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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia. 

The first production aircraft An-132 will be built in the second half of 2018, and in Saudi Arabia will build a plant.
Two lines of assembly will be created: in Kiev and Saudi Arabia. The line in Kiev is almost ready. We need some minor revisions to release a serial aircraft.
While the plant in Saudi Arabia will be built, we have to build in Kiev and sell the first 20 planes.
Upon completion of the plant's construction, the aircraft will be produced both in Kiev and in Saudi Arabia.
In three to four years, production should reach a minimum of 12 aircraft per year on each line.
As regards market volume, according to our Saudi partners, the need of law enforcement agencies in this class of aircraft - 80 aircraft.
The need for the entire Middle East market is 250-260 aircraft. Also, in the next 10 years, we expect to replace the old An-32, which are operated in India, to the new An-132. This is more than 100 planes.
Recall that Ukrainian state-owned enterprises have discussed with the Chinese customer the supply of 50 An-178 aircraft.

Monday, June 19, 2017

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video.
 France held on June 19-25 biggest airshow International Paris air show.
Ukraine this year at Le Bourget present its new medium-cargo aircraft AN-132D

An-132D - the first prototype of perspective multi-transport An-132, which creates SE "Antonov" in collaboration with partners from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An-132D built a half years. He can lift into the sky to 9 tonnes of cargo. The wingspan of the aircraft - almost 30 meters

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Antonov" introduced a new cargo plane АN-132D

"Antonov" introduced a new cargo plane АN-132D.
Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer - the State Enterprise "Antonov" - 20 December 2016 presented the first prototype of a new transport aircraft AN-132D
At the presentation of the aircraft attended by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Secretary of the National Security Council, Alexander Turchinov, the leadership of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" and enterprise "Antonov", as well as representatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which acted as a customer and partner for the realization of the aircraft.
Especially the establishment of the AN-132D - is that it is truly an international project, and I sincerely thank our partners and customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for full participation in its implementation. 

Reference: Antonov An-132D is designed by request of Saudi Arabia. Its capacity - 9.2 tons, length - 24.5 m, height - 8.8 meters, wingspan - 29.2 meters. Cruising speed with a maximum load of 9.2 tons - 500 km / h, the maximum cruising altitude - 9000 m.

"Antonov" has signed a memorandum of intent to co-production of 80 AN-132 aircraft for Saudi Arabia. Part of the aircraft will be manufactured in Ukraine (the prototype is assembled to "Antonov"), but at the same time Saudi Arabia will create capacity for the production of aircraft and components in the territory of the Kingdom.

Intellectual property is divided on a plane equally between the two sides. The cost of the aircraft is not yet known. The decision whether a firm contract for 80 aircraft, will be made after delivery of the first sample will be signed there.

AN-132 - first plane in the line of "Antonov" without Russian components. It is designed for flights on routes of closely and medium, it can perform a wide range of tasks on transportation of cargoes.

Ukrainian state concern "Antonov" offered to the winner of the presidential elections in the United States Trump its airliner as "Air Force One".