in three languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian. Technical support is provided by phone, email and Skype. In general, the functionality is fully consistent official website.
Problems could not be found with the work of the editorial board applications.  In addition, the Google Play users complain about the lack of auto-name when buying a ticket.
According to the e-procurement system ProZorro, a tender for the development of mobile applications was held last fall. company "Universal Information Technologies" With 230 000 UAH (191 666 VAT excluded) won. Thus, initially the work was estimated at 260 thousand UAH.
Under the terms of the contract, the contractor performed the work in two phases: the first included the development of a mobile version of the current site; the second - the development of mobile applications directly. For the mobile version of "UNIT" was supposed 76 666 UAH (VAT excluded), and for application - 115 000 (VAT excluded)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Israeli airline Sund'Or wants to open direct flight Odessa - Tel Aviv from 26 July 2017.

Israeli airline Sund'Or wants to open direct flight Odessa - Tel Aviv from 26 July 2017. Flight in both directions will be 2 times a week - on Mondays and Fridays on the aircraft type Boeing 737-800.
Departure from Odessa scheduled for 9:45, and arriving in Tel Aviv at 12:30; backwards flight from Tel Aviv scheduled for 5:55, arriving in Odessa at 8:40 (local time). 

Airline tickets on the new flights are available for sale.

International airline Sund'or owned by airline EL AL.