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Saturday, May 12, 2018

"Nibulon" launched the second 100-meter vessel

"Nibulon" launched the second 100-meter vessel.  Shipbuilding shipyard "Nibulon" launched on May 11 the second non-self-propelled vessel of the project В5000.

Barge length of 101 m is capable of transporting up to 5 thousand tons of cargo. The company reminded that the production capacity previously allowed to build vessels up to 70 m. The large-scale reconstruction of the enterprise made it possible to arrange the production of larger vessels.
The first barge of the B5000 project was launched in Nikolaev on March 3.

It was also reported that the construction of the first 140-meter self-propelled loader with cargo capacity of 10,000 tons began at the facilities of the shipbuilding company Nibulon.

In April, in addition to the transportation of grain cargo by water, the company began to deliver metal products along the river. The first shipment of metal from Kamenskoye to Yuzhny port for Metinvest Shipping LLC was sent on April 21.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

"Nibulon" launched regular passenger flights along the Dnieper and the South Bug rivers

"Nibulon" launched regular passenger flights along the Dnieper and the South Bug rivers.
The company "Nibulon" from July 1 launched regular flights on high-speed boats along the Dnieper and the Southern Bug to the Kinburn Spit.
Vessels will be plying from Voznesensk through Kovalevka and Novaya Odessa to Nikolaev, from Novaya Kakhovka through Kherson to the Kinburn spit and from Nikolaev through the Kinburn spit to Ochakov.
According to the published information on the cost of services, the cost of tickets will be from 30 to 282 UAH, depending on the chosen route.
The cruising speed of the ships is 65 km / h.
LLC "Nibulon" was established in 1991. It is one of the largest operators in the grain market of the country. It has elevator capacities with a total capacity of about 2 million tons, as well as its own transshipment terminal in Nikolaev with a capacity of 5 million tons.

Monday, May 1, 2017

NIBULON intends to invest in the infrastructure of Ukraine 5.5 billion UAH

NIBULON intends to invest in the infrastructure of Ukraine 5.5 billion UAH. The funds will be used to build new river transshipment terminals on the Dnieper and Yuzhny Bug rivers, As well as for the construction of a cargo fleet at NIBULON's own shipbuilding and shiprepairing plant in Nikolaev and the reconstruction of this plant.

The company "NIBULON" intends in the next few years to invest in the development of the infrastructure of the agricultural sector, as well as river transportations more than 5.5 billion UAH.
In particular, the International Finance Corporation, a part of the World Bank, has decided to allocate $ 90 million to the company.
Already before June 15 this year will be put into operation reloading terminals in Golaya Pristani (Kherson region) and Belenkom (Zaporozhye region).
"We will do everything to ensure that Ukrainian cargoes come to Belarus by rivers, and by road E40 to the European Union. In May, we also begin regular passenger transportation in Mykolayiv and Kherson regions, "the head of NIBULON said.
Announced the holding of a round table on the development of the shipbuilding plant NIBULON on May 24, taking into account the best practices of the best countries of the world, as well as the prospects for the development of the shipbuilding industry in Ukraine as a whole, and the loading of domestic shipbuilding enterprises.
The event will bring together experts and industry experts from both Ukraine and the Netherlands with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

"Nibulon" launched the first tug of the new generation (photo)

"Nibulon" launched the first tug of the new generation. Shipbuilding and ship-repair factory "Nibulon" completed the construction of a new 121M tugboat. The ceremony of launching the ship to the water took place in Nikolaev.

Tug "Yuri Makarov", like two other similar ships being built, has a capacity of 1200 hp. And is designed to work in shallow water areas, including in the northern tributaries of the Dnieper - Desna and Pripyat.

The other two tugs of this series, according to Alexei Vadatursky, general director of the Nibulon company, should be launched before July 1, 2017. Also before this time, another barge should be built.