Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What are the salaries of football coaches in Ukrainian Premier League?

What are the salaries of football  coaches  in  Ukrainian Premier League?

Head coach of Olympique Roman Sanzhar earns less than any other Premier League coaches Ukraine.
Ukrainian specialist receives $ 7,000 per month.
Also low-paid coaches considered "Metallurg" Donetsk head coach Vladimir Pyatenko (8-10 thousand dollars), Igor Yovichevych (10-12 thousand dollars) and Vitaly Kvartsyany (10-12 thousand dollars).

15 thousand dollars a month get head coach Vyacheslav Grozny "Goverla" and "Metallurg" Zaporozhye coach Oleg Taran.
15-20 thousand dollars a month earns head coach "Zorya" Yuri Vernydub.

Roman Grigorchuk who is heads of "Chernomorets" after a successful performance of his team in the Europa League became getting 30 thousand dollars a month.
Salary Basil Sachko and Igor Rahayeva according to experts - not more than 25 thousand dollars a month.
The Highest paid coach is Mircea Lucescu "Shakhtar" whose salary is 4 million euros per year.
Salary of Myron Markevich "Dnipro"   is 1.2 million dollars a year.

Dynamo head coach Sergei Rebrov "Dynamo" Kyiv  according to the publication receives twice  less the amount of Markevich - 600 thousand dollars a year.
Mykola Pavlov in "Illichivets"  receives a salary of $ 1 million per year.

Visit Paris ...before he does. Photos.

Paris Fashion Week got an unexpected political shade when it was the turn show the spring collection of German fashion brand Talbot Runhof. Designers Adrian Runhof and Johnny Talbot "decorated" their new models of clothes with images of Vladimir Putin and several world capitals - Paris, London, Milan, New York, accompanied by all the slogans "Visit *** before he does."
According to the designers, in their collection they wanted to address the subject with humor Russian annexation of the Crimea and the current political situation in the world. "Putin - a dangerous and cold-blooded man with delusions of grandeur. This kind of people can immerse in the darkness all humanity. Concoct a conflict out of nothing - it's unbelievable ":

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ken Hensley from Uriah Heep will visit Kyiv On October 16 2014

Solo concert musician will be held on October 16 at Caribbean Club. Ken Hensley also perform in Poltava, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Iljichovsk Chernihiv, Lviv.
On October 16 2014-the year the world will visit Kyiv legend Ken Hensley from Uriah Heep. He is one of the first hitmakers of the 1970s. The songs are written by him have become classics of rock: Free Me, Sympathy, Easy Livin ', Stealin', The Spell, Lady In Black, Look At Yourself, Rain, and July Morning became the unofficial anthem of Bulgaria. Since the 1980 he played and recorded solo.
Glory scandals, drugs, alcohol - everything was in his rich and eventful career rocker. Today Ken Hensley is not only a singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist but also a producer, arranger and great mentor of young. He is in good physical and creative way. Still touring and always in demand. Last fall he successfully participated in the five cities of Ukraine (Chernihiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk) with his solo program Past, Present & Future in which has told about his life and written songs by him as well as signing autographs. This year the legendary musician will perform again in the autumn in Ukraine with the updated program, which was called THE MYSTERIOUS JOURNEY.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Monument of Lenin is down in Kharkiv. on-line.

Monument of Lenin is down in Kharkiv. on-line.
This is the biggest monument of Lenin in Ukraine.

Broadcast live streaming video on 


EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES in Kiev September 28, 2014 • 11: 00-18: 00

Street. Skovorody 4/12 str. Voloska 12/4
Date: September 28. 2014 11:00 - 18:00
• Trial lessons for adults and children •
• Education in Europe •
• Workshops • Fun & Entertainment • Contests •
• Meetings around book •
• Exhibition •
• European cinema •
• Free admission •
• Holiday
Concert •
The aim of the European Day of Languages ​​- bring the audience's attention to the languages ​​spoken in Europe, spread cultural and linguistic diversity and encourage language learning throughout life.
The European Union has 24 official languages​​, about 60 of them regional and minority languages, and more than 175 languages ​​spoken by immigrants. There are about 6 000 - 7 000 languages ​​in the world, most of which are spoken in Asia and Africa. At least half the people in the world speak two or more languages ​​or understand two or more languages​​.