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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 facts about childhood and youth the head of UOC

7 facts about childhood and youth the head of UOC Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
on 17 August  it is a year since the enthronement of Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Onufriya.
To the anniversary of the enthronement of Metropolitan Onuphrius Information Center UOC has made selection of facts from public sources about the childhood and youth of the head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
From the family of priests:
The present Patriarch of UOC (Onufriy - Orest Volodymyrovych Berezovsky) was born in the family priest. His brother was also a priest. As a child present UOC wanted to be like Basil the Great. His father told him how this saint became his pray when the sun is shining it in the back, and when finished the prayer, the sun already shone in the face. But then, according to Onufriy  he forgot about it and raised so as all children.
The Church and the game of football:
As a child, the future Metropolitan Onuphrius always attended church, but not always  he liked it, he admits. On Sundays, my mother led him in the temple while the boys in his village were going to play football. Sometimes  he was complaining: "God, guys play football and I have to go to church."
Not a Communist:
The Patriarch was neither a "Pioneer" nor the "Komsomol ".  The son of a priest  did not go to school while children were taken to Piomeers. Along with several classmates he did not want to join in the Komsomol. Although they were forced to do so, he was  put on his knees and forced to stand for hours.
Work - education - Work:
After School Orest (now Bishop Onufry) graduated from school and went on preparatory courses for university.  After a year he entered the Technical University in Chernivtsi in evening department. During the day he worked to make earn for living. His father did not help him. farther said: "I raised you, educated you, now you have to help me." Therefore Onufriy had to work during the day and then studying to late night and so each day.
Electrician and exemplary student:
In his youth, the future Metropolitan of Kyiv worked as an electrician - first in installing low-voltage lines, and then - on weaving factory. During tis tume he also studied. Coming back to his native village he used to take the book and study. At university he was among the best students. Once he was even invited to speak on the radio.
Educational turn:
While studying in his third year of university, Orest Berezovsky said, "Is it necessary to study further?" He had no plans to work in the specialty, it  will take two to three years and everything will be forgotten. Thus the Bishop decided to leave the university and enter the seminary. According to him, disciplines such as history, mathematics, chemistry, physics that he managed  to study for three years in university, he needed later in his life.
Three times a person:
Metropolitan Onufry knows English. He decided to study it when the first time visited Canada. Certain base he had from school, university, seminary and academy. When he flew to Canada for the first time, he sat with Canadian and Canadian began to talk to him. Then Bishop realized that you need to know the language to feel free. In addition to English he knows Romanian and Greek. However the Greek due to lack of practice is a little forgotten.