Tuesday, April 25, 2017

20 facts you didn’t know about Airbus aircrafts.

  • The navigation system on the Airbus and other modern jets is descended from a design for the Apollo space programme.
  • The electronic terrain clearance map on the Airbus and other modern jets was originally designed for cruise missiles.
  • We can send a text message from the aircraft in the air. (Operational use only!)
  • We can ring any telephone number in the world from the aircraft in the air. (Operational use only!)
  • On Airbus and other European aircraft, a switch is ‘on’ when it is down. On Boeings and other US aircraft, it is ‘on’ when it is up.
  • There is no Row 13 in our aircraft cabins.
The aircraft paperwork is called the Ship’s Papers.
  • The cockpit side windows are called the windscreens, but the front windows are called the windshields.
  • When making a tight turn on the ground, one of the two nose wheel tyres comes off the ground.
  • The strobe lights on the wing tips of an Airbus make a double flash. On a Boeing they make a single flash.
  • When you flush the toilet on the Airbus and other modern jets, you are opening a hole in the pressure hull (into the unpressurised part of the aircraft, not overboard!)
  • When we make a tight turn on the runway, the pilot will be over the grass when the turn is started.
  • From the flight deck we can see only the wingtips, not the engines.
  • When the main wheels touch down, the A321 pilot is still 21ft above the runway.
  • Airbus pilots have a folding table in front of them. (Boeing pilots do not.)
  • A full fuel load on our A321s is up to 26,700 litres.
  • All the essential flying and system information is supplied to the two pilots on a total of six screens.
  • The three hydraulic systems on an Airbus 320/321 are named after colours – green, yellow, blue.
  • There are over 200 computers in an Airbus A320.
  • On descending to land a synthetic (male) voice calls out our height above the ground.
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