Friday, March 24, 2017

Uzhgorod Airport can be rented to Hungarian company Wizzair

Uzhgorod Airport can be rented to Hungarian company Wizzair. On March 28 we're going to Debrecen to the Hungarian Wizz Air to offer to rent our airport.
The idea is that their operator of the airport "Debrecen" is certified by EASA and in fact we will not have problems with the certification of the operator.
Chairman of the Zakarpattia Oblast State Administration Gennady Moskal said that the Hungarian company can establish a branch in Ukraine.
Now mainly from Debrecen flying Wizz Air. Lowkoster performs flights on the 4 directions (Beauvais, London-Luton, Milan-Bergamo, Eindhoven) as of the end of March - will be added to Malmo flights and Tel Aviv. Also in Debrecen flying from Munich German airline Lufthansa. In 2016, the airport received 284.4 thousand. 
Airport "Uzhgorod" does not take regular flights from June 2016. To return to the airline Air habour Ukraine should negotiate with Slovakia on the transfer of responsibility for providing air traffic services in the border area Ukrainian dispatchers. Uzhgorod Airport is located close to the Slovakian border, landing planes crossing the airspace of Slovakia. 
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lomachenko, Usik and Gvozdik held an open training session

April 8 in Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA will host a boxing show, the main event of which will be a fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Jason Sosa . As part of this evening, the WBO world champion in the first heavyweight championship, the 30-year-old Ukrainian, Alexander Usik  (11-0, 10KO) will enter the ring with 28-year-old American Michael Hunter (12-0 , 8KO), and the light heavyweight Alexander Gvozdik will meet with the Cuban Junieska Gonzalez.

Jamala tulip presented at Flower Expo Ukraine 2017

Eurovision Song Contest Winner of 2016 Jamala was present at the exhibition Flower Expo Ukraine 2017 to baptize a new “Jamala” Tulip from Dutch company StoKolex.
The representatives of StoKolex Mr. Arno Klijbroek and Mr. Martin Kolken stated that the name of the very talented and beautiful Ukrainian singer is ideal for this bright and strong flower which is now called "Jamala".

StoKolex is specialized in growing and export of flower bulbs for the forcing of tulips to Eastern Europe. They are situated in Dirkshorn (The Netherlands). Tulips are their main flower but they also deliver daffodils, gladiolus, hyacinths, irises, and lilies.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Vasiliy Lomachenko as a guest at "A Los Golpes" program

WBO World Lightweight Champion in first lightweight 29-year-old Ukrainian Vasiliy Lomachenko  became a guest of the "A Los Golpes" program on the Spanish-language version of the ESPN channel. Recall that on April 8 he will fight against the 29-year-old American Jason Sosa (link is external).

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Results of Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix Deryuginoy Cup.

Results of Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix Deryuginoy Cup. Day 2,  March 18

International Tournament. Pre-juniors (2007, 2008 )
2007 year:
1. Nicole SAVINA (UKR) 22,400
2. Maria Kalinina (LAT) 20,750
3. Vitalina IVASCHENKO (UKR) 20,450

2008 yr .:
1. Lilly Meizembourg (LUX) 15,750
2. Elizabeth Pasque (UAE) 14,450

International Tournament. Juniors (2002-2004)

All-around 2003
1. Christina BORDER (UKR) 59,100
2. Elizabeth Kapitonova (USA) 51,850
3. Veronika Lyubcheva (BUL) 48,750

All-around 2002
1. Anastasia Salos (BLR) 59,500
2. Natalie Wrights (ISR) 56,400
3. Denis Maylat (ROU) 53,650

International Tournament. Group-juniors.
1. Italy (32,450)
2. Israel (32,000)
3. UKRAINE (31,750)

International Tournament. Seniors individual

International Tournament. Senior group.
1. UKRAINE 34,650
2. Latvia 30,350
3. Norway 23,850
Finals of the Grand Prix.

hoop ball

clubs ribbon

Results of Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix Deryuginoy Cup.

Results of Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix Deryuginoy Cup.

Deriugina Cup 2017. Results March 17 (Day 1):

International Tournament. Pre-juniors (2006, 2005 )
2006  year:
1. Polina Slanchevskaya (BLR) 23,250
2. Jan Evin (UAE) 18,050
3. Zhanna Zakaryan (ARM) 12,800

2005 y.:
1. Valentina SARKISOVA (UKR) 23,100
2. Katerina Nekitenok (BLR) 22,950
3. Eric Dokuchayayeva (EST) 22,700

International Tournament. Juniors (2002-2004)
1st stream

2 d stream

Finalists of the International tournament with a hoop and ball *.

1. Christina Pogranichnaya (UKR)
2. Anastasia Salos (BLR)
3. Natalie Wrights (ISR)
4. Denis Mylat (ROU)
5. Sunchicha Lozic (CRO)
6. Alice Peresunchak (GER)
7. Marie Carmen Aesma (EST)
8. Veronica Lubchova (BUL)

1. Elizabeth Kapitonova (USA)
2. Anastasia Salos (BLR)
3. Natalie Wrights (ISR)
4. Christina Pogranichnaya (UKR)
5. Veronica Lubchova (BUL)
6. Marie Carmen Aesma (EST)
7. Denis Maylat (ROU)
8. Daria Kovalenko (KAZ)

* In the finals goes one gymnast from the country.

International Tournament. Group-juniors

Mavka. The Forest Song: Work in Progress

Video-diary of animated film’s ‘Mavka. The Forest Song’ creative team, featuring film’s producers Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva and Egor Olesov, film’s director Oleksandra Ruban and art-director Kristian Koskinin, film’s costume designer Olga Navrotska and DakhaBrakha musicians telling about film’s work-in-progress.

Ukrainian beauty Olga Tretyachenko became the girl of 2017 by Playboy magazine

Ukrainian beauty Olga Tretyachenko became the girl of 2017 by Playboy magazine.
She regularly removed for Playboy across Europe, as it became the face of the magazine "XXL Ukraine." Her picture also adorned the cover of the publication "Best Ukrainian."
Olga repeatedly won in beauty contests, led the music program on one of the channels, and wants to make a career of the singer. The presentation of the new Playboy room in Prague, Olga presented to the public its first music album "Freedom" and show program, which invented the Ukrainian choreographer Andrew Tzar.

The Spanish sports brand "Joma" has developed for the Ukrainian national team

The Spanish sports brand "Joma" has developed for the Ukrainian national team a new set of visiting and domestic uniforms.

The debut of the Ukrainian national team in a new form from the brand "Joma" will take place on March 24 in the qualifying match for the World Cup 2018 against the Croatian national team.
The Spaniards ""bought the Football Federation of Ukraine with their readiness to develop a unique design for Ukrainian teams. In addition, Joma will support Ukraine's youth football.
The contract stipulates that not only football teams of Ukraine of all ages will play in the new form, but also national teams in futsal and beach football.

Near the Ukrainian station in Antarctica found large oil and gas fields

Near the Ukrainian Antarctic station "Academician Vernadsky", located on the island of Galindez, three oil fields and four gas fields were discovered.
And this is such a rich continent. I'm not afraid to say that the wealth of Ukraine will grow at the expense of Antarctica, "said the director of the National Antarctic Center of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Valery Litvinov.

According to him, oil and gas alone on the sixth continent are no less than in the Arabian Peninsula. Now there is a ban on mining in Antarctica, but several countries have already announced their territorial claims to the mainland.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ukraine dominates the market of freelancing IT-in Eastern Europe

For the first time in three years Ukraine again become market leader in IT-Freelance in Eastern Europe.
Ukraine increased its 7% market share and with a noticeable margin ahead of the nearest competitor - Russia, preserving the value of time rates of pay (Rd). However, they are still significantly lower than freelancers from Russia and Poland.
Poland, Belarus and Bulgaria reduced its market share significantly in losing Rd (at 9.12%). The rate of increase in the share of significantly slowed. However Rd Russian and Polish IT-freelancers (up to $ 25 per hour) is still significantly higher than in Ukrainian (less than $ 20 per hour).
The most common specialty among developers in freelance - HTML + CSS, second only PHP, and JavaScript - the third.
Most contracts (almost half) market of freelancing IT-in Eastern Europe comes from the US. About 15% of the projects comes from the UK, and in third place on demand - Australia.
It is noteworthy that among its customers the most generous - from Sweden, which accounts for less than 2% of all projects. The Swedes are willing to pay for freelance programmers to more than $ 23 per hour. Americans - just over $ 20, and most avaricious - Israel ($ 16-17 per hour).
Customers from the United States and Europe significantly (by 7-13%) reduced hourly rate. Most of the orders on the market Freelance Programming Eastern Europe (70% in Poland to 90% in Serbia) are in the amount of up to $ 1000.
In the five universities that supply the market most freelance developers, three Ukrainian: KPI, KNURE and Lviv Polytechnic.

In the top 5 cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Moscow and Minsk

Live Broadcast of competitions Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix and "Deryuginoy Cup." Day Three.

Live Broadcast of competitions Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix and "Deryuginoy Cup." Day Three.

Painting of the new light multipurpose transport aircraft AN-132D.

Painting of the new light multipurpose transport aircraft AN-132D.
Let's remind that roll out ceremony of the AN-132D aircraft demonstrator was held on December 20, 2016. This is the first plane developed by Antonov Company in cooperation with partners from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Live Broadcast of competitions Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix "Deryuginoy Cup." Day Two.

Live Broadcast of competitions Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix  "Deryuginoy Cup" Day Two.


  Official website :
Official Youtube :
Official instagram :
Official facebook :
Official VK :

2016 Guadalajara World Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics. Individual Final. Ribbon

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What to do in Bari in a weekend

What to do in Bari in a weekend

What to do in Bari in a weekend
Many people identify Apulia with Salento, the southern part of the region corresponding to the so-called “heel of Italy”, but the favorite towns by tourists are located also in the rest of Apulia.
I always found it odd that we talk little about the capital city, Bari, so I stayed a weekend in this city to find out why it is worth a visit and what are the differences compared to the most popular Apulian destinations.
The Bari peculiarities are many, starting with the dialect, which has nothing to do with that Salentino dialect (although I’m not an expert), to continue with the architectural style that distinguishes the districts and ending with the trading tradition, which perhaps it’s the aspect that has most marked the history of the city.
To plan my visit, I followed tips from the staff of the Hotel Barion, located near the historical center and to the most beautiful beaches of Bari, a nice for a cultural holiday and to relax yourself.

Visit Bari by walk

One of strong points of Bari, in my opinion, is that this city is easy to visit by walk, since despite being a populous city (is the third largest city in Southern Italy), you can explore it on foot from the Murat quarter to Bari Vecchia, two complementary faces of Bari.
Bari Vecchia (Old Bari) is actually the San Nicola district and today is called Bari Vecchia to differentiate it from the “new” town, which was built from 1813 onwards, during the reign of Gioacchino Murat. I started my walk from Piazza del Ferrarese, which owes its name to a merchant from Ferrara, Stefano Fabri; I reached the alleys of the old city, once considered a dangerous area and today redeveloped thanks to recent urban renewal.
Bari Vecchia Credits: N i c o l a
This area became the center of nightlife, in fact, here you will find many bars, restaurants and shops that enliven the city not only in summer.
By Piazza del Ferrarese up along the wall that from via Venezia arrive to the stunning panoramic terrace where stands the Fortino di Sant’Antonio Abate, dating back to the XVI century.
From the Fortino you see the alleys of the old town from above and some of the major attractions of Bari, as the Basilica of St. Nicholas, famous for its Romanesque style that captures the uniqueness of this church and the historical importance of this place, that it houses the relics of the Saint.
This connection between the Catholic and Orthodox Christian faith shouldn’t be underestimated: the Cathedral is the destination of pilgrimages of the Orthodox faithful and is the main venue of the city during the annual feast of St. Nicholas, which takes place from 7th to 9th May.

What to see in Bari

My walk continued towards Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in the heart of the historic center, where I was struck by the beauty of Palazzo Fizzarotti, a building that stands out for its neo-gothic Venetian style, and is one of the city’s jewels lesser known by tourists.
Palazzo Fizzarotti in Bari
Palazzo Fizzarotti Credits: Paolo Margari
The building, in fact, cannot be visited but is home to a multi-purpose center in addition to professional studios and apartments. The exterior façade shows the painstaking work of two prestigious architects, Ettore Bernich and Augusto Corradini, who between 1905 and 1907 gave to this building an eclectic style, Romanesque and Gothic at the same time.
In an ideal Bari route, you cannot miss a stop at the Norman-Swabian Castle, which is also a mixture of different styles and ages. The exterior, the moat and wall, date back to Aragon domination, while the towers and interior date back to the Norman domination of the XII century.
The castle was destroyed and rebuilt by Frederick II, so now bears this name. The courtyard is embellished with medieval finds; inside there is also a media room, where you can see a video about the history of the castle. You can also visit the underground, the place where are the remains of the Byzantine era, prior to the construction of the fortress.
What to do in Bari in a weekend
Norman Castle Credits: xiquinhosilva
I particularly liked the Swabian Hall, because the photo exhibition inside shows all significant changes to the castle, really interesting for those who love history!
For information on opening times check out this website: The entrance fee is only € 3.
After touring around the center, I have devoted the next day to visit a place that intrigued me from the first time I saw him in photo: the Russian Church.
It is located in the Carrassi district and you will immediately notice the dome emerald colored walking along Corso Benedetto Croce.
It was built in 1913 and the first stone was laid on 22nd May, the day that in the Russian calendar corresponds to 9th, the anniversary of the translation of St. Nicholas relics.
Russian Church in Bari
Russian Church Credits: Luigi Scorcia
The church is surrounded by a garden, ideal shelter from the sun thanks to the lemon trees, a quiet corner to be enjoyed without haste.
I spent the rest of my second day in Bari at the beach, there are many beach resorts in the city and the best known free beach is called Pane e Pomodoro, including a bar open also in the evening.
In just 15 minutes’ walk you can go from the center of Bari to the beach, a great ease for those who don’t live in a seaside town. Hence, also, you can take amazing photos at sunset, so I suggest a stop in Bari in any season.
I’m sure that this part of Apulia will attract more and more tourists in the coming years; maybe it will be fashionable to go on holiday in Bari? When in doubt, think that through.

These 12 Airlines Will Let You Fly To Two Cities For The Price Of One

Thanks to airlines that offer free stopovers, you can explore two cities for the price of one.
Instead of having customers wait for connecting flights at the airport, airlines have begun offering free stopover options to allow you to tour a new locale for a few days before continuing on your trip.
The options they offer vary, from shorter stops to some that stretch for an entire week and even offer a local to escort you on your discoveries.
We’ve pulled together 12 airlines you can snag a free stopover from, whether you’re interested in exploring Tokyo or Helsinki.
Take in the Art Nouveau buildings, hip cafés, and boutiques of Helsinki and enjoy a free Finalnd stopover for up to five days with Finnair at no additional cost.
The stopover is applicable to customers flying through Helsinki, and includes activities that range from catching the Northern Lights to experiencing the country’s famed ice saunas.
Hawaiian Airlines
Customers traveling from any of the airlines’ 11 international destinationscan enjoy a free stopover on each leg of their journey and soak up the sun in Honolulu.
There are no limitations on the number of days you can spend on your stopover, though customers traveling domestically will need to pay an additional $60 for a stopover.
Travelers taking a flight with Icelandair can enjoy up to seven nights of a free stopover in Reykjavík, where they can enjoy everything from dipping in the Blue Lagoon to taking in natural sights like volcanic terrain, glistening lakes, and cascading waterfalls.
The airline even offers a Stopover Buddy, where a local will take you to the country’s hidden gems during your stay, free of charge.
TAP Portugal
Customers flying on TAP Portugal, the flag carrier airline of the country, can snag a free stopover in Lisbon or Porto for up to three nights at no additional airfare cost, in addition to getting exclusive offers and discounts.
You’ll need to have booked an intercontinental round trip for the offer to apply, but those who do will get access to a range of restaurants where they’ll be treated to free wine and hotels they can book for lower rates.
Air Canada
Connection times between flights that are longer than six hours mean you can get a free stopover in Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver through Air Canada at no additional airfare charge.
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Hotels are also free for customers flying business class, premium, economy, or using a Latitude fare, while rates start at $49 per night for Tango and Flex customers.
With KLM, customers can take advantage of two free stopovers in Amsterdam, as they are entitled to at least one free stopover on the outbound ticket and another free stopover on the inbound ticket.
WOW air
Already known for its ultra-cheap flights, WOW air allows its passengers to stop and explore Iceland at no additional cost on return flights between North America and Europe via Iceland.
Simply choose the stopover option in the airline’s booking engine when selecting a return flight online to qualify.
Etihad Airways
Etihad Airways offers free stopovers for its first class, business class, and Residence guests flying on confirmed Etihad Airway tickets through Abu Dhabi.
Customers can explore the airline’s home city of Abu Dhabi free of charge, and score a free additional night at a hotel if booking a two-night stay.
Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines’ free stopover options vary depending on flight destinations, but customers can snag a free stopover in Tokyo, for example, on flights that originate from North America.
Turkish Airlines
For flights that have a connecting wait time of 24 hours or less, customers flying with Turkish Airlines can get out of the airport and explore Istanbul’shistoric sights free of charge.
As part of the Touristanbul program, guests will be picked up from the airport and taken to restaurants and landmarks throughout the city before heading back for their next flight.
Thai Airways
Thanks to a new limited offer from the airline, customers flying to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan, India, Iran, or Europe can now claim a free hotel voucher for an overnight stay in Bangkok, courtesy of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
The specific offer is for travelers flying from Australia and for bookings made before March 31.
Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines, Panama’s flag carrier, and the Panama Tourism Authority promote a free layover in Panama, though you will need to ensure you request to reserve your itinerary with a stop in Panama before completing your ticket purchase to get the deal.

First photos of Ryanair aircraft in Kiev

Photo of the corporate aircraft Ryanair - Boeing 737-73S with registration number EI-SEV.

Boeing 737-73S flew from Dublin to Kiev and landed at Zhulyany airport at 19:19 on March 14 local time. 

On March 15, scheduled a press conference, the commercial director of the Irish lowcost David O'Brien and the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Omelyan in Kiev and Lviv. It is expected that these events will announce the plans of Ryanair to open flights to Ukraine. 
Ryanair said it will commence four new routes from Ukraine providing 15 weekly flights to Eindhoven, London Stansted, Manchester and Stockholm in a move that will deliver an expected 250,000 customers at Kiev airport.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Low-cost airline Condor opens flights from the USA to Ukraine

Low-cost airline Condor opens flights from the USA to Ukraine. 
The German airline Condor Flugdienst provided the opportunity to book flights from several US cities to Kiev. This is stated on the company's website

From March 20, flights to Kiev KBP will start from the following cities: Anchorage (USA, Alaska), Billings, Montana, Boise, Idaho, Bozeman, Montana, Wenatchee, Washington, Eugene, Oregon, Fairbanks (Alaska), Fresno (California), Spokane (Washington) and Juneau (Alaska).
Condor Airlines is a German airline. Its main base is Frankfurt Airport; The second hub is Munich.
The owner of the airline is Thomas Cook Group.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Air Liquide is closing companies.

Air Liquide is a world leader in the market of industrial gases. Considering the situation in Donbass region and the actual "stolen" companies by separatists, the French said they can not continue to operate in the current environment and closing companies.
The safety of our employees, and compliance with acceptable Ukrainian and international laws are our priorities," - told representatives of Air Liquide.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Chess. Muzichuk lost to the super final of the world championship.

Ukrainian chess player Anna Muzychuk lost Tan Zhongyi in the World Cup finals.  

Today, the world championship for women was held in classical chess tie-break final, which defined the winner of the tournament.

After a draw in the first game with white Rapida, Ukrainian Anna Muzychuk lost in the second game with black Chinese woman Tan Zhongyi. The total final score: 2.5: 3.5.


Final Women.

Tie-Break Chess Quick 25 minutes + 10 seconds

1 Party: Muzichuk - Tan - 0.5: 0.5

2 Party: Tan - Muzichuk - 1: 0

Anna Muzychuk (Ukraine) - TAN Zhong (China) - 2,5: 3,5

1 Party: Muzichuk - Tan - 0.5: 0.5

2 Party: Tan - Muzichuk - 1: 0

3 Party: Muzichuk - Tan - 1: 0

4 party. Tan - Muzichuk - 0.5: 0.5

Who is Rex Tillerson

Who is Rex Tillerson

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grain handling is more than 39.4 million through seaports of Ukraine.

Over the past decade, Ukraine has increased exports of grain cargoes in four times. If about 10 million. Tons of Ukrainian grain was delivered to the world market in 2007, today's export figure steadily closer to the mark of 40 million tons.
A steady increase in exports each year encourages the development of port terminals, and a large margin capacity.
 Excess capacity has led to a significant reduction of tariffs for transshipment of grain, increasing its competitiveness in foreign markets.
In the 2015-2016 marketing year, grain handling in seaports accounted is more than 39.4 million.
The processing of grain cargoes carried out more than 20 terminals. The lion's share of exports - 33.5 million tons - goes through Nikolaevskii and Odessa Commercial Sea Port (MPT), port "Southern" and "Chernomorsk".  
Port "Southern" ("Yuzhniy")
Power handling - 17 million tons per year.
Transshipment in 2016 - 8.2 million tons.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ukraine owns 37% of Vietnam's largest port "Lotus" in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Ukraine owns 37% of Vietnam's largest port "Lotus" in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
Shares of the port "Lotus" are included in the assets of the Black Sea Shipping

Ukraine broke the 10-year-old record for the export of flax seeds

Ukraine broke the 10-year-old record for the export of flax seeds.  

According to official data, in January this year Ukraine exported 12.3 thousand. Tons of seed flax, which is 55% more than in December 2016 (8 th. Tons), by 3.8 times the results in January 2016 (3.3 ths. Tons) and was the highest monthly index for the last 10 years.
In January of this year marked increase in exports Ukrainian oilseed all major purchasing countries, with the most significant increase in shipments was the Turkish market (2.9 thousand. tonnes against 88 tonnes a month earlier and 42 tons in January 2016), which eventually took 2nd place ranking .
 The first place has traditionally remained for Vietnam (6.1 thousand tons. 5.3 thousand tons. 2.2 tons.).
In total for 5 months of the season-2016/17 (September-January), Ukraine exported 33.8 thousand. Tonnes of flax seed, which is 50% higher than the results of the same period of 2015/16 MY (22.6 thous. Tons).