Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rhythmic gymnastics. Pogranichnaya and Murai won seven gold medals

Rhythmic gymnastics. Kristina Pogranichnaya and Daria Murai won seven gold medals.
On Sunday, April 30, in Portugal at the annual international tournament in rhythmic gymnastics AGN Cup 2017 the finals were completed.
The best Ukrainian junior Kristina Pogranichnaya, as well as the champion of Kiev Darya Muray, took part in these competitions. Since this year she has been taking part in the program of masters of sports (seniors).

Kristina went in one breath and a hoop (16.200), and a ball (14.750), and maces (15.900), as well as a technically complex tape (14.350).

Daria  Murai coped well with the hoop (14,600), maces (15,100) and tape (13,350), but made several mistakes in the exercise with the ball.

As a result, Ukrainian grace brings to Ukraine three gold medals from the finals, as well as silver all-around.
  Kristina Pogranichnaya is one of the most promising Ukrainian gymnast!

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