Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grain handling is more than 39.4 million through seaports of Ukraine.

Over the past decade, Ukraine has increased exports of grain cargoes in four times. If about 10 million. Tons of Ukrainian grain was delivered to the world market in 2007, today's export figure steadily closer to the mark of 40 million tons.
A steady increase in exports each year encourages the development of port terminals, and a large margin capacity.
 Excess capacity has led to a significant reduction of tariffs for transshipment of grain, increasing its competitiveness in foreign markets.
In the 2015-2016 marketing year, grain handling in seaports accounted is more than 39.4 million.
The processing of grain cargoes carried out more than 20 terminals. The lion's share of exports - 33.5 million tons - goes through Nikolaevskii and Odessa Commercial Sea Port (MPT), port "Southern" and "Chernomorsk".  
Port "Southern" ("Yuzhniy")
Power handling - 17 million tons per year.
Transshipment in 2016 - 8.2 million tons.


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