Saturday, February 4, 2017

The symbol of "Eurovision-2017" video

The creators of the symbol of "Eurovision-2017" told about its sense.
The authors of "Eurovision-2017" symbol released a video that explains its meaning. The clip was posted on the agency's page Banda Agency, which is one of the developers of the logo.
Banda Agency together with the Agency developed Republique symbol representing a "modern interpretation of" traditional necklaces-namysta Ukrainian culture. According to the authors, the emblem combines "a lot of different characters." The viewer is invited "to use the imagination," to see that the symbol incorporated a lot more than it seems.
As previously reported by the co-founder Dennis Gerasko Republique, while working on the logo of the authors goal was to "bring the image of the traditional Ukrainian culture necklaces on a different level, to make it understandable for a new audience."

Eurovision brand video from banda on Vimeo.

At the end of January Ukrainian "Pershiy channel" announced the slogan under which will host the musical contest "Eurovision-2017". It becames a phrase Celebrate Diversity, which can be translated as "respect for diversity". The meaning of the slogan, according to executive director of the contest Jon Ola Sand, is "Europe and the unification beyond which citizens come together to pay homage to what unites us and what separates one from the other, makes us unique"
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