Sunday, February 26, 2017

The leaders in the supply of sunflower oil to the world market will remain Ukraine.

According to the latest report of economic statistics body Oilseeds: World Markets and Trade, in 2017 the total volume of world exports of vegetable oils will reach 78.58 million tons, exceeding the previous season by 6% (4.98 million tons more than last year).
This volume key component will continue to be palm oil, exports of which in the current season are expected at 47.49 million tonnes (+ 8% compared to season 2015/16 years). Basic supplies will be Indonesia and Malaysia (25.7 million tonnes and 17.5 million tonnes respectively).
External supply of rapeseed oil in a season expected to be 14.25 million tons, of which 9.80 million tons will be Canadian origin (against 10.28 million tonnes in the previous marketing year). Accordingly, global export performance on last season also reduced - by 6% to 14.25 million tons.
Exports of soybean oil is projected at 11.58 million tonnes, which is 2% lower than in the previous season. Some reduction in external supplies of this product will by all key exporters: Argentina (-1% to 5.65 million tons), Brazil (10% to 1.4 million tonnes), the USA (-5% to 0.98 million tonnes ).
As for the sunflower oil, the 2016/17 years total world exports of these products, unlike the previous two categories, expects growth (by 10% to 8.98 million tons). One of the leaders in the supply of sunflower oil to the world market will remain Ukraine. It is predicted that in the years 2016/17, our country exported 5.1 mln. Tons of this product (which is 13% more than the previous season). The export volume of other vegetable oils remain relatively small and will be about 0.3 million tons.
USDA projected amount of external supplies of oil products from the country at 5.36 million tons will be about 7% of the global figure.

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