Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Kyivenergo", "Oschadbank", "Nova Posta" and "Ukrtelecom" were attacked by hackers.

"Kyivenergo", "Oschadbank", "Nova Posta" and "Ukrtelecom" were attacked by hackers.
Computer networks of the power company Kyivenergo suffered from a hacker attack. The networks of Ukrtelecom, Oschadbank, Novaya Pishta also suffered.
Suffer and networks of smaller companies - to protect themselves, the owners turn off the Internet and related services.
Detailed recommendations on how to secure yet, but if your company has a device on Windows, it is better to disconnect from the network, store data, run under other operating systems. If important data is in the cloud - temporarily turn off PC synchronization with it. 

The company's computers were infected with a virus similar to WannaCry . "We were attacked by hackers. Two hours ago we were forced to turn off all the computers, we are waiting for permission to be included from the security service, "the company said," the company's statement quoted Interfax.
Some state-owned banks and companies also suffered from the attack. The NBU issued a statement that the banking system was attacked. "As a result of cyber attacks, these banks have difficulty in servicing clients and performing banking operations". 

The company Nova Posta warned customers that due to the attack of the Petya.A virus, the offices and contact center of the company can not serve users.

The press service of Ukrtelecom also confirmed to the correspondent the fact of the attack, as well as the fact that it is a cryptographic virus.
According to the company's representatives, despite the attack, the company continues to provide telephony and Internet services. But the work of the call center and customer service centers suffered. The call center of the company does not work now, the service centers work in manual mode. 

Ukraine set a record for export of strawberries

Ukraine set a record for export of strawberries.

Ukraine continues to increase the export of strawberries. In May 2017 Ukrainian gardeners shipped 454 tons of berries to the foreign market, which is 1.4 times more than in the same period in 2016.
These volumes of exports are the record for the entire history of the country's independence. 
Analysts note that Belarus was the main buyer, as well as the year before.  

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia. 

The first production aircraft An-132 will be built in the second half of 2018, and in Saudi Arabia will build a plant.
Two lines of assembly will be created: in Kiev and Saudi Arabia. The line in Kiev is almost ready. We need some minor revisions to release a serial aircraft.
While the plant in Saudi Arabia will be built, we have to build in Kiev and sell the first 20 planes.
Upon completion of the plant's construction, the aircraft will be produced both in Kiev and in Saudi Arabia.
In three to four years, production should reach a minimum of 12 aircraft per year on each line.
As regards market volume, according to our Saudi partners, the need of law enforcement agencies in this class of aircraft - 80 aircraft.
The need for the entire Middle East market is 250-260 aircraft. Also, in the next 10 years, we expect to replace the old An-32, which are operated in India, to the new An-132. This is more than 100 planes.
Recall that Ukrainian state-owned enterprises have discussed with the Chinese customer the supply of 50 An-178 aircraft.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rhythmic Gymnastics Holon Grand Prix 2017

Rhythmic Gymnastics Holon Grand Prix 2017
List of complete results and videos:
Awarding Ceremonies IndividualsGroups
Out from competition:
Israel 5 hoops2 ropes 3 balls
Saint Petersburg, Russia 5 hoops, 2 ropes 3 balls
5 Hoops:
1. Russia 18.300
2. Belarus 17.750
3. Greece 16.500
4. Hungary 16.150
3 Balls 2 Ropes:
1. Russia 18.950
2. Belarus 17.950
3. Hungary 16.700
4. Greece 15.450
1. Yulia Bravikova RUS 19.000
2. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 17.450
3. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 17.450
4. Olena Diachenko UKR 17.250
5. Yulia Isachanka BLR 16.200
6. Dina Averina RUS 15.600
7. Diamanto Evripidou CYP 15.200
8. Victoria Mazur UKR 14.900
1. Dina Averina 19.100
2. Arina Averina 18.900
3. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 17.250
4. Yulia Isachanka BLR 17.000
5. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 16.700
6. Olena Diachenko UKR 16.500
7. Victoria Mazur UKR 16.000
8. Elina Valieva GEO 15.150
1. Yulia Bravikova RUS 19.000
2. Dina Averina RUS 18.600
3. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 18.200
4. Olena Diachenko UKR 16.950
5. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 15.000
6. Diamanto Evripidou CYP 15.000
7. Alexandra Kis HUN 14.850
8. Natalia Koziol POL 14.000
1. Arina Averina RUS 18.300
2. Victoria Filanovsky ISR 17.950
3. Yulia Bravikova RUS 16.350
4. Kseniya Moustafaeva FRA 16.200
5. Victoria Mazur UKR 14.600
6. Yulia Isachanka BLR 14.550
7. Olena Diachenko UKR 14.150
8. Elina Valieva GEO 13.250

European Boxing Championship: Victor Wychrist won the third "gold" for Ukraine

European Boxing Championship: Victor Wychrist won the third "gold" for Ukraine.

In the last final of the day in the category over 91 kg Victor Vyhryst defeated Fraser Clarke from England. The fight was not easy for the Ukrainian boxer, but thanks to clever tactics, the Bishop gained a clear victory for points - 5: 0.
Today Alexander Khizhnyak (weight up to 75 kg) and Yuri Shestak (weight up to 60 kg) won gold medals today. Khizhnyak impressively won Kamran Shahsuvarli from Azerbaijan. And Shestak was stronger than Russian Gabila Mamedova

Ukraine and Poland jointly implement several infrastructure projects

Ukraine and Poland jointly implement several infrastructure projects. Despite the fact that the visa-free regime has been in effect for several days, there is a lack of a sufficient number of border crossing points
Requires the development of the infrastructure of the Carpathian region. Proposed to go around the borders with the participation of heads of state, hold meetings and discuss the issues of infrastructure, security, migration, borders, and more.

Ukraine and Belarus will jointly develop energy projects

Ukraine and Belarus will jointly develop energy projects.
First of all, we are talking about joint development of powerful pilot projects of energy clusters in the regions where the borders of Ukraine and Belarus cross.
In Ukraine, a stimulating tariff for heat producers "not from gas" was recently fixed at the legislative level. 

Yandex has zeroed the balances on accounts of Ukrainian advertisers

Yandex has zeroed the balances on accounts of Ukrainian advertisers. Yandex has set to zero Balances on accounts of Ukrainian users of Yandex.Direct service.

Prior to this, Yandex sent a message to its partners in Ukraine that it was no longer able to fulfill its obligations to them and to repay the funds for unsatisfied services through "force majeure"

Charming Assia Akhat has changed beyond recognition

Charming Assia Akhat has changed beyond recognition.  Known Ukrainian violinist and singer Assia Ahat always been a bright and extravagant.  But it seems that this time it even surpassed the expectations of his creative imagination scale.

Returning recently from America, where the singer celebrated his birthday and was finishing the album with producer Humberto Gatica Madonna, Assia to shock his reincarnation.

When the new image of Mata Hari Ukrainian scene entered the pavilion, where the shooting took place, the whole team literally lost the gift of speech. 
We realized that before us Assia, only when the director said about it, the participants of the crew confessed.

Even the closest people of the singer, when she showed them pictures from the filming, were confused and did not recognize her at once.
At this experiment, Assia Akhat went for a new video for the song "Binds." Inspired by the actress to replace the image of one of the most stylish beauties in the fashion industry, the British model and actress Kara Delevin, which Luc Besson himself invited to the main role in his film "Valerian and the city of thousands of planets" and American singer of Albanian origin Rita Ora.
By the way, Ora's producer is rapper and husband of singer Beyonce Jay-Z. The plot of the video is still kept secret, but the director of the video, the famous star photographer Sonya Plakidyuk, for whom this work will become a debut in the role of a clipmaker, opened the veil of secrecy:
This is the most spectacular image that Assia Akhat ever had. Before shooting, I mentally tried it on her, so I did not fall into a faint, when I saw what can not be said about our team - many really had a shock. For the sake of a new image, they wanted to trim the long hair of the singer, but the stylists found an unusual way out of the situation. According to the director, if the task was to shave the star nakedly, for the sake of art, they would decide on this bold step.

Monday, June 19, 2017

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video.
 France held on June 19-25 biggest airshow International Paris air show.
Ukraine this year at Le Bourget present its new medium-cargo aircraft AN-132D

An-132D - the first prototype of perspective multi-transport An-132, which creates SE "Antonov" in collaboration with partners from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An-132D built a half years. He can lift into the sky to 9 tonnes of cargo. The wingspan of the aircraft - almost 30 meters

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Group Team Ukraine 3 Balls/2 Ropes EF - Challenge Cup Guadalajara 2017

Group Team Ukraine 3 Balls/2 Ropes EF - Challenge Cup Guadalajara 2017

LOT Polish – $544: New York – Odessa, Ukraine. Roundtrip, including all Taxes.

A good sale to Odessa. Pricing will vary between $544 and $564

LOT Polish – $544: New York – Odessa, Ukraine. Roundtrip, including all Taxes