Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jim Morrison in Ukrainian embroidery. Photos

The exclusive photos of the cult singer Jim Morrison of 1966 (The Doors), where he dressed in Ukrainian embroidery.  Jim Morrison photographed by American photographer Guy Webster.
According to legend, this shirt Jim has presented by legendary artist Andy Warhol.
Ukrainian embroidered shirts have always been a hot thing  in the late 60's and early 70's - especially fashionable.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ukrainian Femen Member Becomes French National Symbol

Inna Shevchenko, the same girl who was recently granted political asylum in France for felling a 13-foot high Christian cross in Kyiv, is the most recent hero among the French, appearing as she does on their newest national postage stamp as a symbol of the French Revolution.
Each new President of France chooses a stamp with the new Marianna, the bare-breasted heroine of the French Revolution, on the Day of Revolution.
This year, out of 15 final works, Francois Hollande opted on the version that most resembled Femen’s Inna Shevchenko. The student artist who created the work admits Inna was his inspiration for the stamp, embodying as she does the values of the French Revolution – freedom, equality, and fraternity.
Shevchenko seemed honoured at being the newest face on France’s official stamp for the next five years, saying, “Now all homophobes, extremists, fascists will have to lick my ass when they want to send a letter.”
Ah yes, classy.

Femen activist assaulted in Ukraine

Kiev - A leading male activist with Ukrainian feminist rights movement Femen was beaten up in a brutal nighttime attack, the group said on Thursday, blaming the Ukrainian and Russian special services.

The group described the attack as an act of intimidation ahead of a visit to Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin later this week for an Orthodox religious anniversary for which its activists had been planning protests.

Viktor Svyatskiy was hospitalised with severe bruising to his face, a suspected broken jaw, broken teeth and loss of blood in the assault late on Wednesday in central Kiev, Femen said in a statement.

Femen blamed the attack on employees of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and their counterparts in Belarus who are still known as the KGB.

"Yesterday evening, Viktor Svyatskiy was brutally beaten by representatives of the special services," Femen said.

Femen's female activists have become well-known in Ukraine and abroad for baring their breasts to protest discrimination against women and other rights violations.

'Tell them that they will be next'

The Femen statement described Svyatskiy as a "political consultant" working with the group, while Ukrainian media said he was one of their ideologues.

Anna Hutsol, one of the leaders of Femen, told AFP that Svyatskiy works at the group as "our political consultant, he explains to us the current political situation, gives support on ideological points".

"We invited him to help us to organise some projects a few days before Putin's visit," she said.

Hutsol said that Svyatskiy was beaten by two unknown people, one of them shouting: "Tell them [Femen's female activists] that they will be next!"

President Putin is due in Ukraine at the weekend to meet his counterpart Viktor Yanukovych and attend ceremonies marking the 1 025th anniversary of the Christianisation of ancient Russia.

Putin is expected to be joined by Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, who was targeted last year in a bare-breasted protest when he arrived at Kiev airport to visit Ukraine.

'Long-standing enemies'

Also expected is Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko, whose crackdown on the opposition at home has also been the target of Femen protests.

Putin was also met with a bare-breasted Femen protest when he visited a trade fair in Germany in April alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Femen statement described Putin, Patriarch Kirill and Lukashenko as "long-standing enemies" of the group and said that the attack appeared aimed at stopping them holding protests over their visits.

It said that police on the scene had described the beating as "the work of professionals, with the aim of intimidating" rather than random violence.

The attack on Svyatskiy has also highlighted that Femen is not a women-only organisation but has men working behind the scenes to co-ordinate and promote their exclusively female public actions.

The work of these men has only very rarely been publicised.

The Femen statement said that in recent days male workers for the group had been "constantly" followed by special services and been summoned to interviews.

It said that Hutsol and another Femen leader, Anastasia Shevchenko, had also noticed being followed.

Describing the attack as an "assassination attempt", it said the assault was an "act of intimidation by a bandit state ahead of the holy gathering of post-Soviet dictators".

Ukraine International partners with Rossiya Airline

In July 2013 Ukraine International Airlines and Rossiya Russian Airlines signed a cooperation agreement.
This agreement allowed increasing Ukraine International Airlines flight frequency on the Kiev to St. Petersburg route up to three daily flights.
Carriers have signed a code-share agreement for the route Kiev – St. Petersburg – Kiev. Thanks to the agreement passengers from the regions of Ukraine and other points of the leading Ukrainian carrier's route network are provided with an opportunity to quickly and easily reach the Northern capital of the Russian Federation via Ukrainian capital.
Code-share agreement not only increases Kiev – St. Petersburg service frequency up to three daily UIA-operated flights, but also allows passengers of Rossiya Russian Airlines to access broad UIA route network. Arriving from St. Petersburg at Kiev Boryspil International airport passengers will be able to take advantage of conveniently scheduled UIA flights departing to the cities of Ukraine, as well as capitals and key cities of Europe, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates, the CIS countries, and the Middle East.
“Three daily flights between Kiev and St. Petersburg will allow UIA passengers to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively travel between the two cities, – noted Evgeniya Satska, UIA Corporate Press Secretary. – We are pleased to welcome our new partner – Rossiya Russian Airlines – and both Ukrainian passengers traveling to St. Petersburg and Russian passengers traveling to Kiev and beyond to the cities of Ukraine and other leading Ukrainian carrier`s route network key points in Western Europe, the United Arab Emirates, the CIS countries, and the Middle East will take advantage of the carriers` code-share agreement”.

Party in Kiev

In the last decade Ukraine’s capital Kiev has grown into a European entertainment hub, attracting some of the world’s most famous musicians and DJs.
For example, Joachim Garraud, who is one of the brightest stars in the French DJ scene, has been a regular visitor to the nightclub Dali Park since 2004.
In Ukraine people are more likely to spend money on leisure. It also has less restrictive alcohol and tobacco advertising, which means clubs get more financial sponsorship.
Club manager, Fabrice Schwarz explained how that benefits the venues there: “We have exactly the same DJs as in Europe, who play in the most important clubs. From that point of view Ukraine is ahead of the game. They can get artists who play in France and are very difficult to hire because of their high fees”.
In Kiev’s Arena Entertainment Centre, night club Decadence has opened its party season on a summer terrace. It is one of the most popular nightlife attractions among foreign visitors.
One party reveller enthused: “A lot of beautiful women, it’s a vibrant city, reminds me a lot of New York. The [Arena] centre is very vibrant, a lot of people running a lot.”
The number of foreigners living, working or just visiting Kiev has increased dramatically in recent years.
One Ukrainian woman said: “I have noticed that almost 70 percent of people at nightclubs here are foreigners. I believe it’s a positive thing. This means new acquaintances, new contacts, new possibilities.”
To those who are looking for an alternative way to spend a night out, Kiev offers a number of outdoor events. One of them is Slava Frolova Art-Picnic which offers visitors different kinds of entertainment, including concerts.
“Here you have so much space – you can go walk around, wander and then come back, take a cup of tea, or coffee. You can stay here for the night, just with a sleeping bag and a mat,” said one visitor.
Kiev is truly a party-goers paradise – Bring your clubbing gear and have a fantastic time.