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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ukrainian aircraft An-74 sold to Kazakhstan for $ 15 million

Ukrainian aircraft An-74 sold to Kazakhstan for $ 15 million. The AN-74 is a Ukrainian transport aircraft that has both civilian and military modifications. It was developed at the Aviation Science and Technology Complex named after O.K. Antonov.

The airplane can carry up to 52 passengers or up to 10 tons of cargo. The range of flights with 52 passengers is 2,750 km, with 10 tonnes of cargo 950 km.
Recall that in June this year, the Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Gennady Zubko said that Ukraine plans to export passenger aircraft An-148 and An-158 to Kazakh enterprises.
An agreement has already been reached to intensify the interaction between Ukrainian and Kazakh companies on the establishment of a service center for the maintenance of aircraft Antonov family in Astana.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia

Antonov plans to build planes in Saudi Arabia. 

The first production aircraft An-132 will be built in the second half of 2018, and in Saudi Arabia will build a plant.
Two lines of assembly will be created: in Kiev and Saudi Arabia. The line in Kiev is almost ready. We need some minor revisions to release a serial aircraft.
While the plant in Saudi Arabia will be built, we have to build in Kiev and sell the first 20 planes.
Upon completion of the plant's construction, the aircraft will be produced both in Kiev and in Saudi Arabia.
In three to four years, production should reach a minimum of 12 aircraft per year on each line.
As regards market volume, according to our Saudi partners, the need of law enforcement agencies in this class of aircraft - 80 aircraft.
The need for the entire Middle East market is 250-260 aircraft. Also, in the next 10 years, we expect to replace the old An-32, which are operated in India, to the new An-132. This is more than 100 planes.
Recall that Ukrainian state-owned enterprises have discussed with the Chinese customer the supply of 50 An-178 aircraft.

Monday, June 19, 2017

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video

An 132D made training flight at Le Bourget - video.
 France held on June 19-25 biggest airshow International Paris air show.
Ukraine this year at Le Bourget present its new medium-cargo aircraft AN-132D

An-132D - the first prototype of perspective multi-transport An-132, which creates SE "Antonov" in collaboration with partners from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An-132D built a half years. He can lift into the sky to 9 tonnes of cargo. The wingspan of the aircraft - almost 30 meters

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Antonov looks globally after severing Volga-Dnepr ties

Ukraine's Antonov Design Bureau (Gostomel) is eyeing global expansion after having severed ties with Russia's Volga-Dnepr Group last year. Air Cargo News reports that the heavy cargo specialist has set up offices in London, the US and Hong Kong, and has appointed a sales manager to Japan and Australia for its cargo charter operator Antonov Airlines (ADB, Gostomel).

The agreement with Volga-Dnepr was a joint marketing venture, and with its dissolution the two are now operating independently in the market. Antonov has now begun working with a number of different companies across the globe to extend the service life of its freighters. Among these are Dunlop, whose tyres it is using on its An-124 and An-225 aircraft to attain their maximum payload of 150 tonnes with an improved lifespan. Other partners include Honeywell Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Dowty Propellers and Zodiac Aerospace.

According to the Antonov press office, it has also recently signed a number of Memoranda of Understanding with Turkish and Saudi companies to work together on avionics and other solutions. These include Turkey's Aselsan, for collaboration on the An-148-100, An-158 and An-178 aircraft families; and Saudi Arabian firm Taqnia Aeronautics Company and Turkey's Havelsan for the manufacture of maritime patrol aircraft based on the An-132.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Antonov" agreed with Cuba on the post-warranty service of Ukrainian An-158

"Antonov" agreed with Cuba on the post-warranty service of Ukrainian An-158
The state enterprise Antonov and the Cubana airline Cubana agreed to conclude contracts for post-warranty servicing of Ukrainian An-158 airplanes on the principles of full fleet support for all positions.
Also, to resume the work of the aircraft, idle due to the lack of components, "Antonov" pledged to form a stock of spare parts, as well as ensure their supply in conjunction with foreign partners. 

The Antonov press service added that airworthiness directives have been issued that allow the Cuban An-158 to continue operation until 3,600 flights, which will allow them to continue operation for about six months.
A few days earlier, Cuban media reported that technical problems with the An-158 aircraft led to the cancellation of the flights of Cubana airline Guantanamo-Havana. According to the registry flightradar24, at the moment of the six An-158, delivered by Antonov to Cuba, flights are performed by only one airliner with the onboard number CU-T1714. 

Six An-158 for Cubana produced a production plant "Antonov" in Kiev. Deliveries were made from 2013 to 2015 through the leasing company South American Aircraft Leasing and were financed by the Russian company Ilyushin Finance Co., which acted as the customer of the aircraft.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Painting of the new light multipurpose transport aircraft AN-132D.

Painting of the new light multipurpose transport aircraft AN-132D.
Let's remind that roll out ceremony of the AN-132D aircraft demonstrator was held on December 20, 2016. This is the first plane developed by Antonov Company in cooperation with partners from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Antonov" introduced a new cargo plane АN-132D

"Antonov" introduced a new cargo plane АN-132D.
Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer - the State Enterprise "Antonov" - 20 December 2016 presented the first prototype of a new transport aircraft AN-132D
At the presentation of the aircraft attended by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Secretary of the National Security Council, Alexander Turchinov, the leadership of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom" and enterprise "Antonov", as well as representatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which acted as a customer and partner for the realization of the aircraft.
Especially the establishment of the AN-132D - is that it is truly an international project, and I sincerely thank our partners and customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for full participation in its implementation. 

Reference: Antonov An-132D is designed by request of Saudi Arabia. Its capacity - 9.2 tons, length - 24.5 m, height - 8.8 meters, wingspan - 29.2 meters. Cruising speed with a maximum load of 9.2 tons - 500 km / h, the maximum cruising altitude - 9000 m.

"Antonov" has signed a memorandum of intent to co-production of 80 AN-132 aircraft for Saudi Arabia. Part of the aircraft will be manufactured in Ukraine (the prototype is assembled to "Antonov"), but at the same time Saudi Arabia will create capacity for the production of aircraft and components in the territory of the Kingdom.

Intellectual property is divided on a plane equally between the two sides. The cost of the aircraft is not yet known. The decision whether a firm contract for 80 aircraft, will be made after delivery of the first sample will be signed there.

AN-132 - first plane in the line of "Antonov" without Russian components. It is designed for flights on routes of closely and medium, it can perform a wide range of tasks on transportation of cargoes.

Ukrainian state concern "Antonov" offered to the winner of the presidential elections in the United States Trump its airliner as "Air Force One".  

Thursday, November 24, 2016

An-225 video

An-225 video

In September, "Antonov" informed about An-124 testing with the new tires Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited of the British company, which should be replaced by Russian. It is also necessary to find a replacement for the avionics of the aircraft, brake systems and other components.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

At the airport in the German city of Leipzig an ignition of one of the engines of the largest aircraft in the world - Ukrainian An-225 "Mriya". Incident happened on November 10 causes the aircraft engine fire at the moment unknown. To the place of the incident came nine fire brigades.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Ukraine’s Aerospace Industry

Friday, May 13, 2016

Russia requested a license for the An-140

Russia requested a license for the An-140. Denis Manturov the head Minpromtorg Russia, said his department wants to buy the license of An-140  for production from Ukrainian company Antonov. The official said that he is in Samara at Avikor plant, the plant continues to produce An-140 for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense. These aircraft were built from parts that have been in the factory and the supply of new parts from Ukraine stopped last year. He said that Russia wants to buy in Kyiv license for further production aircraft on Russian territory. 

Ukraine and Turkey together will produce aircrafts.

Ukraine and Turkey together will produce aircrafts based on "Antonov". According to the press service of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Hennadiy Zubko Friday, May 13. In particular, is the development and production of passenger aircraft TAN-158 on the basis of An-158; transport aircraft for the Turkish side on the basis of An-178; aircraft for the Turkish side on the basis of An-70. The decision was taken as part of the tenth session of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Turkish commission on trade and economic cooperation. On May 7 2015 in Ukraine for the first time prototype took to the air military transport aircraft An-178. The aircraft based at An-158 and designed to replace the An-12. According to the developers, it can carry up to 18 tons of cargo a distance of more than a thousand kilometers and 10 tons at a distance of about 4 thousand kilometers. Under license production of aircraft "Antonov" establish in Iran. HESA company at the facilities in Isfahan  built 14 planes IrAn-140.
Ukrainian group "Antonov" was created in 2005: Existing since 1989 with the same name state enterprise industrial cooperation Kyiv Antonov Design Bureau.
After the Soviet collapse has focused concern on several projects, among them passenger and cargo-passenger aircraft AN-140, AN-148 and AN-158, as well as military transport aircraft An-70. This is one of the few companies that implement the full cycle of an aircraft - from its design to manufacturing. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The world's largest cargo plane "Mriya" departs from Ukraine to Australia

The world's largest cargo plane "Mriya" departs from Ukraine to Australia. 
Which holds the Guinness record, AN-225 "Mriya" - flies in its first commercial flight from Kyiv to Australia at Perth. The arrival of Ukrainian aircraft will wait according to estimates approximately 5,000 people.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

An-124 flight.

One of the flights of Antonov An-124 Ruslan
The aircraft uses oleo strut suspension for its 24 wheels. The suspension has been calibrated to allow landing on rough terrain. and is able to kneel to allow easier front loading.[18] The plane has an onboard overhead crane capable of lifting up to 30 tonnes of cargo, and items up to 120 tonnes can be winched on board.[19]

Antonov 225 Landing in Fairbanks, Alaska

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ukrainian airplain Antonov’s Airlifter Heritage


Antonov’s first and most enduring design was the An-2 light utility transport, a rugged biplane powered by a 1,000-hp Shvetsov Ash-61 radial engine and with tailwheel landing gear. The An-2, given the NATO reporting name Colt, first flew from Novosibirsk on Aug. 31, 1947. Overall, 17,000 An-2s were produced in the Soviet Union, Poland and China (as the Y-5). Reengined with a 1,375-shp Glushenkov TVD-20 turboprop, the An-3T was certified in 2000.


Relocated to Kiev, Ukraine, in 1952, Antonov in 1957 flew both the An-8 twin-turboprop military transport and An-10 four-turboprop passenger airliner. But one of the company’s most important designs also flew in December that year, the An-12 four-turboprop tactical transport—the Soviet equivalent to the Lockheed C-130 Hercules. With the NATO reporting name Cub, more than 1,240 An-12s were produced in Irkutsk, Voronezh and Tashkent. China’s Y-8 transport is based on the An-12.


A light short-takeoff-and-landing transport powered by a pair of 300-hp. Ivchenko AI-14 radial engines, the An-14 first flew on March 15, 1958, and was given the NATO reporting name Clod. Antonov produced more than 330 cargo and passenger versions. The improved An-28 with turboprop engines flew in 1973 and was produced in Poland by PZL-Mielec, which still builds the upgraded, Western-engined M28.


While the U.S. moved to jet-powered strategic airlifters in the mid-1960s with the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, the Soviet Union stuck with propellers, and Antonov developed the An-22, still the world’s largest turboprop aircraft. The An-22, NATO reporting name Cock, first flew on Feb. 22, 1965. Powered by four 15,000-shp Kuznetsov NK-12s driving 20.3-ft.-dia. contrarotating propellers, the An-22 had a takeoff weight of almost 500,000 lb., nearly 50% heavier than the C-141.


Based on its An-24 twin-turboprop airliner, first flown in October 1959, Antonov developed the An-26 light military transport with rear loading ramp. The aircraft, given the NATO reporting name Curl, first flew in May 1969, powered by a pair of 2,800-shp Progress AI-24s. From 1969 to 1986, almost 1,400 An-24s were produced in Kiev. China also based its Y-7 transport on the An-24.


The An-32 was a development of the An-24 designed for hot-and-high operations. The aircraft was reengined with 5,100-shp Progress AI-20 turboprops placed high above the wing to drive large propellers. Given the NATO reporting name Cline, the An-32 first flew on July 9, 1976.


Antonov’s first jet-powered transport, the An-72 is a short-takeoff-and-landing military transport with the engines mounted so their exhaust blows over the wing and flaps to increase lift at low speed. Powered by two 14,300-lb,-thrust Lotarev D-36 turbofans, the An-72 first flew in 1977 and was given the NATO reporting name Coaler. A radar-equipped airborne early warning version, the An-71, was flown but never produced. The stretched An-74 was originally designed for arctic operations.


The An-124 Ruslan, NATO reporting name Condor, was the Soviet Union’s principal strategic airlifter. Just six years ago, Antonov was in negotiations to restart production of a modernized aircraft to form the backbone of the Russian air force’s heavy-lift fleet. Today, Antonov only supports commercially operated An-124s. Powered by four 51,600-lb.-thrust Progress D-18T turbofans, the An-124 first flew on Dec. 28, 1982, and 55 were built. A larger version, the six-engine An-225 Mriya (NATO: Cossack) was built to carry the Soviet Buran space shuttle and is in use commercially carrying outsize payloads.


Developed to replace the widely used An-12, the An-70 is a medium-range airlifter powered by four propfan engines and with short-takeoff-and-landing capability. But development and production plans were hit first by the collapse of the Soviet Union and latterly by the schism between Russia and Ukraine. Antonov first flew the An-70 on Dec. 14, 1994, and development testing continues, and in January 2015 Antonov announced Ukraine had approved production of updated An-70s. Antonov is now talking about a jet-powered An-188 closely resembling the An-70.


Antonov’s latest transport aircraft is the twin-turbofan An-178, under development as a replacement for the An-12 and older Western airlifters. Also a competitor for aircraft such as the Lockheed C-130J and Embraer KC-390, the An-178 is based on the An-158 regional jet, with a wider fuselage incorporating rear loading ramp. Powered by two Progress D-436 turbofans, the An-178 made its first flight on May 7, 2015. Antonov is planning a version with Western engines and avionics.


Antonov has partnered with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology and Taqnia Aerospace to develop a modernized An-32, the An-132, reengined with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150s and with Honeywell Primus Epic avionics, to be built in the Arab nation. The prototype is to fly by the end of 2016. Saudi Arabia has signed a memorandum of understanding for four aeromedical, four surveillance and two jamming versions.

An 225 compare to Boeing 747, AirBus A380 and H-4 Spruce Goose.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New transport aircraft An-178 will present Ukraine on the 51 th International Aerospace Salon "Le Bourget-2015"

New transport aircraft An-178, which was first presented as part of the 51 th International Aerospace Salon "Le Bourget-2015" has caused great interest.
"There big  interest and we planned  large number of meetings, negotiations. To be honest, we have never been so tense. Great interest is in this plane and in cooperation ", - said Kiva.
"Ukrainian plane has beter characteristics then analogs"
"There are many partners, it is traditional (China, India, Saudi Arabia) and new partners. Scheduled meetings with representatives of Germany, Poland and other "

On the prospects for the An-178 for Air Force Ukraine also said the commander of the Air Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Yuri Baydak.
After the testing we  plan to prepare terms of reference for the manufacture military transport aircraft for the Air Forces of Ukraine,
Air Forces of Ukraine are armed with outdated types of aircraft Airlift, this aircraft AN-26 and IL-76. Today the need for such  planes is at least 20 aircrafts, which should come to replace the old modifications

Thursday, January 29, 2015

National Guard of Ukraine has got one more An-72

January 29, 2015 " Antonov " company finished works of restoration of  aircraft An-72P and handed it to the customer - the National Guard of Ukraine.
The AN-72 is a STOL light military-transport jet. It was designed with engines located under a wing to use such called “Coanda effect” that is increase of the lift due to “adhesion” of the exhaust stream to the wing surface. It differs with a highly mechanized wing having a straight wing center section and tapered outer wing panels with a straight trailing edge. It is equipped with the extra effective reversal of the ladle type, a cargo door with a ramp in a tail section of the hermetic fuselage and powerful landing gear with an independent suspension of the main struts that gave pass ability of the off-road vehicle to the AN-72.

Ukrainian Air Force has adopted AN-70.

Ukrainian Air Force has adopted AN-70 (AN-70 / Medium Military Transport STOL Aircraft).
Adoption of the AN-70 into service allows to start serial production of this aircraft AN-70.
The AN-70 aircraft belongs to a new generation of the short takeoff and landing tactical military medium transports. AN-70 is extremely required by army. This aircraft is capable of solving qualitatively new tasks beyond possibilities of previous military transports.
After the An-70 adopted by Ukrainian army  "Antonov" company can start serial production of the aircraft and create various modifications
See video Antonov AN-70 At Paris Air Show 2013: